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AM / DM – Process / Maintenance – PCBA

Search Management Consultants - Indore, Madhya Pradesh EDUCATION MINIMUN REQUIRED LEVEL: Degree in Mechanical/Electrical /Electronics / Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical /Electronics
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Double sided PCB Reflow Soldering

Double-sided PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) reflow soldering are becoming more and more popular and getting complex day by day. Due to demand for compact size and lite weight of electronic product like camera, smartphone,...
engineer - testing

Engineer – Testing

Engineer - Testing, Chennai IN Job Description Responsible for RF/ Fibre optic, mobile testing, ICT, FCT, Spectrum analyser and ATEResponsible for test equipment (ICT-Agilent...
Popcorn effect

What is Popcorn Effect in Surface Mount Packages reflow soldering?

Reflow Soldering Process The POPCORN effect commonly referred to as the “popcorn phenomenon" observed During the solder reflow process at PCB assembly using Moisture sensitive devices (MSD).


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