Cyberoptics SE500-D Solder Paste Inspection System


World’s leading supplier of Solder Paste Inspection Machine, cyberoptics SE500 -D machines are widely used to control and monitor the most crucial solder paste printing process in Surface Mount Technology.

Cyber Optics SE500-D SPI

Cyber Optics SE500-D is a progressive 100 % 3-D solder paste inspection machine that redefines the inspection speed.

This system has the capability to inspect the most challenging assemblies at >70 /second check-up speed that does not compromise on the quality, accuracy, and repeatability. With more than 3000 Machines mounted worldwide, Cyber Optics has the prime installed base of solder paste check machines in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Cyberoptics SE500-D Machine

SE500-D, Dual Lane Solder Paste Inspection Machine 3D SPI System used in solder paste inspection to the succeeding level with its flexible conveyor setup proposal and large board handling capability to comparable with world major SMT suppliers.

SE500-D syndicates advanced design with on-the-fly inspection skill by means of strobed white light to examine even the most challenging assemblies at > 80 cm 2 /sec with zero cooperation on measurement precision and repeatability.

With SE500-D, you can exploit production operation and convert your production process to attain high-class solder joints through precise volume dimension of the solder paste deposits.


The Main Features of Cyber Optics Solder Paste Inspection Machine SE500-D are as per given Below:-

Flexibility at Its Best:-
The SE500-D structures as a canny conveyor strategy solution if maximum litheness to cater to variable PCB widths. This exclusive design stretches you the suitability of inspecting diverse board sizes on diverse lanes or smooth switching from dual lane to solitary lane mode to inspect very big boards.

With Cyberoptics SE500-D, you can also review different agendas on different lanes as well as achieve synchronous or asynchronous examination.

Large Board Capability:-
Cyberoptics SE500-D provisions a wide range of PCB dimensions to help you check small and large boards with effortlessness. SE500-D board handling capability is especially measured to contest important upstream and downstream SMT supplier’s provisions.

Distinct Sensing Technology:-
The Cyberoptics SE500-D Controls Cyber Optics core detecting technology to offer a calibration-free instrument design with no machine to-machine difference. For over 25 years, Cyber Optics smart sensing solutions are an essential part of leading machine producers SMT process enabling important development in product quality and cumulative output

High Speed, On-The-Fly Inspection:-
SE500- includes Cyber Optics’ original 3D sensing technology that usages white strobe light obtaining full FOVs with each strobe and minimalizing trembling effects – transporting good correctness and reliable repeatability.

You can measure ANY PCB surface – counting flexible circuits – as white light reasons least diffusion. With its continuous image gaining, you can be certain of fast, focused and Reliable.

Cyber Print Optimizer Ready:
Cyber Print Optimizer repeatedly optimizes the print procedure by proactively examining precise trend data – first-ever in the industry Pre-defined patterns help you get ongoing quickly while customizable instructions support faultless customization for exact product needs. Cyber Print Optimizer ‘s predictive process development gets you improved yields and decreases downtime.

Fast, Scalable SPC Solution:
Cyber Report offers full-fledged machine-level to factory-level SPC competence with controlling antique analysis and reportage tools.

Feedback, Feed Forward Ready:-
SE500-D fully provisions feedback and feed advancing competence with leading Solder Paste Printer and SMT Mounter merchants respectively. With simple shape settings, SE500-D gives you the control to do more with SPI results – optimize printing procedure, found stencil cleaning cycles, and adjust printer setup.
All this means compact rework costs, amplified production throughput, and better yields.

Specifications Paramerters 
Maximum Board Size510 x 590 mm
Dual Lane Mode510×300 mm
Minimum Board Size50X50 mm
Inspection Speed @ 30 µm80 cm²/sec
Inspection Speed @ 15 µm50 cm²/sec
Gage R&R<<10%, 6σ

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