List of Integrated Circuit Abbreviations and Symbols

Integrated circuit abbreviations are used to describe the terms commonly used to communicate most effectively in circuit board design, manufacturing, and assembly.

It’s essential to know the common PCB terminology database which includes abbreviations and symbols for communicating effectively. In this article, Let’s take a look at a list of Electronic Components Name Abbreviations, and Symbols that are often used in the electronic industry.

List of Electronic Components Name Abbreviations

Here is the List of Electronic Components Name Abbreviations including terms commonly in the electronic industry.

Reference DesignatorComponent TypeReference DesignatorComponent Type
AE aerial, antennaQtransistor
ATTAttenuatorDSPdigital signal processor
BRBridge rectifierVLSIvery large-scale integration
CRTCathode ray tubeMOSFETMetal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
GDT gas discharge tubeTtransformer
LSLoudspeakerVCvariable capacitor
ICintegrated circuitTFT thin film transistor(display)
JFETjunction gate field-effect transistorSCRsilicon controlled rectifier
LCInductor-capacitor circuitRLA / RY relay
PSPower supplyXTALCrystal
SWSwitch LCInductor-capacitor circuit
LCDLiquid crystal displayD or CR diode
LEDlight emitting diodeCCapacitor
MCBCircuit breakerBbattery
PCBprinted circuit boardZZener diode
VRVariable resistorMmotor
TPTest pointNEneon lamp
RResistorJwire link
OPOperational AmplifierPPlug

List of integrated circuit abbreviations

Here is the List of integrated circuit abbreviations used commonly in the electronic industry.


Moisture from atmospheric humidity enters permeable packaging materials by diffusion. The baking will force out the absorbed moisture and shall be performed with a hot air oven adapted for baking components and PBAs.


Ball Grid Array is a package type with the bottom side covered (or partly covered) with solder bumps forming a grid pattern.

BGA-repair machine

BGA-repair machine is equipment for repair of e.g. BGA/CSP/QFN components with top and bottom heat and possibilities to have excellent control of alignment, temperature, airflow, and time.


Ceramic Ball Grid Array is a BGA with a ceramic substrate and often high temperature alloy bumps that do not melt during normal reflow soldering.


Chip Scale Package; a component with about the same size of the chip area as the packaging area. This component has most often solder bumps as an interconnection to the PCB.

Delta T (ΔT)

The difference between the highest and lowest temperature is referred to as Delta T (ΔT).


Intermetallic compounds consist of a homogenous phase of two or more materials that form during soldering and grow by time and heat after soldering and during a repair.


A land Grid Array is most often referred to as a BGA without bumps, in other words, a package with an array of soldering pads on the substrate bottom side providing electrical and mechanical connection to the PCB.


The temperature at which a solder starts to become molten (vs. solidus); normally for lead-free alloys the liquidus is 217°C -220°C


Micro Lead Frame is a near CSP size package with a lead frame substrate. This package uses perimeter soldering pads on the bottom of the package to provide electrical and mechanical contact to the PCB. The package also often is thermally enhanced by having the die attach paddle exposed on the bottom of the package surface.


Printed Board Assembly (assembled board)


Printed Circuit Board (bare board)

Pin-Through-Hole assembly

Pin-Through-Hole is a method of assembling a component on a printed circuit board substrate, utilizing pin-through-hole connections.


A pin Grid Array is a package type with pins arranged in an array on the bottom side of the package.


Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier is a package type with “J-leads”. The pitch is always 1.27 mm.


Quad Flat No leads is a name of the family of square components with soldering pads on the underside as connections to the PCB.


Quad Flat Package is a package with gull-wing formed leads extending from each of the four sides.


The measure is taken when a fault has occurred in order to restore the original electrical function or mechanical performance of a printed board assembly.

Reflow cycle

The Reflow cycle is defined, in this document, as when hot air, either by hot air gun or BGA repair machine, is used and the temperature on the board in any area is exceeding the solder liquidus temperature (normally 217-220°C).


Action is taken to reprocess non-complying articles through the use of original, or alternate equivalent processing, in a manner that assures compliance of the article with applicable drawings or specifications.


Small Outline Integrated Circuit is a square or rectangular package type with gull-wing formed leads extending from two opposite sides.


Small Outline Transistor is a rectangular package with three gull-wing leads; two at one side and one at the opposite side (It also exists SOT packages with four leads and with five leads of which one lead is larger and used for heat transfer).


Wafer Level Package is a package type where the wafer fabrication process has been extended to include device interconnection and device protection processes. A WLP is a protected chip with, most often, solder bumps as interconnects.

Circuit Symbols of Electronic Components

Below is a collection of widely used Circuit Symbols of Electronic Components in the electronic industry. I listed here the most common symbols only because it is not possible to mention all symbols here

integrated circuit abbreviations


As you are aware that there are thousands of Electronic Components Symbols and abbreviations used in daily terminology. It is not possible to include all of them. I try to cover all the most popular integrated circuit abbreviations only.

If you have any further any doubt you are feel free to ask your questions via the below comments. I will definitely address your query asap.

I hope this tutorial will help to get integrated circuit abbreviations commonly used in the electronic industry. You are also familiar with the popular Circuit Symbols of Electronic Components.

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