7 Best Air Grease Gun To Buy in 2024 (Top Picks Reviewed)

We will be reviewing the Best Air Grease Gun in this article. Grease guns, also known as pneumatic grease guns, are widespread. Garages and workshops often use these tools to lubricate equipment.   If we talk about the fundamental purpose of the grease gun is to apply lubricant through an aperture to a specific point.

As beginners, choosing the best Pneumatic Grease Gun can be especially hard because you are unfamiliar with the layout and crucial factors associated with making a final buying decision. So To help you get started, I’ve put together this extensive research and buyer’s guide so that you can find the most suitable option.

We’ll cover what it does, who it’s for, a list of top-rated Best Air Grease Guns, the crucial selection factors, and the pros and cons of individual tools, So you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it. And if it’s right for you.

A plethora of Air Grease Gun options are available in the market. So let’s start with a quick question. Why exactly do you need a Pneumatic Grease Gun? If you ask a professional automobile mechanic. The answer is that Without Grease, Gun cannot even imagine the maintenance and workshop activity.

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What is the Best Air Grease Gun?

The best air grease gun for car tires that I and field professionals recommend is the Lincoln 1162 and LockNLube air grease gun. They are the best because of superior build quality, are easy to use, and have an affordable price range. Lots of people used these tools and they are really happy with the results. Both recommended grease guns are high quality and equipped with the latest advanced features.

Here are my top picks for the best pneumatic grease gun this year.

1. Lincoln 1162 Best Pneumatic Grease Gun

Lincoln 1162 Best Pneumatic Grease Gun

We are starting our recommendations list with the most powerful and best Pneumatic Grease Gun in its class. The Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun is an exceptional product chock full of features. Compared to the manual grease gun, this air-operated high-pressure grease gun is designed for continuous operation.


Due to its more significant consumer base, The 30-inch, high-pressure hose with a Variable Speed Trigger is our first pick. If we come on in terms of functionality and powerful performance, 6,000 psi maximum grease pressure is recommended for Heavy Duty in fully automatic function.

Its ergonomic styling provides comfort and balance to work without greasing fractions for long hours of running. Because it is a Pneumatic Grease Gun, you can power it with your shop’s air supply. The downside of this Pneumatic Grease Gun is that you must purchase additional Grease Gun couplers to make it operational. To Buy the Best Grease Gun Couplers, read this article.


  • One-hand-operated grease gun.
  • Suitable for small and large projects.
  • Pistol grip grease gun with flexible hose.


  • Air fitting is not standard.
  • A Grease Gun Coupler is not included.

2. LockNLube 2-in-1 Pneumatic Grease Gun

LockNLube 2-in-1 Pneumatic Grease Gun

According to the user base on Amazon, LockNLube has been the top brand serving the industry for decades. According to the company’s official statement, If you face any issue, they will correct it, and if you are not satisfied with the product, they will refund if purchased within a year.


LockNLube 2-in-1 Pneumatic Grease Gun is a powerful tool that works on 6,000 PSI (single-shot)  Maximum Operating Pressure. That is more than enough. The tool is durable and made of an Aluminium die-cast head for precise and quick rapid action.

Furthermore, This LockNLube 2-in-1 Pneumatic Grease Gun manufacturer provides a 1-year Warranty to handle the case of any conflict with the tool. Undoubtedly, the service and commitment of LockNLube are very supportive and quick. They understand the customer’s priority. I am so confident that my close friend interacted with the same situation. And his experience was outstanding.

The product Package Includes a 2-in-1 pneumatic grease gun, Grease Coupler, 30″ grease hose, hose swivel, and the Grease coupler rebuild kit. The best part is that you must purchase separate extra accessories to start the work immediately.

A possible Drawback of this tool is that we can not say it is a portable tool. It requires more space when dealing with an instrument. Otherwise, we acknowledge that this device is perfect and an all-rounder to justify, given the feature spent money.


  • Comes with a Grease Coupler.
  • Hose Length is 30 inches for hard-to-reach places.
  • Durable Aluminium for heavy-duty work.


  • Relatively heavy sometimes hard to control during operation.

3. AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun

AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun

 The AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun is a heavy-duty grease gun for air compressors with a minimum pressure of 6000 PSI. It is a powerful tool suited for a wide range of applications. With its many features and durability, the AZUNO Pneumatic Grease Gun does not disappoint. A metal extension and flex hose are included with this tool.


One of my favorite things about AZUNO is that it comes with a flex hose and Metal Extension. If we talk about the design, This air-operated high-pressure grease gun is featured with Ergonomic Design. The non-slip rubber provides complete comfort with effortless control. That helps to reduce fatigue for working without stoppage.

It is a heavy-duty Air pressure Grease Gun recommended for industrial applications. With 6,000 PSI of pressure grease gun is best suited for automotive, agricultural equipment, and other applications. The best part of this is that the Air-operated Grease Gun comes full of accessories. No need to purchase extra to start the activity.

It’s about standing out and grabbing the attention that this gun is adaptable to various loading methods like a bulk filling and suction load and capable of using 14 oz. Standard grease cartridges if required.


  • Duty 6000 PSI Air Compressor Grease Guns.
  • Ergonomic Design to reduce fatigue.
  • Comes with a metal extension pipe.


  • Best suited for industrial applications.

4. STEINBRÜCKE Pneumatic Grease Gun

STEINBRÜCKE Pneumatic Grease Gun

LockNLube is undoubtedly the premium brand for Air Grease Gun, but I understand that everyone does not have the budget to afford such an expensive tool. So in this scenario, the STEINBRÜCKE Heavy Duty Professional Pneumatic Grease can be the best choice.


We have gone through several products during our years of testing a lot of Pneumatic Grease Guns. But the budget matters. The famous Pneumatic Grease Gun is one of the best options for most people. You can choose this option if you’re looking for a reliable Best Air Grease Gun at an affordable price.

If we talk about the Possible Drawbacks, the tool is relatively heavy and requires more storage. There is no doubt about the promises of high quality and precision of machines. That is far good. This gun is more suited for Heavy Duty industrial applications.

This tool is featured with Air Bleeder Valve, which helps to Eliminate Air Pockets for best results Quickly. With 18 inches of Heavy hose, more than enough to lubricate hard-to-reach points. We were particularly impressed by the product’s O-Ring sealing design. That is extremely helpful when working under high pressure. The O-ing sealing design prevents leakage risks.


  • Featured with a bleeder valve rapidly eliminates air.
  • pockets.Leakage free due to O-ring sealing piston design.


  • Relatively heavy and hard to control.

5. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Grease Gun
DEWALT Cordless Grease Gun

Dewalt has been a premium brand for making high-quality tools for decades. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun is an exceptional product with multiple features and easy-to-use functions. That will accelerate all of your grease and lubrication Projects.


If they enjoy the experience of power through clogged grease fittings, the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun is a perfect selection. And when it comes to grease flow control, it is done by variable speed trigger function. In quality and performance, a few machines come close to the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun.

Unlike the other Pneumatic Grease Gun we reviewed in this section, the Dewalt is different in power source. It is a battery grease gun that works through clogged grease fittings operated by a powerful motor to deliver up to 10,000 max PSI pressure. The grease gun featured inbuilt LED light to dark work areas.

If we talk about the downside of this grease gun, few users face compatibility issues with others. Otherwise, it is the most, it is one of the most reasonable Air Pressure Grease Guns you can find.


  • Comes with 42 in. flexible hose that is extremely helpful for hard-to-reach places.
  • It is fitted with a bright LED light to work in dark areas.


  • Few users find compatibility issues with some grease fittings.

Honorable Mentions

Generally speaking, Pneumatic Grease Guns are more accessible to shop for your workshop than the other tools because it is widespread but straightforward tools. You’ll be pleased to know that after a lot of market research, consultation with experts, and individual testing of these tools, Here are a few superb models that blew me away.

There are a few best compressor grease guns that I couldn’t add to the list for any reason, but you can conder from them. There are several air-operated grease guns on the market. There are a lot of reputable brands among them. It is not possible to review them all and list them all here.  

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Here are a few of the best Best Air Grease Guns you can buy; they are also good options:

OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun

The Cartridge Air-Operated Grease Gun is even better for small workshops and industrial applications. With its easy-to-use functions, this is a reliable and perfect selection. The OTC 2310 body is a die-cast aluminum head. So it is a heavy-duty grease gun with a Larger pumping chamber. It allows the tool to work for long hours without fatigue.

Ampro A3710 Air Grease Gun

Ampro A3710 Air Grease Gun 400cc is a lubrication tool preferred for automotive and other industrial-related works. This tool is highly compatible with others and can be loaded with grease in three ways. These methods are cartridge, filter pump, and bulk.

This tool features an air vent Valve function that helps release trapped air pockets inside the compressor grease gun. The weight of the standard cartridge is 14 ounces, which can handle the air pressure of 3 600 pounds per square inch.

So this is a perfect buying option and professional air grease gun for automotive and industrial usage. These great solutions are incorporated into your workshops and can be taken on the road when required.


Finding the best air-powered grease gun is a bit of a complex process. The screening process carried out many stages before being finalized as I am an electronics engineer.

I was involved in the maintenance process of advanced surface mount technology equipment on the shop floor. I do monthly and quarterly maintenance of Fuji, Siemens, and Panasonic. I am always keen to get insight into the best air-operated grease gun with higher performance.

Now I want to share that extraordinary experience with the best Pneumatic Grease Gun reviews to find the top best compressor grease gun at affordable prices. It is not easy to buy the Pneumatic Grease Gun for shaking for testing. You could not imagine the thousands of the best Pneumatic Grease Guns available in the market you can not all.

Instead, I ask my friends and nearby electrical shops that I know. I also write a few emails to industry experts to get their recommendations. Because they are very eager to provide their unbiased opinions, I always compiled various approaches to get the perfect solutions to recommend to others in my yellow diary.

Even with a lot of research, I still think that a few more good choices may be left as a thousand options exist. Ultimately, I picked the Grease Gun based on what I tried personally, and in the last section of this article, I will share the Buyers Guide to get more information on “how to select the best air-operated grease gun”?

After gathering all relevant information from reliable sources and forming a solid opinion on each grade gun, I wrote this Air Grease Gun review. I can recommend that all while purchasing the best air-operated grease gun.

Buyers Guide

Generally speaking, air-powered grease guns are more accessible to shop for me than other maintenance loos for repairing and maintenance work. Because the Pneumatic Grease Gun tool is a simple mechanical design, some things are required to consider and separate the best Pneumatic Grease Gun from the other tools.

Here’s what looks for crucial factors you need to consider when buying the best Pneumatic Grease Gun and broadly impact the users’ purchasing decisions.


For peace of mind, a Warranty is a crucial factor that ultimately helps save money and continue running your project. In a typical scenario warranty of the compressor, the grease gun is sufficient from 6 months to 1 year. Still, it also depends upon the agreement terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchasing.

The warranty is only best customized when the customer support after the sale provided by the manufacturer is up to mark. If service is not good, then there is no warranty meaning. Suppose that if your product is defective and the service provider takes three months to repair it, there is no use for the warranty. In another case, the cost of new equipment lowers the dispatch and delivery charges because it will be better to purchase new equipment rather than prepare.

Safety Features

Safety is of the utmost importance when handling the air ratchet grease gun. The air-powered grease gun is a mechanically operated device that controls high pressure. If the air-operated grease gun body is not solid and made of poor material, in this case, you could face safety-related issues.

These issues can be related to the leakage of grease or safety concerns for the working operator. So while making the final purchasing decision for Best Air Grease Gun, you must consider all the above concerns.

Build Quality

You’d be wise to spend your money on reliable and durable tools. Anyhow, we can not compromise on the build quality of the product. You understand that the demanding tasks for lubrication may be in dusty and rugged job sites.

So poorly built equipment can serve for a long time. In some cases, misuse and rough handling of the tool can fall. If it is made incorrectly, the Air Grease Gun cannot withstand a fall and the possibility of damage.

Other Features

When buying the best Pneumatic Grease Gun, you can always look for something extra. The few manufacturer or suppliers offers various discounts and other options like coupons. Few tools come with a lot of accessories.

The extra accessories can help start the project without further buying and investing more money. Ultimately they intended to save your cash. It would help if you considered purchasing the best compressor grease gun.

Final Verdict 

If you have time, take the time to get the most suitable Air Grease Gun to meet your project requirements. The greasing and lubrication, which is crucial, need to be done regularly. It increases the life of the equipment and drastic improvement in productivity and performance. That is why the importance of Best Air Grease Gun is highly recommended.

Hopefully, you will get the winning Air Grease Gun to start lubrication jobs. There are several options in the market, but my favorite is the Lincoln Pneumatic Grease Gun. The Lincoln is a top-rated Air Grease Gun brand with thousands of happy userbases.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun is a pretty choice, but not everyone can afford it due to higher side costs. If money is not a concern for you, in that case, you can go for the Dewalt grease gun.

 Who knows, though? You might make a different choice than me! 

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