Hilpert electronics AG reports increasing demand for thermal imaging cameras


Hilpert electronics AG is the official sales partner for the German speaking sales region of Nippon Avionics Co. Due to this, the Swiss company also distributes the Japanese manufacturer’s thermal imaging cameras for which demand has increased in recent weeks.

“Up to now, we have sold the thermal imaging cameras in a limited number to customers wanting to monitor soldering and welding processes or who have used the cameras to monitor installations in the service area. But in the course of the Corona crisis, the demand pattern and the target group have changed”, explains Raphael Burkart, Managing Director of Hilpert AG.

Hilpert electronics AG
Hilpert electronics AG

For example, an increasing number of enquiries were made as to whether Avio systems could also be used to measure the temperature of people in order to identify corona infected individuals from a distance based on their body temperature. Since Avio’s systems can be used for this purpose, sales have increased noticeably in recent weeks. “Many customers are now using thermal imaging cameras for entrance control in sensitive areas, for example” says Burkart.

Hilpert has various thermal imaging cameras from Avio in its portfolio, such as the Thermo FLEX F50, a two-piece thermal imaging camera in mobile phone format. The FLEX F50 was originally designed for use in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, building services, etc. It is being known for its high flexibility, since camera and camera display can be separated from each other.

In addition, Hilpert can also offer classic thermal imaging camera systems such as the InfReC R450, InfReC R550 and InfReC Thermo GEAR. These are infrared cameras with high resolution, high sensitivity and high precision. Stationary camera systems are also available, such as the InfReC TS600, which is used wherever permanent observation or surveillance is required, for example in access areas of industrial companies, hospitals, airports etc. Due to its compact design and low power consumption, the device can be implemented, mounted and integrated flexibly.

About Hilpert electronics AG

Hilpert electronics AG, founded in 1972, is one of the leading suppliers for products and services for microelectronics manufacturing. With its many years of experience and a great deal of know-how in the fields of process technology and project management, as well as with its technical customer support, Hilpert assembles entire production lines, from the idea to the commissioning. Due to different areas of responsibility, customers will always find the right person with the necessary background knowledge and thus can benefit from high efficiency and flexibility.

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