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Top 10 education websites to you can learn free


Online education websites completely changing the way of leaning. If you want to learn anything whatever are you’re interested can get almost certainly desired best massive open online course “mooc” worldwide. In the era of internet and mooc empowering millions of e-learner around the globe to build skills in engineering, …

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What is Traceability for the Electronics Manufacturing industry


Traceability for the electronics industry is a Challenge for manufacturers in every industry due to globalization to meet growing customer demand as process is dependents on sourcing of component of multiple venders. Today’s OEMs and Contract Manufacturers are more concern for improving product quality, with reduced cost and with having …

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What is basic use of flux in soldering?


A flux (derived from Latin Fluxus meaning “flow”) is a chemical cleaning agent, flowing agent or purifying agent. The selection of soldering Flux and cleaning process plays a critical role in the manufacturing yield and product reliability of electronic assemblies. The use of flux in soldering is to remove and …

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Solder Paste Printing SMT Process Description


In SMT process Solder Paste Printing is the most  critical process for product quality perspective. Solder Paste printing process is the common way of applying solder paste onto a PCB, which is performed by printing solder paste through apertures in a stencil. It is very Important of smt process and also …

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The Best Soldering Iron in 2018


Soldering Iron is a very common but important tool that is used to joint, modify, or repair the electronic connection on PCB Assembly. Soldering heat up the solder so that it can flow and make a solid conductive joint. For mass production process, the soldering is done by another method …

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Basics of Hand Soldering and PCBA Rework


Hand Soldering is a process to used repair, Modify or conducting joints in a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process. In hand soldering hot soldering iron tip heats the solder and it flows insides the metallic surfaces to form a solid joint. Mainly hand soldering is recommended in prototyping, Installation, …

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OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) term initially used by Seiichi Nakajimn in the year 1960 to measures how efficiently we are utilizing our equipment’s. Seiichi Nakajimn was a Japanese citizen also the inventor of total productive maintenance (TPM). OEE cannot the measurable number but it can widely use to find the …

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Double sided PCB Reflow Soldering


Double-sided PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) reflow soldering are becoming more and more popular and getting complex day by day. Due to demand for compact size and lite weight of electronic product like camera, smartphone, tablets, and laptops it forced to the electronic product Designers to designers to dense and …

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6 Things to look before electronics manufacturing outsourcing


Electronics manufacturing outsourcing a product first time or replacing the existing electronics manufacturing services Provider Company, plays a very import role. The  Question is not that who does it but who does it best. Electronic Manufacturing process and its execution contribute the significant impact on the product quality, cost, and its …

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Benefits of Nitrogen in Reflow soldering


Nitrogen in Reflow soldering became a common practice in electronic assemblies. Nitrogen widely used in reflow soldering as well in wave soldering process. Printed Circuit Board Assembly Reflow Soldering process consideration, Shrinking PCB pad size and increasing usage of fine pitch electronic components in printed circuit board assembly become important to maintain high-quality …

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