The Best Soldering Iron


Best soldering iron selection is very important to get quality soldering joints.   Iron is a very common but important tool that is used to joint, modify, or repair the electronic connection on PCB Assembly.

Soldering heat up the solder so that it can flow and make a solid conductive joint. For mass production process, the soldering is done by another method like reflow soldering, wave soldering or selective soldering. But is small job works like installation, repairing or prototyping handholding is preferred.

Soldering is mainly made is a hearable metal tip with an insulated handle for holding the tool, it was connected through the eclectic wire supply for heating the device. There are several options are available in the market, but which one is best and most suitable for the activity for that we are seeking and want to invest for that. Because the right selection will help us to do a difficult work in an easy way with required output.

Because all models are different and have their pros and cons, so we have done a market research and spend dozens of hours to select best soldering iron. Soldering Irons are mainly available in below Five configurations. Here we will discuss the Best Soldering Iron in 2018. 

Types of Soldering Irons

    • Soldering Pencil –Such types of Soldering Iron are not recommended critical soldering operations as do not have on temperature control.
    • Pencil Soldering with Adjustable Temp Settings: -Such soldering irons are just like soldering pencil, but it was attached to the temperature adjustable power station.
    • Torch Soldering irons– Butane-powered high temperature are also known for portability and especially recommended for Jewellery artworks.
    • Cordless irons–Cordless irons are useful due to their portability and comfort but not a good option for beginners due to high consuming batteries and lower performances for crucial works.
  • Soldering stations. -Soldering stations are quick heats with adjustable temperature control with a sponge for tip cleaning

Selection Parameters for best soldering iron

    1. Power Wattage: During selection, it is always better to select soldering iron at least 30 watts of power because if the wattage is low it takes more to heat up and also in dipping the temperature as well.
    1. Temperature Adjustment: some electronic devices are temperature sensitive and required different temperature setting for soldering.
    1. Tip compatibility: Soldering iron must be compatible with different types of job works. For fine pitch components required thin and through the whole soldering needed thick soldering bits.
    1. Comfort: The holding handle must be light weighted and comfortable to handle dedicated jobs.
  1. Extras:it would more beneficial to get combo offers so that we can get all required accessories like stand, sponge or extra bits.

X-Tronic Digital LED Display Soldering Station

The Best Soldering Iron 1
X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS



$59.80 from Amazon

Model #3020-XTS the one of the bestselling product in this category. This soldering station in 75W so that heats up very quick within 2 minutes with precisely adjustable temperature ranging from 200°C to 480°C. The X-Tronic Digital Soldering Station delivered with a great design, an ergonomic grip and other featured accessories like sturdy stand, brass sponge tip cleaner, solder roll holder and cleaning flex.

Besides that, X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS soldering iron have impressive features like sleep function (10 Minute), Auto cool down, well-designed roll solder, C/F switch etc. If soldering iron remains idle 10 minutes in the holder it automatically switched in sleeping mode.

The devices having a digital display that can show the temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit with accuracy. this soldering station is a very good option and featured for to meet all types of soldering requirements like repairing of printed circuit boards, chip components, motherboards, welding, jewelry etc.

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

The Best Soldering Iron 3
Weller WLC100


$36.89 from Amazon 


Weller WLC100 is 40W soldering Iron station with the on-off switch a temperature controlling knob that can be set 1 to 5, sponge and iron holding space. Along with it is also featured with iron-plated copper tip and safety guard iron holder.  it is a reliable and simple soldering station that having the very thing that you needed to solder a dedicated project.

If we compare to our best pick X-Tronic solder station only cons are that Weller WLC100 take little bit more heat up time, lack of digital display and it comes in larger chisel tip that is less useful to small fine pitch components. Weller’s station comes in replaceable heating elements it can be replaced for new to continue with same soldering station for a long time.

Hakko FX888D Soldering Station

The Best Soldering Iron 5
Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station



$96.72 from Amazon


Next soldering station on our pickup list is Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station. This is well designed digital innovation that you surely like it. Hakko FX888D is available in attractive blue and yellow colours. This station equipped featured Comes with the fx-8801 soldering iron, A1559 sponge, Fh800 iron holder, t18-d16 tip and A1561 cleaning wire.

FX888D Digital Soldering Station comes in 70W and heats up very quickly (around 10 seconds) maintain temperature precisely during the working period. with premium features, this product is very solid in this segment and truly worth for investment.

Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit

The Best Soldering Iron 7



$17.99 from Amazon


Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is the best pick in low comes in 60W power having the heat up rate is lesser (2 minutes) with adjustable thermoset range of 200~450℃ with a solid steel pipe design for better heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

Soldering Iron Kit includes disordering pump, tweezers, soldering iron stand, 5 different types of soldering bits solder and sponge. all small tolls are packed inside the plastic case easy to carry with all accessories anywhere for repair projects. Tiger Soldering Iron Kit is the best gifting idea for beginners and experts for all sort of repair activities like chipboards PCBA, mobile, and computer hardware repairing, welding guitar, watches, jewellery, small electronic works etc.

Other soldering Accessories 

If you are starting dealing with soldering activities below accessories also needs to acquire:

    • Solder wire: solder wire is the main consumable material used in hand comes in various thickness with leaded and lead-free versions.
    • Solder wick: also known as a Desoldering braid used to remove solder from solder is used for cleaning purpose to remove excess solder.
    • Cleaning sponge: it is used to clean the soldering iron tip and the bit is ready for reuse for soldering purpose.
    • Flux pen: Flex Pen is used as a substrate to prevent solder breading and the help to flow solder into the part you want to solder.
  • Solder vacuum pump: it is used to suck and remove the solder from joints, become more important when doing touch up of through-hole components

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