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What is Solder Flux, Why flux is used in soldering ?

Why flux is used in soldering and What is Solder Flux ?A flux (derived from Latin Fluxus meaning “flow”) is a chemical cleaning agent, flowing agent or purifying agent. The selection of soldering Flux and...

How to select best smt pick and place machine

In the market place there are a lot of different placement equipment’s options are available. To meet customer expectations and latest technology requirements machine manufacturers are constantly upgrading their features. Placement equipment’s...
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Emil Otto develops flux cover for surface protection

Emil Otto has developed the Flux Cover PFS-001 for the surface protection of component connections. The product will be presented to the professional public for the first time at the productronica 2019.
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ACDi Adds Three Key Pieces of Equipment to Electronics Manufacturing Factory

Frederick, MD - October 22, 2018  ACDi, a leading electronics contract manufacturing firm, announced the addition of three new pieces of equipment to their Frederick, MD headquarters. The company has purchased, installed and is fully...
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Indoor drone with customized electronic modules

Wertheim/Bielefeld 17.10.2019 Just how dependent unmanned flying is on high-quality and functioning printed circuit boards, components and solder joints is shown by flying in enclosed spaces. "Many UAS are equipped with...


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