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Electronics manufacturing investment in India increased 27% in 2017

Electronics manufacturing investment in India in 2017 declared 27% growth Because of Indian governments championed "Make in India" Program and favorable initiatives ‘ministry of electronics and information technology. Total Electronics manufacturing investment in...
productronica 2019 Munich

OMRON unveils new VP9000 3D-SPI system at productronica 2019 Munich

Productronica 2019 Munich -The new solution will boost OMRON’s zero-defect solutions for the automotive industry. 12 November 2019, Munich. At productronica 2019, Omron has released...

Openair-Plasma as a pre-treatment for bonding and sealing in electronics applications

The requirements for electronic assemblies are becoming more and more demanding. This is not only due to an increase in packaging density and progressive miniaturization, but also to an...

Plasma is establishing itself as the key technology in display manufacturing

A world without a touch screen is hardly imaginable these days as the relevance of displays in our daily life is increasing. One example are the control consoles in vehicles, which in...

Opening of Plasmatreat’s technology and research center

In Steinhagen, headquarter of Plasmatreat GmbH, the new technology and research center was officially opened on October 30th. The Plasma Campus will provide an ideal location for research and applications of plasma...
What is flux used for (Image Source-Emil Otto)

Emil Otto GmbH launches additional flux concentrates onto the market

Since the introduction of the flux concentrates, the product line has continued to develop well at Emil Otto. For this reason, the Hessian flux specialist is once again adding to its...

Government imposes Basic 10% customs duty Smartphones components

10% customs duty on PCBs for smartphones components Government recently. In India considering to new duties on import of a key smartphone electronic components looks as an initiative to promote the...
import used machinery

Government Steps toward Speedy & easier import Used Machinery for Mobile Plants

Import used machinery reported by Economic Times according to the latest notification by the Ministry of Environment, forest and climate change (MoEF) custom duty on used...
Indoor drone

Indoor drone with customized electronic modules

Wertheim/Bielefeld 17.10.2019Just how dependent unmanned flying is on high-quality and functioning printed circuit boards, components and solder joints is shown by flying in enclosed spaces. "Many UAS are equipped...

Kerala will be the electronic hardware manufacturing hub: CM Mr. Pinarayi Vijay

Manufacturing hub, Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Pinarayi Vijay said that the administration is making new take off approaches to make Kerala the electronic manufacturing hub. Kerala Electronics and Equipment Mission presented...