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BGA Rework Station with Optical alignment

Reworks station with Optical Alignment in PCB Assembly can rework the BGA, LED, IC and other chip electronic with high precision. Particularly suitable for high accuracy motherboard reworking process, this Rework Station is designed for accurate rework...
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Anatomically shaped hand for the intelligent tool Panda

With their "SoftHand", German Robotics from Munich present the first anatomically shaped hand for collaborating robots (Cobots). With its 19 dislocatable, self-healing finger joints, the SoftHand replaces numerous individual grippers and thus is predestined for complex...
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Xiaomi India Sets up New SMT Plant in India to boost local PCB Assembly

Xiaomi India leading China Based Smartphone Maker recently announced to open three new manufacturing units in India along with the company’s first Surface Mount Technology (SMT) unit in Chennai Tamil Nadu India to boost...
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How to prevent solder balls after SMT Reflow soldering

Solder balls after SMT reflow soldering is almost a common defect occurs in the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process. Several tinny balls surrounded along with the peripheral edge of the flux residue after...


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