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Metcal soldering station  is a benchtop solutions master that has conveyed wide an incentive to clients since its Silicon Valley beginnings in 1982. Offering unrivaled execution, chance moderation, and return on initial capital investment, we give hardware makers in a car, aviation, medicinal gadgets and military parts the devices—and the certainty—they have to grow speedier, more secure, further developed items. Metcal gives propelled innovation items crosswise over hand soldering, convection adjust, rage extraction, and liquid apportioning applications

Metcal’s CV-5200 Connection Validation

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Metcal’s CV-5200 Association Validation Fastening Station gives actual time closed circle input on intermetallic compound development—the world’s first. In addition, another correspondence port empowers process traceability and firmware redesigns.

Metcal reported today the presentation of its achievement CV-5200 Association Validation Welding Station. Association Validation furnishes administrators with ongoing, shut circle input, through a green or red light incorporated into the handpiece, to show intermetallic compound development—the way to a sound solder joint.

Connection Validation, or CV, is the following huge advance in the development of process control,” said Christopher Larocca, Leader of OK International, which acquired Metcal in 1996. “At the point when Metcal first presented SmartHeat, we offered clients another level of process control inside their hand binding tasks, which is verifiably the weakest connection. Presently with CV, we offer control of the tip temperature, as well as weld joint quality itself. It’s the most imaginative headway in fastening innovation in just about 30 years and speaks to a quantum move-in process control—especially in the prototyping and creation of the car, aviation, military, therapeutic gadgets, and different items with zero hazard resilience.”

Metcal’s Central Innovation Officer, Hoa Nguyen, included, “The CV-5200 additionally gives information catch capacity and a correspondence port—empowering process traceability and firmware moves up to accomplish larger amounts of process control. Metcal is building stations that relieve chance for our clients while additionally supporting consistency and quality following. What’s more, obviously, all our binding stations proceed.

AC-STC Solder Tip Cleaner

Solder tips speak to a critical segment of the cost of proprietorship for a solder station, and Metcal’s new Solder Tip Cleaner expels oxidation and expands the life of the solder tip. By setting the tip into the opening, the air conditioner STC Solder Tip Cleaner sense the tip and naturally actuates, sparing the administrator time.Metcal’s Hand Soldering Systems 3

Oxidation on the tip debases execution by making a boundary that reductions the warm exchange of the warmth to the solder joint. This hindrance moderate’s execution and, if not adjusted, will harm the tip. Appropriate tip mind is basic to expand the life of the tip.

The Air conditioner STC Solder Tip Cleaner includes a replaceable brush framework that pulls abundance solder far from the tip into a removable accumulation plate for transfer while expelling oxidation from the tip. A splashguard keeps trash from getting away from the accumulation territory. Highlights include:

  • Contactless enactment
  • Compact impression
  • Universal control supply.

Metcal HTD Tips & Hand-Piece

Metcal is satisfied to present the new High Warm Request (HTD) Solution for the MX-5200 Series. The HTD hand-piece and tips change an MX-5000 or MX-5200 arrangement into a powerhouse for applications with high warm loads, for example, thick boards – without harming touchy partsMetcal’s Hand Soldering Systems 5

Metcal’s HTD solution conveys more warm vitality, accordingly efficiently limiting the danger of part or printed circuit board harm related to leaving a soldering iron tip on the solder joint for expanded periods. The framework gives a lift in execution by more viably conveying warm vitality to the most requesting loads.

The HTD Solution can meet the most requesting necessities. It lessens the danger of delayed soldering contact and enhances time to fabricate while keeping up the solace of the smooth and ergonomic hand-piece that you’re utilized to. Its slimmer tips enable you to take care of high warm demand needs in a little shape factor – getting the tip into zones mechanical soldering irons can’t reach.

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