BGA Rework Station with Optical alignment


Reworks station with Optical Alignment in PCB Assembly can rework the BGA, LED, IC and other chip electronic with high precision. Particularly suitable for high accuracy motherboard reworking process, this Rework Station is designed for accurate rework persistence for electronics important components in the assembly.

It can helpful to cut down the manufacturing cost from reworking due to the improper soldering of IC Chips during the PCB assembly process.

BGA Rework Station with Optical alignment 1
ZM-R6200 BGA reworking station

ZM-R6200 BGA reworking station Through Optical alignment structure, you can rework the even BGA component easily, and guard your weak eyes as is commonly used in used for BGA reballing and repairing of the chipset in a laptop, PS4, XBOX360, Mobile phone, etc.

In the process of De-soldering and soldering all the BGA Chip, can easily remove and repair for numerous motherboard BGA IC chip and other components (Lead-free & lead accessible. Rework micro BGA, VGA, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, SMD, etc. electronic product with high accuracy to meet customer potentials and quality standards.

A huge area of ultraviolet carbon fiber Pre-heating structure, with the benefit of pre-heating fast and consistently and no light contamination.

Its Temperature restrictions protected by limits of expert, for evading error settings. Hot air flow can be changeable to meet the request of any chips

parameters endangered by limits of specialist, for avoiding error situations. DE-soldering and soldering automatically, No need the manual alteration. Main structures are as per below: –

Independent controller heaters: – Top and lowermost warmers are hot-air heating, the third IR heater is ultraviolet heating, the top and bottom heaters can temperature PCB from higher and bottom at the same time. temperature accurateness inside ±3℃,there are multi-section can be set at the same time; IR heating area is variable according to wish requirements, to make PCB heating consistently.

It can heat PCB board and BGA chips at the identical time. And the third IR warmer can preheat the PCB board from the bottommost, to circumvent PCB from twist during the repair procedure. The top and bottom heaters heat autonomously.

Select high accurate K type close-loop thermocouple, and PID borders unconscious adjustment arrangement it can display seven temperature arches and the lots of groups data can be protected through U stowing expedient with instant curves examination function and investigating BGA temperature at somewhat time; the sensor is for accurate temperature challenging.

Precise optical location structure: –Adopt variable CCD color optical arrangement, with a beam separated, zoom in, zoom out and micro-adjust resolutions have spontaneous chromatism purpose and brightness transformation system, increase to 230 X, increasing accurateness inside ±0.01mm.

Multi-function process system:-Adopt high meaning human-machine border, accessible for setting “set up” and “function” to avoid error situations, The top heater stratagem and growing head 2 in 1 design, with programmed identify BGA chips and mounting elevation,

it is of programmed soldering and DE soldering can set 6 sections rising temperature and 6 segments commotion temperature, and can save N assemblies temperature profiles. Accepted all kinds of BGA nozzles, with 360° turning, easy for connection and replacement, made-to-order is available

V-groove PCB provision, with rapid, convenient, and precise positioning, can appropriate for all types of PCB board; Supple and removable general fixture has protecting effects and no impairment to the PCB board, appropriate for all types of dimensions of BGA repair.

Superior protection functions: – With CE guarantee; after de-soldering and soldering, there is distressing. when the temperature goes out of controller the circuit will repeatedly power off, it is of the dual over-temperature safety function.

Temperature parameter has a keyword to avoid arbitrary changes, with greater safety protection purposes, can protect PCB board components and the mechanism from injury at any anomalous situation

Specifications and technical restrictions 

  • power: – AC 220V±10% 50/60 Hz
  • Total Power: – Max 5360Watt
  • Heater power rating: Top warmer 1200 W Lowest heater 1200-Watt IR heater 2700 Watt
  • Electrical materials Intelligence Programmable controller, provision connect the computer
  • Temperature control: K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop), individuality temperature control, accurateness within±3℃
  • Locating: V-groove, PCB support
  • PCB size: Max 410×370 mm Min 65×65 mm
  • BGA chips: Max 80×80mm and Min 2×2 mm

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