Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

Are you looking for the Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India? Then this article is meant for you. In this article, I will give you detailed information about the best semiconductor manufacturing companies.

And I am sure you can take advantage of a few well-known semiconductor manufacturing companies in India and around the globe. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. Keep reading until the end to get complete and detailed information, and do not miss any of the lists of 10 Best Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India. 

Let us now look at this comprehensive List of the Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India.

List of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

Samsung Semiconductor India, Bharat Electronics Limited, Micron Technology, Semtronics Micro Systems, and others are the Top Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India.

Below is the list of India’s most renowned and well-known semiconductor manufacturers. Choose the one which suits you according to your specification of semiconductor products and services. The Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India in NSE are also listed below.

S.NoCompany NameProductsLocation
1Samsung Semiconductor IndiaSemiconductor solutionsBangalore
2Bharat Electronics LimitedElectronic & SemiconductorsBangalore
3Micron TechnologySemiconductor Design ServicesBangalore
4Semtronics Micro SystemsSemiconductor ManufacturerBangalore
5Continental Device India LtdSemiconductor ManufacturerNew Delhi
6Wipro semiconductorSemiconductor ManufacturerAmalner
7TSMC Indiasemiconductor fabrication servicesBangalore
8Masamb Electronics SystemsVLSI Design and Embedded Systems servicesNoida
9Solex Energy LimitedSolar panels, lamps, and solar instruments.Anand
10BroadcomSemiconductor and Infrastructure SoftwareBangalore

1. Samsung Semiconductors

Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

As you know, the word Samsung does not require much introduction. A semiconductor company based out of California has a head office In Bangalore, which provides the best semiconductor services in India. It was established in 1983. It provides the best service solution provider, including the latest proven IPs and product design kits. It has a foundry business, the spare parts of which help big semiconductor companies. 

I call it the best semiconductor service because it uses all the advanced and latest technology for manufacturing electronic devices, smartphones, and many other devices. So I recommend you this semiconductor manufacturing unit in India. 

2. Bharat Electronics Limited

Bharat Electronics Limited

Bharat Electronics Limited was founded in 1954, the headquarters of which is located in Bangalore, India. As the name suggests, it is an Indian company owned by the Government of India, also known as BEL. This company is into the manufacturing of electronic products that are related to defense, semiconductors, and also aerospace. BEL is mainly into the manufacturing of applications related to aerospace. 

It is one of India’s most premium semiconductor companies and a very old one.

3. Micron Technology

Micron Technology

Micron Technology is an old Indian company established in 1978 whose office is based out of Bangalore. As per the name micron, it is involved in manufacturing micro-density memory chips using the most advanced DRAM technology. DRAM technology enhances the efficiency and power of the product. 

Also, it uses the most innovative and advanced technology which is known as DRAM, NAND, and NOR technology.  

4. Semtronics Micro Systems

Semtronics Micro Systems

Semitronics Micro Systems is engaged in manufacturing power electronic products established in Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 2010. To date, Semtronics has developed many applications in India.

This company specially manufactures the products for the Indian market according to the specific need of our country. It specializes in communications and the power domain. The product and services of this company include a list of regulators, circuits, sequencers, and batteries, many more. 


Continental Device India

CDIL stands for Continental Device India Limited and was founded in 1964, and is based in Delhi, India. This company manufactures Silicon Semiconductor Chips and devices in our country. CDIL uses the best advanced and latest technology in this field. It strives hard for product development and technology improvement with a dedicated, hardworking team of professionals. 

 Even highly qualified professionals are involved in the manufacturing of chips and devices. This particular company is renowned not only in India but all over the globe. So if you are looking for a Silicon semiconductor chip and devices company, I highly recommend this one.

6. Wipro

 Wipro is a well-known Indian company that was founded in 1945. This company is established in Amalner in, Maharashtra. Though the manufacturing services have been carried on in Bangalore for the last five years. The product development in Wipro is done through advanced processes of derivative SoCs. 

7. TSMC India

TSMC is a Taiwan-based company with an office in Bangalore, India, founded in 1987. It has no manufacturing plant in the country to date. The company is planning to have one and is in the process of planning to have one manufacturing unit in India. 

The company is engaged in the manufacturing of Seamless Silicon fabrication. Apple is also one of its customer bases. It is not only a well-known company in India but all over the world. This is one of the best TSMC semiconductor manufacturing companies in India.

8. Masamb Electronics

Masamb Electronics is an Indian company established in 2007 in Noida, India. It is a Semiconductor Domain Company in India. The company is engaged in real-time embedded designs like OEM, EDA, RTL, firmware applications, functional verification, analog, and IP development. I will recommend you this company the reason being it gives the best semiconductors in the whole world.

I will highly recommend you this company if your need is in embedded systems and VLSI designs. 

9. Solex Energy Limited

As the name suggests, Solex Energy Limited has been involved in manufacturing Semi electronics that use solar energy since 1998. It includes the products like solar panels, solar cells, solar rooftops, solar water pumps, solar pumps, and other solar units.

Solex Energy Limited is highly recommended if you are looking for semiconductor products that work on solar energy. These products are the best substitutes for electricity. At the same time, the products are environmentally friendly. 

10. Broadcom

Broadcom is a US-based manufacturing company established in 1991 and has its office in Banglore. This company specializes in manufacturing telecommunications, software, enterprise security solutions, motor drive and control solutions, networking, data center, and broadband.

 It satisfies all customers with a wide range of available semiconductor, software, and infrastructure products to choose from. Broadcom is one of the leading developers and designers around the globe. I recommend this semi-manufacturing company if you need telecommunications and broadband services. 

What is meant by semiconductors in electronics?

A semiconductor is a material, which has a conductivity more than an insulator but less than a pure conductor. A semiconductor acts like an insulator or conductor, or both. A semiconductor is a prime component in industrial products. 

There are several semiconductors but the most commonly used semiconductor material is Si (Silicon). That is very commonly used in the manufacturing of various electronic devices.

Need of Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

Undoubtedly, we live in a world of technology and rising demand for semiconductors in India. India is in the race and has marked a rise in the manufacturing of electronic devices.

All devices that you and I use and cannot live with, like TV, mobile, electric scooters, computers, and laptops, require semiconductors. Hence, this is a reason for the increasing need for semiconductor manufacturing companies not only in India but around the globe.


Q. #1) What are India’s Top 10 Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Companies?

Answer: Bharat Electronics Limited, Continental Device India Ltd (CDIL), Applied Materials, TSMC India, Micron Technology, and Solex Energy Limited are some of the Top 10 Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Companies in India.

Q. #2) which company manufactures semiconductors in India?

Answer: ASM Technologies Ltd, Moschip Technologies Ltd, Tata Elxsi Ltd, HCL Technologies Ltd, and other companies manufactures semiconductors in India. we are looking at India’s semiconductor 4-fold capacity growth in a few decades.

Q. #3) What are the top semiconductor companies in India listed in NSE?

Answer: Tata Elxsi Ltd, ASM Technologies Ltd, Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd, SPEL Semiconductor Ltd, Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd, and MIC Electronics Ltd are the top semiconductor companies in India listed in NSE.

Q. #4) Who is the biggest semiconductor company in India?

Answer: Bharat Electronics Limited is the biggest semiconductor company in India. This company is an Indian government-owned company that is engaged in the manufacturing of aerospace and defense products.

Q. #5) who is the biggest semiconductor company in the world?

Answer: Intel, TSM, and Qualcomm are the biggest semiconductor company in the world based on their total revenue in 2020.

Q. #5) What are The Top 10 Semiconductor Companies by Market Share?

Answer: TSMC, Samsung, UMC, GlobalFoundries, SMIC, Samsung, PSMC, DB HiTek, HH Grace, Tower Semiconductor, and VIS are The Top 10 Semiconductor Companies by Market Share.

Semiconductor Stocks in India

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, square top 10 semiconductor manufacturing companies in India. All these companies have gained trust in Indian markets, and they can be called the best semiconductor manufacturing companies in India to rely on.

You can freeze your option in India according to your need and the product you want to choose. I hope I was able to give you the best. Yet any queries, you can get back to me. Also, let me know which semiconductor manufacturing company is best for you. Reply to me by commenting in the comment box.

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