Is Ultrasonic Cleaning Safe for Jewelry?

We, women, are so possessive of our belongings. Especially when it’s your jewelry. You continuously try something or other to keep your jewelry clean and shining. For this, you use different methods, some polish them, and some choose ultrasonic cleaning.

Yes, you heard it right I said Ultrasonic Cleaning. What? Are you not yet aware of what ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry is?

Oh! Do not worry. Here I am to give you a complete detailed guide on Ultrasonic Cleaning for jewelry. Also, I will tell you Is ultrasonic cleaning is safe for jewelry or not. Stay tuned to the article to know all about it. Also, I have answered the most common questions of users on Ultrasonic Cleaning for your Jewelry. So, keep reading the article till the end to get all your related answers. 

Is Ultrasonic Cleaning Safe for Jewelry?

Yes Indeed, ultrasonic cleaning is the ideally suited and great way to clean precious jewelry items. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners Pearls, coral, tortoise shells, and other gems that are coated with plastic, wax, or oils.

The good news for you is that Ultrasonic Cleaning is compatible with most jewelry. But all the good comes with bad just like two sides of the coin. No doubt ultrasonic cleaning is the best for your jewelry. But there are some requirements that you need to check before using this technology on your jewelry. 

Requirements for Ultrasonic Cleaning

  1. Secondly, the look after that your piece of jewelry gets dried away easily and quickly. 
  2. Firstly you need to be cautious that your jewelry is not damaged by the liquid immersion in ultrasonic cleaning. At that particular time, ultrasonic cleaning can be a challenge.

As I mentioned before Ultrasonic Cleaning is safe for most jewelry. You might be thinking what stones can go in an ultrasonic cleaner

Then these include the below listed gems and metals.

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire 
  • Garnet

This cleaning works best for your gold jewelry. Also, it works in a better way for your expensive platinum and silver jewelry as well. Even ultrasonic cleaning is highly preferred for diamond jewelry. But some colored diamonds are an exception to this type of cleaning. This technology is even safe for your plastic or glass jewelry as well. 

But there are some limitations and exceptions to this also. Never use this technique for your pearl jewelry. It is a disaster. Also, some jewelry and gems for which ultrasonic cleaning is unsafe. 

Below mentioned is the list of gems and metals that is not safe for ultrasonic cleaning. 

  • Opal
  • Emerald
  • Amber
  • Pearl
  • Turquoise
  • Topaz
  • Malachite
  • Tungsten
  • Colored Diamonds
  • Jet
  • Coral
  • Costume Jewelry

Meaning of Ultrasonic Cleaning for Jewelry

Moving ahead to the article first of all let me tell you what is ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic in simple words is nothing but a technology that uses ultrasound to clean your jewelry.

It is a very high-quality sound technology that uses ultrasound that usually ranges from 20 to 40 kHz. This process best works to clean your loved pieces of jewelry. Also, this methodology involves high-frequency and chemical processes for cleaning jewelry.

Ultrasonic Cleaners come in a variety of sizes, shapes, power, frequency, and features. Ultrasonic Cleaning helps to clean out the traces of contaminants on the jewelry. It cleanses all dirt, oil, dust, rust, bacteria, pigments, and much more. There are many other technologies as well to clean your jewelry. But nothing works best as ultrasonic cleaning for your jewelry. 

Ultrasonic technology uses the cavitation process to clean jewelry. In this process, microbubbles are created by the high-frequency sound pressure which agitates a liquid solvent. The agitation then creates a force on the contaminants by penetrating deep inside and bringing them to the surface. Which eventually results in the best cleaning of your jewelry. 

What happens in Ultrasonic Cleaning?

When you place your piece of jewelry in the Ultrasonic Cleaning machine the cavitation process starts. The liquid immersion produces a pressure wave through microbubbles. These vibration waves penetrate deep into your jewelry and gently clean the jewelry by removing all the dirt, oil, and rust. 

The procedure of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning cleans any surface of jewelry just by penetrating inside through a sound-conducting liquid. Ultrasonic Cleaning Technique converts high-frequency sound into mechanical vibration. The high-frequency sound waves in Ultrasonic Cleaning use a cavitation process creating many micro bubbles. All this is done through a transducer.

The vibration of the high-ultrasonic wave is then transmitted to a liquid solvent so that it can rinse out all the contaminants. Just you need to be cautious while using the amount of liquid solvent as it should not be in excess amount. Usually, other technologies cannot do this. Thus, this procedure works best for cleaning jewelry. 

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning 

The benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning for jewelry are as listed below.

  • Safe
  • Uniform Cleaning
  • Fast process
  • Suitable for delicate part
  • Penetrates inside to remove contaminants
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


Now let’s move ahead most commonly asked questions. Here we go. 

Q. #1) What do professional jewelers use to clean jewelry?

All professional jewelers use high-frequency ultrasonic technology and chemicals that create microbubbles for jewelry cleaning. This high-frequency sound penetrates deep inside the particular jewelry and brings all the contaminants to the surface of the jewelry. 

This is the best technique to clean your jewelry and remove all the dirt, rust, oil, grease, and much more on your piece of jewelry. No other technology can clean your jewelry as this technology can. So, Ultrasonic Cleaning is highly preferred by all professional jewelers to clean your gold, platinum, silver, and diamond jewelry. 

Q. #2 ) How do I choose an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner?

There are different types of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners available in the market. They differ in frequency, capacity, and purpose. There are high to general-capacity ultrasonic cleaners. Low-frequency ultrasonic cleaners are more potent than that high-frequency ones. General-purpose cleaners are best for cleaning jewelry. 

Factors you should consider while buying an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner are listed below.

  • Type of jewelry to be cleaned
  • Type and nature of contamination
  • The surface dimension
  • Frequency of ultrasonic cleaner
  • Features
  • Power
  • Price
  • Tank Size
  • Cleaning solution
  • Temperature of operation

Q. #3) are ultrasonic jewelry cleaners safe?

The ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are safe white, yellow, and rose gold jewelry. You can also clean and work safely with silver or platinum jewelry. You should avoid Tungsten because there are prone to damage to such metals.

Q. #4) Where can I buy ultrasonic jewelry cleaners?

The best option to buy an ultrasonic cleaner is a reliable retail store near you. You can also buy it online from websites like or, and many others by looking at features, your need, and the purpose. 

Top 3 best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

The top 3 best ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine is listed below.

  1. Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
  2. Fosmon Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
  3. Compact Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Best Practices For Using Ultrasonic Cleaners For Jewelry


To end up, here was all about the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. And also I came up with an answer Is Ultrasonic Cleaning safe for Jewelry? Hope I was able to answer this and another related ultrasonic cleaner query up to the point.

Yet if you have any more queries regarding the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner you can feel free to ask me by commenting in the comment box. I will get back to your query. 

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