5 Best Water Free Dry Cleaning Solvent For Upholstery (2023)

Are you looking for the best water free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery in 2023? If yes, this guide will provide absolute help for the same.

Most of the furniture today is upholstered and prone to getting dirty and stained. If you have tried cleaning up such stains, you will know that the general cloth or water is insufficient to remove the stain efficiently. Removing stubborn stains from the water free cleaning solvent for furniture is quite tricky. One needs to take the help of some professional service who can perform this task efficiently.

In this guide, After my real and honest testing, I reviewed and shortlisted the 5 Best Water Free Dry Cleaning Solvent For Upholstery, along with my top 3 choices, so you can pick the best option.

If you are not in the mood to take the help of any professionals, you can rely on water-free dry cleaning solvents effectively. These are often supposed to be the best dry-cleaning solvents that effectively clean upholstery. Only a tiny amount of this solvent is usually enough to remove the stains effectively. 

This post will walk you through the best water free solvent upholstery cleaner so that you can enjoy ultra shield stain remover and the benefits of this powerful feature.

What is the best water free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery options?

The best water free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery out there on the market are the Blue Coral DC22 and Scotchgard Fabric. They are the best because they are Fabric compatible, easy to use, and recommended by experts.

After using and testing a ton of different dry cleaning solvents, here are my top picks for the best water free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery.

1. Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner

If you are looking forward to getting an ultra shield stain remover for cleaning up your upholstery perfectly, Blue Coral DC22 Upholstery Cleaner is the best option you can rely on.

This best water-free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery is quite effective on different stains such as tar, coffee, grease, lipstick, ink, and bloodstains. It is a perfect interior cleaner for your home that can effectively lift stains off the carpet, floor mats, and upholstery without any formula.

One of the most delicate solvent-based upholstery cleaners on the list helps you clean up even the tough stains from your furniture and car seats effectively. Unlike other upholstery cleaners, this option does come up with a fresh fragrance.

One doesn’t need to worry about any foul odors now, as this wonderful formula does come up with an aerosol formula that keeps the environment fresh. An easy-to-use brush cap is provided there, along with the mild water-free cleaning solvent, conveniently making use.

One can easily clean up the dust without any issues now. To ensure reliable results, the cleaner comes up in different sizes. One can easily pick up the option depending upon their needs and use it on the best upholstery without any failure.

  • The aerosol formula for odor-free access
  • Included brush cap for perfect cleaning
  • Quite easy to apply and remove
  • Does comes up with affordable pricing.
  • Clean up the tough stains with a great ease.
  • May require multiple applications for tough stains

2. Blue Coral 2-Pack Dri-Clean Upholstery Cleaner

It is another best sustainable upholstery cleaners featured with stain lift technology for effectively removing any dirt or stains from the fabrics and upholstery. Whether it is about grease or tar stains or you are willing to remove stains of coffee, lipstick, ink, and bloodstains, every stain can be removed effectively.

One of the most delicate upholstery cleaners from Blue Coral fulfills the standards of new stuff available in the market. It is an effective formula that is relatively easy to use and can effectively remove stubborn stains. Usage and application are pretty straightforward and can be quickly done with the help of an easy-to-use brush cap. This fantastic interior cleaner can remove stains from upholstery, carpets, floor mats, and car seats.

The best thing about the best car upholstery cleaner for stains is that it works effectively while retaining the original colors of the fabrics. One can now quickly get those new-look glows without any issues. 

One doesn’t need to worry about the foul odor that one usually faces in whale cleaning materials, as the smell of this cleaner is not harsh at all. The product features patented odor-elimination technology that ensures users have delightful fragrances while cleaning up different materials effectively.

  • Removes the stubborn stains effectively
  • Provides pleasant smell while cleaning
  • Retains the fabric colors effectively
  • Application is quite easy 
  • Can cause eye irritation sometimes while during application.

3. Scotchgard Fabric & water free stain remover

Coming up with a scotch guard protector option is another one of the best upholstery-safe dry cleaning solvents on the list that provides you with effective cleaning of stains from different fabrics and upholstery without any issues.

It is a perfect dry solvent cleaner option that cleans stains from your furniture without changing its looks. The best thing about this upholstery cleaner is that it doesn’t affect the original color of the upholstery and makes it look just as new. 

This best water-free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery comes with an easy application process that makes it easier to use even by non-professionals. You have to apply a little cleaner on the fabric you want and then leave it for a while. 

If you have kids or pets at home, this water-free dry cleaning solvent is an attractive option that will give you reliable and durable results without any failure. This upholstery cleaner has an especially developed eco-friendly formula that makes it safer for pets and kids.

The cleaner works perfectly well on surfaces such as plastic, foam, sofa, leather, fabric, and rubber and cleans up multiple stains within a few minutes. The best cleaner for the fabric couch adds a protective layer to the upholstery or the fabric that protects it from stains, spillage, dirt, and soil. 

  • Simple to use and apply
  • Features specially developed formula 
  • Eco-friendly option 
  • Retains the colors of the upholstery
  • Can be easily used on clothing as well
  • Works effectively great on different household items
  • Odor is unpleasant

4. ProtectME Premium is the best couch cleaner

ProtectME Premium is the best couch cleaner

If you are looking forward to an environment-friendly best water-free dry cleaning solvent for the upholstery option, ProtectME Premium Fabric Protector is great. This upholstery cleaner ensures users have multiple usages. This environment-friendly formula is a perfect waterproof cleaner than traditional and can be effectively used on fabric and non-fabric materials. 

One can easily apply it to different fabrics without worrying about the colors. This best car upholstery stain remover is derived from a unique formula that retains the colors of the fabric and creates an abrasion-resistant layer and UV-stable barrier on materials that lasts for about two to three years. It is an excellent dry cleaning solvent for those interested in saving time, money, and effort. 

It is a perfect stain-resistant formula that eliminates the different stains effectively from the upholstery and fabrics and prevents fungal and bacterial growth without any failure. Durability is another factor ProtectME Premium Fabric Protector is quite famous for. The best thing about this wonderful fabric protector is that it doesn’t require any ventilation. 

  • Durable usage
  • Environment-friendly formula
  • Repels liquid and contaminants effectively
  • Doesn’t require any ventilation for usage
  • Quick-drying after application
  • Doesn’t cause any bad odor
  • Not an all-purpose cleaner

5. Blue Coral DC22-6K ultra shield stain remover

It is one of the best forcefield dry cleaning fluids on the list that helps you effectively eliminate stubborn stains from upholstery and fabrics. One of the best professional upholstery cleaners on the list works well on various surfaces such as plastic, chrome, and painted. It removes the stains from their effects.

The upholstery cleaner comes up with a streak-free formula that effectively cleans up different materials, making it a multipurpose formula. If we talk about the strength of this best cleaning solution for upholstery, it is of top-notch quality, making it convenient.

The formula is quite eBay to use and removes the stains instantly. Adding more, this cleaner provides high protection against stains and helps keep your different fabrics new for a longer duration.

  • A streak-free formula for effective cleaning
  • Works effectively on different surfaces
  • Works well on different types of stains
  • Features odor eliminator neutralizes 
  • Great cleaning strength
  • Quite easy to use
  • Ensured high protection against stains
  • The nozzle doesn’t work properly sometimes

Buying Guide: Best water-free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery

Everyone wants clean furniture upholstery, but it is challenging to perform, especially when kids and pets are home. Clean furniture ensures users have a hygienic environment. One can quickly get a perfect dry upholstery cleaner solvent in different ways. If you are eager to know what exactly they are, check out the few we are mentioning to you below:

Check out the right upholstery cleaner

The majority of the furniture available in the market is upholstered today. But if we talk about the upholstered material, it may differ from furniture to furniture. As we know that every upholstery material has its requirements, so it becomes pretty important to choose the water-free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery that suits the material and can help you regain its former glory.

Check out the instructions.

It is always advised to go through the instructions and label properly before purchasing an upholstery cleaner. The same is reasonably necessary to ensure the safety of your furniture. 

Check out how to apply.

Application is something that the majority of users struggle with while applying the water-free dry cleaning solvent to the furniture. Selecting a cleaning method, such as a homemade dry cleaning solvent for upholstery, is always preferable. While purchasing the final product, don’t forget to double-check the ingredients involved and the hidden parts of the furniture to avoid any adverse effects.

Have a look at the applicator

The applicator is one of the other most important things to look out for while making the final selection of the best car upholstery stain remover. One can quickly get an easy-to-use applicator like spray to make access convenient.

Check out the shelf life.

While purchasing the best dry cleaning solvent, check out its shelf life. One should check out the shelf life that can provide long-lasting results.

Choose a reliable store.

Furniture is a long-term investment that should be carefully kept to ensure long-lasting results. For better results, getting the best car upholstery cleaner from a reliable and authentic shop is of utmost requirement. The original shops help you obtain cost-effective products and bigger and better options.

Check out the bottle size.

If furniture upholstery is prone to stains and becomes dirty quickly, people should get the water-free dry cleaning solvent from a giant bottle. It will not only be helpful for you to clean up your upholstery regularly but will serve to be quite affordable as well.


A suitable water-free dry cleaning solvent for upholstery 2021 is required to clean up the stains on furniture upholstery efficiently. These products help you clean up the mess efficiently and perfectly and are reliable. We have mentioned the five best water-free dry-cleaning solvents for upholstery in 2022. You can easily choose any of these to make quick fixes at affordable prices.

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