What does SMT mean in Electronics ?

What does SMT mean? in electronics SMT term is very common and here smt stands for Surface Mount Technology. If we summarized smt stands for as per below

What does SMT mean

S Stand For Surface

M Stand for Mount

T Stand for Technology

in Surface Mount Technology Process the electronics components are directly placed onto the surface of printed circuit boards(PCB).The component that are mounted are called surface mount device (SMD).

In industry the SMT has widely replaced  the through-hole technology in that the leads of componted are inserted inside the PCB board.Both technologies can be used on the same board. If we talk about of benefit of SMT answer is that due to smaller size the product made through SMT are very compact in size.

if we talk about what does smt mean in electronics in other related terminology are as given below.

termExpanded form
SMDSurface-mount devices
SMTSurface-mount technology
SMASurface-mount assembly
SMCSurface-mount components (components for SMT)
SMPSurface-mount packages
SMESurface-mount equipment (SMT assembling machines)

What do smt mean in text message acronym. what does smt mean in text,smt stands for.

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