How To Design ESD Safe Workspace

It is highly recommended to create a workplace that is ESD-safe. In factories with effective static control, the level of loss and failure rates resulting from static damage is drastically reduced. Let’s explore how to design an ESD-safe workspace and save millions of dollars in this article.

How to Design ESD Safe Workspace

A static-safe workstation or electrostatic protected area (EPA) is defined as a work area with material and equipment that electrostatic voltages and electrostatic discharge (ESD). This prevents damages to sensitive electronic components and assemblies destroy by electrostatic discharges.

BS IEC 61340-5-1 guidelines must comply with static-safe workstation EPA boundaries. According to Independent research published in 1991, Due to static-related damage companies wasting millions of dollars every year.

Three main components are required to construct an EPA workstation. It is a good idea to divide a large ESD compliant floor into several EPAs to ensure effective implementation.

1. ESD-proof all tools
2. Require ESD safe clothing
3. Make all surfaces ESD safe

Please Note:- To move devices/assemblies put in ESD protective packaging or to use clean process bags when moving one individual EPA workstation to another. It will help to prevent ESD damages during transportation.

1. ESD-proof all tools

Here we will discuss the list of Specific equipment or Material required to creates an all Surfaces ESD safe.

Floor mat:- It prevents rapid discharges caused by electrostatic discharge by allowing it to spread slowly across the surface in a controlled manner. Earth-bonding plugs are used to connect the mat to a mains power outlet. Working with electronic components is made easier with antistatic bench mats and floor mats. This provides a walking surface that dissipates static charges from conductive items placed on it. Normally floor mats are made of dissipative rubber, solid vinyl, or foamed viny. Click here to find it on Amazon

Tablemat or workstation Mat:- This provides a work surface that dissipates static charge. For Small workstations, you can use Click here to find it on Amazon

Floor mat ground cord:- Mat ground cord allows easy electrical connection to any type of ESD Floor Mat to a known ground source. It complies with ANSI ESD and MIL standards. Click here to find it on Amazon

Wrist strap and coil cord:- A workstation must be grounded safely for anyone working at it.  Through a long, coiled cord and the common ground point, it is attached to the wrist and connected to the ground. A coil cord is the ideal grounding device for an ESD wrist strap. Wrist strap used to Eliminate static electricity from the human body ( Amazon Link )

Static Care ESD Elastic Sole Grounder:- ESD foot grounders are designed to reliably contact grounded ESD flooring and provide a continuous path-to-ground by removing electrostatic charges from a person.

Heel strap or sole grounder – The moisture in the shoes acts as a body connection between the person walking or standing and the ground. An electrically conductive rubber tread secures a surface to a grounded mat or floor. Each shoe must be equipped with these.

Please Note:- An EPA ground point should provide a low resistance path (<2 ohms) to the ground, The points are connected to the ground through a resistance of up to 106 ohms.

2. All ESD Tools and Accessories

Most common Tools and Accessories are available in ESD-safe configuration to avoid any risk of ESD damage. You should ensure all the bases like paper, pens, cups, screwdrivers, pliers, workbenches must be covered with ESD guidelines.

So You must purchase ESD safe equipment and supplies to replace unsafe tools. Please find buying Guide to Purchase the best ESD tools for your workbench.

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3. Require ESD safe clothing

ESD clothing or workwear is created to prevent electrostatic charges from being discharged from the user’s body. Accordingly, ESD clothing significantly reduces the danger of electrostatic discharges.

Anti-static clothing must meet cleanroom and ESD requirements to prevent damaging ESD-sensitive devices.  Workstations must comply with EN 1149’s requirements regarding antistatic garments.

You can order online to buy Anti-static clothing Here

What is ESD Tester !! How to Test ESD

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is covered by International requirements and standards known as IEC61000-4-2. So the purpose of ESD testing is to find out any susceptibility of a component to damage from ESD.

Electrostatic discharge testing can be sub-categories mainly in three categories human body model (test level 2- 15 Kv), machine model (test level (100- 200 V), and charged device model (250- 1000 V).

ESD Test & Verification Equipment

ESD Simulators/Guns:- Anti-Static Gun also known as ESD simulators are handheld tools used to test the ESD immunity on the surface of a record. It also removes static electricity from the surface. You can buy the best Anti-Static Gun from Amazon (Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun)

ESD Wrist Strap Tester:- The wrist strap tester is a battery-operated ESD tester that checks basic ESD protection paratmeres (0.75 to 10 Meg Ohms). There is a lot of best Wrist Strap Tester like Hakko FG470-02 System Tester, DESCO Brand 19350 Wrist Strap Tester, and Botron B8203 Portable Wrist Strap Tester.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Through reduced failures, good static control practices can quickly return on their investments; but saving reputation can provide even higher returns. During production testing, ESD damage is at best a nuisance; in service, ESD damage can be a catastrophe, with far greater repercussions — customer dissatisfaction, diminished sales, even job loss.


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