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Desktop Automatic Dispensing Robot-ZM-300ED

ZM-300ED is a Desktop Automatic Dispensing Robot Operation with handheld LCD panel.It is easy to program and learn and It can draw points, lines, arc, and circle and, even irregular curve by consecutive interpolation and realize any...
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Indoor drone with customized electronic modules

Wertheim/Bielefeld 17.10.2019 Just how dependent unmanned flying is on high-quality and functioning printed circuit boards, components and solder joints is shown by flying in enclosed spaces. "Many UAS are equipped with...
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BGA Rework Station with Optical alignment

Reworks station with Optical Alignment in PCB Assembly can rework the BGA, LED, IC and other chip electronic with high precision. Particularly suitable for high accuracy motherboard reworking process, this Rework Station is designed for accurate rework...


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