Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in India

A printed Circuit Board (PCB) supports mechanically and electrically connecting the electronic components through conductive strips. The Printed Circuit Boards are used to assembling in Electronic Components. In this article, we discuss the Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in India.

Usually, the base of PCB is made of fiberglass, and the conductive strips are made of copper. It is the main component of the electronics manufacturing industry where the electronic components are mounted and soldered in their advanced manufacturing equipment.    

The Indian electronic industries are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to a study, the total electronics manufacturing growth is expected to increase to USD 104 billion in 2020. under the umbrella of the Indian government, championed the “Make in India” Campaign. This sector’s growth is remarkable.

List of Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in India

If we talk about the Indian PCB manufacturing industry, several major players are present in the segment. Here is a list of PCB manufacturers in India as per below.

AT&S India Pvt Ltd

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AT&S India Pvt Ltd is India s leading PCB manufacturer in India and supplier of Printed circuit boards. The AT&S Group has a production plan in Nanjangud in India, equipped with world-class manufacturing equipment. A company engaged in producing high-end PCB for different sectors like Automotive, Medical, telecom, etc.

In addition to those in Europe and Asia, AT&S Group has production facilities in Asia and Europe, including Austria, Korea, India, China, and China. Worldwide, AT&S Group employs more than 9500 people.

Best PCB manufacturers in India, AT&S India Product Portfolio includes Double Sided PTH PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, HDI Microvia PCBs, HDI Any-Layer PCBs, Flexible & Rigid Flexible PCBs, IMS Insulated Metallic, Substrate PCBs, and IC Substrates.

Genus Electrotech Ltd

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Genus Electrotech Ltd is a subsidiary of the Kailash Group and is one of India’s fastest-growing PCB manufacturing companies. This PCB company in India manufactures all electronic components, including printed circuit boards.

Genus Electrotech has a well-equipped hi-tech PCB Manufacturing plant with 20000 sqm single sideboards and 10000 double and multi-layer Printed circuit boards per month. A first Indian venture, Genus Electrotech Limited, has proved itself to supply consumer electronics by integrating PCBs, corrugated boxes, and Thermocol for all types of consumer electronics products.

Best PCB manufacturers in India, Genus Electrotech Ltd. Portfolio includes Single Side, Double Side, Aerial Bunched, Cables Multilayer PCBs, etc.

Ascent Circuits Pvt. Ltd

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In India’s list of PCB manufacturers, the Next PCB fabrication India is Ascent Circuits. It is an Indian leading and fastest-growing PCB manufacturer, having an annual 50000 sqm capacity of single sideboards 108000 double-sided or Multi-layered PCB production in Hosur Tamil Nadu, India.

Ascent Circuits engaged in different Printed circuit boards for all major sectors like telecom, Medical, Automobile, consumer electronics, etc. The Product portfolio includes Single Side, Double Side, Aerial Bunched, Cables, Multilayer PCBs, etc.

Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd

Shogini Technoarts large production capacity plant in Pune, India. Company serving in this sector since 1979. Shogini Technoarts uses different printed circuit boards like single-sided, Double sides, Multilayer, and metal Clad for all major sectors (Telecom, Automotive, Medical, Consumer sectors, etc.). 

The headquarters of printed circuit board manufacturers in India, SHOGINI, is located in Pune, and there are sales branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Baroda & Kolkata. The Product portfolio includes FR4 PCBs with HAL, Lead-Free HAL (RoHS) & ENIG finish, Normal Tg & High Tg PCBs, Impedance Control PCBs, Conductive Carbon Printing, Selective Hard Gold Plating, Peelable Mask, Aluminum based MC PCBs for LED lighting & Automotive applications.

Epitome Components Ltd

Epitome Components is a leading PCB Manufacturer in India, collaborating with UK Based “Trackwise Designs Ltd.” In Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. Suppliers professional grades PCB to MNCs Like Videocon Industries, Philips, LG, Nokia, etc. 

The product portfolio includes a Single-Sided Printed Circuit Board, Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board, and RF Printed Circuit Board. Epitome is also a leading flexible PCB manufacturer in India.

CIPSA-TEC India Pvt Ltd

CIPSA-TEC India is a leading PCB manufacturing company in India for all PC Boards like Single layer, Double Layer, and Multiplayer.

CIPSA-TEC India has been serving since 2010 having a production facility in Tumkur, Karnataka, India. Company manufacturing PCB for all major Sectors and 40% export for European countries. 

In 2005, in collaboration with UNICAP, Taiwan, CIPSA TEC India Private Limited (formerly CIPSA-RIC India Private Limited) acquired the business of erstwhile Rao Insulating Company Limited (RIC), which started PCB manufacturing in 1987.

With their combined expertise of over three decades in multilayer PCB manufacturers in India, these two partners have remained critical pillars in our growth in European Technology, Process Improvement, and Market Expansion.

Meena Circuits Pvt. Ltd

With the largest PCB manufacturing capacity in western India, Meena Circuits is a leading manufacturer and supplier in India with the latest modern equipment and process.

To meet customer quality requirements, the company has collaborated with USA firms for single, Double, and multi-layer printed circuit boards and is involved in Mobile PCB manufacturers in India.

Fine-Line Circuits Ltd

Fine-Line Circuits is a leading PCB manufacturer in India, having a production unit in Andheri (E), Mumbai, India. The company is engaged in serving quality printed circuit boards for various sectors and exporting to different countries worldwide.

The portfolio includes Mobile PCB manufacturers in India, High-Frequency Microwave Hybrid PCBs, Multilayer Cavity PCBs, and Oversized / Backplane PCBs.   

Akasaka Electronics Limited

Akasaka Electronics manufactures and supplies high-quality Japanese printed circuit boards and assemblies to various sectors. The printed circuit boards include single-layer, Double layered, and multilayered manufacturing.


A list of PCB manufacturers in India we can get down here. There are a vast scope and PCB manufacturing companies in India brands available in India.

The government has recently hiked the primary custom duty on electronic components, including printed circuit board assembly. So the increased cost of importing the electronic components will hopefully breed the localization in this sector to maximize the investments.

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