BGA Rework Station-ZM R680D


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]henzhen Zhuomao Innovation Co., Ltd., Possess the brand of Seamark ZM, which is a well-known producer of BGA rework and repair of highly advanced electronic Product. Zhuomao has been in assembling the BGA rework equipment since 2005, A large number of SMT and EMS Industrial facility and Hardware Repair Center in China are utilizing our BGA Improve Framework.The main Features of ZM-R680D BGA rework Station as per belowBGA Rework Station-ZM R680D 1

Panasonic servo drives, joystick control, micrometer modification, X-molded infrared laser situating, 6-8 Quick warming and cooling settings, programmed encouraging and sustaining frameworks are discretionary.There are 3 free radiators. The first and second hot-air warmers can control numerous gatherings and sections temperature parameters. The second radiator can climb and down. The third vast territory IR radiator can preheat the PCB board completely to guarantee no twisting to the board. Temperature, time, slant, cooling, disturbing all can be shown on the touchscreen.

High-exactness K-type thermocouple with shut circle control, programmed temperature remuneration framework, joined with Panasonic PLC and exceedingly touchy temperature module for the exact temperature control, the temperature mistake controlled inside ± 1 degree; The outer 4 sensors can distinguish temperature definitely, break down and adjust the genuine temperature bend precisely;

V-groove PCB bolsters, quick situating, accommodation, exactness, can fit for a wide range of PCB board.Flexible and removable general apparatus has defensive impacts and no harm to the PCB board, reasonable for a wide range of BGA repair.

The best warmer gadget and mounting head 2 out of 1 outline and ball screw drive. Z-pivot developments are controlled by Panasonic servo framework which can precisely control the site and hotspots; with various size composite BGA spouts, 360-degree turn, simple to introduce and supplant, tweaked is accessible,

Superior quality CCD shading optical vision framework, part, intensification, small-scale modify and auto-center; With programmed shading determination and shine modification gadget; it can change the meaning of the picture naturally.

Without changing the amplification, the optical focal point can be moved left and ideal, forward and backward unreservedly. It can watch all parts of the BGA chip. It shows plainly. The X, Y hub and R edge with micrometer change, exact situating, arrangement exactness is inside ± 0.01MM, 15 〃 TFT LCD Screen.

CE affirmation, with the crisis, turn and programmed control off assurance gadget when the crisis happens; With defensive work to avert parts falling or human consumes happen.

Mounting, soldering and dewelding procedure are smart controlled and work consequently; BGA mounting position is controlled exactly; When temperature leaves control, the circuit will naturally control off;

It can spare various gatherings profiles. You can investigate, set and adjust the temperature parameters bend on the screen whenever. You can print, spare and examine the bend through the USB port without other outside gadgets, (for example, PC).

A powerful cross-stream fan cools the PCB board consequently subsequent to desoldering and patching, it can keep the disfigurement of PCB board to guarantee the welding impact.

Human-machine interface, top-notch touch screen(Taiwan), PLC control, secret word assurance and adjust work, can indicate seven temperature bends and spare various profiles, moment bend examination work;

With Multifunctional and adapted task interface, there is “set up ” and “activity ” interface on the touch screen to counteract wrong activities and setting; Temperature parameter has secret key security to stop discretionary changes.

After completing the process of desoldering and patching with a twofold finished temperature security, there is a disturbing.This machine is outfitted with weight and optical sensors. to control the weight in 3-10 grams and optical switches, with the goal that it can consequently perceive the suction chip and mounting stature, to guarantee not squash BGA chip; It can repair Socket775 and twofold BGA/CGA/IC and different protecting gadgets, meet the necessity of sans lead process.

Details and specialized parameters

1Total Power5900W
2Top heater1200W
3Bottom heater2nd radiator 1200W,3rd IR warmer 3300W
4power AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
5Dimensions730*890*870mm (LCD stand excluded)
6PositioningV-groove, PCB support can be balanced toward any path with outer widespread apparatus
7Temperature controlK-type thermocouple (Shut Circle), warming autonomously, temperature accuracy inside ±1 degree
8PCB sizeMax 480*430mm Min 10*20 mm
9Electrical materials   Servo Drive( Panasonic)+Touch screen( Taiwan)+Panasonic PLC+Heating plate(Germany)
10Camera magnification10x-100x
11Optical systemJoystick control, Engine drive, CCD shading top-notch imaging framework
12BGA chip   2*2-80*80mm
13Touch screen  7.0, Resolution 640*480, Board Visa touch screen, outside USB interface
14Externaltemperature sensor      four
15Work ModePower drive
16Placement Accuracy X, Y hub and the R point with micrometer change, precision inside ± 0.01MM
17Net weight115kg

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