What is a Centroid File & How to Create file

What Is a Centroid File? Centroid XY files are mainly used to place the surface mount parts on circuit boards. Centroid data is the machine file in ASCII text format that is also called Component Placement, parts centroid or pick&place file having information of component placement. It can also be used in the Programming of AOI machines to inspect circuit boards.

Centroid XY files contain the details of the position and rotation of each reference denominator that are supposed to be mounted on a printed circuit board. The format can vary but in normal practice, centroid data find in the below order Part Number.

Pick and place file formats for SMT Machines

The XY location of part placement can be in mil, an inch, or mm; it is calculated from the origin of the printed circuit board for the Centroid File.

image 6
Rotation Angles

Here’s a breakdown of the Pick & Place File must contain the information below-

  • Designator – Component Reference Designator that matches your BOM and PCB marking.
  • Location – The X/Y coordinate of the component from printed circuit Board Origin. The recommended unit to measure Metric (mm).
  • Layer – Top / Bottom, the PCB board side where the component should be placed. 
  • Rotation – The rotation of the component given in degrees. Positive values are counterclockwise.

The rotation is in degrees and can be measured like 0,45,90..as given in CAD File during PCB design.

Pick and place file formats example

image 5

Recommended File Format: .csv, .xls and .xlsx.

What are the requirements for Centroid File Generation

In Surface Mount technology to generate and extract Component placement files required Gerber data and Bill of Materials. After that, it was generated through the latest software.

In CAD software packages have the facility to generate Centroid files but in others no centroid file is available. So many manufacture reverse engineer these manufacturing files to get Centroid files for machine programming.it usually takes hours and wastage of time and production.

How to generate pick and place file from gerber

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