Traceability for the Electronics Manufacturing industry is a Challenge for manufacturers in every industry due to globalization to meet growing customer demand as process is dependents on sourcing of component of multiple venders.

Traceability for the Electronics Manufacturing

Today’s OEMs and Contract Manufacturers are more concern for improving product quality, with reduced cost and with having higher level of visibility traceability system for  control over the assembly process and materials used in assembly process.

Most of the manufacturing organization have their inspection and test procedures to investigate defects before final shipments to customer

But some defects are latent and not identifies in test process and cause of failure in user environment. In such issues the product traceability system data provides the strong degree of assurance is essential for customer relationship management and maximum customer’s satisfaction.

Key benefits of component and board traceability

Minimize size of product recalls and internal reworks

It was observed that OEMs are increasingly sensitive to the enormous expense of product recalls. When a recall is required, cost and customer impact can be minimized if data exists to precisely identify the affected product serial numbers

Streamline Negotiations

100% data capture with accuracy will help to negotiable with customer in case of any dispute related to product assembly process. For Single Traceability Standard IPC-1782 is applicable for better understanding of traceability.

Manage new challenges like RoHS transition and WEEE

To meet the legislative demand such as lead-free assembly and minimize the size of product failure and recall at end user compel manufacturer to capture and retain shop floor activities well after product has been introduced in market place Satisfy customer and regulatory requirements.

Online visibility of component inventory stocks

Component traceability manufacturing provides complete visibility of what components are available for use in manufacturing process including components on reels, sticks and trays loaded on machines

Handling of MSD and other Packaging technologies

Traceability software for manufacturing. Manages exposure time of moisture sensitive devices (MSD) and tracks material locations in the assembly process and give an alert, so that consume materials before exposure expiry.

PCB assemblers to meet basic traceability requirements from mounted components through board and batch history.

Beyond meeting the core traceability requirements, Traceability PCB assembly system also helps to eliminates mounting errors associated with wrong part placements by verifying kitting and machine setup.

By barcode scanning captures mounted parts including the vendor source; manufacturing batches and lots; and board mounting history by date, time and machine.

Lot traceability in manufacturing during kitting process automatically associates specific suppliers > lots > date codes to PCB serial number captured and recorded in traceability software for manufacturing can be retrieved any time when required.

Traceability process flow of SMT line can be divided into various steps based on the route of manufacturing process steps.
In SMT process includes any defects captured and the associated repair processes along with operator activity and SMT machine events including placement by reference designators.

Providing for process traceability together with material, component and board level traceability allows manufacturers to achieve full traceability thereby significantly reducing the scope of potential recalls while meeting nearly every possible traceability requirement for PCB assemblers.

Screen Printer Setup Verification

Quality point of view the screen printer set is very critical and any deviation causes the result of poor quality. Traceability system for manufacturing verify the set as per work order. Scan and capture the solder paste date code, lot no, and expiry date.

Capture the stencil barcode to ensure wrong stencil will not use. Traceability system count of stencil printing cycle time and machine utilization. If stencil is completed life cycle system gives alarms to replace new stencil.

SMT Pick and place Machine verification and traceability

Traceability for the Electronics Manufacturing allows manufacturers to trace machine related defects, Eliminates mounting errors associated with wrong part placements by verifying kitting and machine setup.

Advance Alarms for component replacement to same time machine stoppage. Calculates machine performance into OEE (overall equipment efficiency) reports for improved line utilization.

Tracking of Hand Placement and visual inspection

At pre-reflow stage operator scan board, Place manual component and visually inspect board.

If any defects are found during inspection will log in tracking system and if OK operator will press pass button. Same information can sent to repair operation and data also saved for future tracking if any failure occurred in any stages.

Reflow oven traceability

Reflow oven profile temperature of each zone verified by tracking system before it enters in reflow oven.

If oven is not ready or temperature of not reached on recommended settings will not allow board to enter in to reflow oven. Reflow ovens temperature and humidity of each zone and each panel are recorded for future fault analysis or repairing purpose.

Capturing Repairing history

By capturing box repair history, manufacturers can trace operator activity to make certain that the correct sequence of events was followed during the disassembly and reassembly, while also confirming that the right sub-assemblies were used.

Besides assuring that compliant parts and processes were performed during repair, manufacturers will also need to trace operator certification confirming that only certified operators with the appropriate skill.

Logging discovered defects against boards at time of inspection and test provides users the means to trace possible root causes – particularly if the cause is a component failure from a specific vendor or production lot. Furthermore, capturing all repair events is critical in assuring traceability for environmental and safety compliance

Traceability system for manufacturing provide control on shop floor execution and a cost effective solution for electronic manufacturing industries. According to the industry experts the tracking of material and process provides more control on manifesting and it was proven to drastically comedown the field recalls of products.

If any customer demands the Traceability for the Electronics Manufacturing shop floor first you clearly understand the specific requirement’s considering future scope of developments so that so that you can proper utilize your investments.

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