7 Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound [2024]

Are you looking forward to an aggressive growl for your vehicle? Are you planning to put exhaust tips over your vehicle’s tailpipe? If yes, we have shortlisted here the 7 best exhaust tips for deep Sound for you.

Mainly, a sounding exhaust tip on your vehicle helps to enhance the appearance of the vehicle’s exhaust outlet. It also pumps out by removing harmful gasses from your vehicle. However, typically, upgrading the factory exhaust system impacts the overall performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Which exhaust tip is the loudest? I spend thousands of hours on independent product research, testing, and analyzing to help you get the Best sound-amplifying exhaust tip. I compiled a list of the best available options based on the below critical factors.

Quick Comparison Table

In this guide, After my honest and real testing, I reviewed and shortlisted the 7 best sounding exhaust tips, along with my top 3 choices, so you can pick the best one for you.

Best Overall
GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip - Highly Polished with GMC Logo - Dual Wall - Angle Cut*
Good Choice
DC Sports Polished Stainless Universal Bolt On Exhaust Tip 2.25" Inlet / 3.75" Outlet /...*
Also Great
BORLA 20248 Universal Performance Exhaust Tip 2.25" Single Inlet / 4" Round Angle-Cut...*
Product Name
GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip – Highly Polished with GMC Logo – Dual Wall – Angle Cut*
DC Sports Polished Stainless Universal Bolt On Exhaust Tip 2.25″ Inlet / 3.75″ Outlet /…*
Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip 4″ Single Round Rolled-Edge Angle-Cut Lined Resonated Outlet
Best Overall
GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip - Highly Polished with GMC Logo - Dual Wall - Angle Cut*
Product Name
GM # 22799815 Exhaust Tip – Highly Polished with GMC Logo – Dual Wall – Angle Cut*
For More Information
Good Choice
DC Sports Polished Stainless Universal Bolt On Exhaust Tip 2.25" Inlet / 3.75" Outlet /...*
Product Name
DC Sports Polished Stainless Universal Bolt On Exhaust Tip 2.25″ Inlet / 3.75″ Outlet /…*
For More Information
Also Great
BORLA 20248 Universal Performance Exhaust Tip 2.25" Single Inlet / 4" Round Angle-Cut...*
Product Name
Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip 4″ Single Round Rolled-Edge Angle-Cut Lined Resonated Outlet
For More Information

Putting up an exhaust tip over the car’s tailpipe makes it easier to conveniently improve your car’s looks and sound output. Aggressive growl while reaching higher RPMs feels most race lovers crazy. 

Suppose you are willing to make your car stand out from the crowd. If you are willing to make the drivers behind you jealous, check out the seven best exhaust tips for the deep Sound we are about to provide you below.

What Is The Best Exhaust Tip For Deep Sound?

The best exhaust tips available in the market are Borla Exhaust Tips and AUTOSAVER88. They are the best because they produce high-quality deep sound, are easy to use, and are recommended by the mechanic or exhaust specialist.

Here are 7 popular cheap loud exhaust tips known for producing a deep sound:

01 Autosaver88 5 Inch Inlet Exhaust Tip

Black Exhaust Tip

If you are looking forward to an exhaust tip with a sleek design, the AUTOSAVER88 3 Inch Inlet Black Exhaust Tip is an option that will suit well to your requirements. It is one of the highly sleek, designed exhaust tip options that are pretty easy to install. If you are good at DIY tasks, you can easily install this exhaust tip by using bolts to the existing ones.

If we talk about the construction, this exhaust tip comes up in stainless steel construction, making it durable. I found that the exhaust tip comes up in the chrome finishing that helps you get a unique and attractive look to your vehicle.

There are several models in this series available in the market that provide identical performance but I think ‎AUTOSAVER88 is the best due to the added extra features. I can say that it is the most effective exhaust tip I tested particularly for deep sound options.

Pricing is one of the other most important factors why most people opt for it. It is one of the best exhaust tips for deep Sound available. The exhaust tip includes an angled cut and rolled edge that gives a stylish look to it. When I purchased and installed it, I felt a downside. The inlet diameter is not exactly 4″. Otherwise, The black-coated finish gives a decent look with rumble and crackle sounds.

Pros and cons of Autosaver88

.. ..What I Like
> Easy to do the bolt-on installation process.
> Quite an affordable option.
> Durable stainless steel construction.

.. ..What I Dislike
> Compatibility is a bit issue here.

02 DC Sports Exhaust Tip Review

Exhaust Slant Cut Tip

DC Sports EX-1012B is another great name in the seven best exhaust tips for deep Sound that effectively enhances your vehicle’s sound effects. The exhaust tip comes up in stainless steel construction and is being TIG welded by hand.

I want to clarify that a resonated exhaust tip gives the Exhaust a deeper and more risky sound. A flat black finish, in combination with a slanted shape, gives your car a sporty and aggressive look. If I talk about its size and weight, it is a 9-inch long exhaust tip weighing around 1.8 pounds.

I tested the DC Sports EX-1012B and recommend it if you don’t want to invest in expensive models. It has versatile loudest exhaust tips, easy-to-use which we found helpful. When I researched found some significant differences among the models of this series but they look similar. This differs from AUTOSAVER88 in weight and quality of construction.

I appreciate how it forgives your vehicle’s unique and exciting looks. The exhaust tip is finished with a flat black finish. I also like this exhaust tip that can effectively boost the intensity of the exhaust note. Your vehicle can produce aggrieved Sound at a more accessible end now.

Pros and cons of DC Sports

.. ..What I Like
> Noticeable rumble and rasp.
> Great value-for-money option.
> Comes up with installation hardware.

.. ..What I Dislike
> The looks are good, but the design is flawed.

03 GM 22799815 Exhaust Tip

Best sound-amplifying exhaust tip

I am adding the first name to the seven best diesel exhaust tips. I like it because its highly polished stainless steel exhaust tip perfectly complements your original exhaust system. I also noticed that It is a corrosion-resistant exhaust tip that will add more to the life of your exhaust system.

I also appreciate the best-sounding exhaust tips. Installation is relatively easy. I like that the exhaust tip is clamped to the existing tailpipe without any cut-down or change in the previous exhaust system.

One of the best things I noticed was an angled exhaust tip with the GMC logo, which makes it very impressive. The package does come up with installation hardware that reduces the requirement of professionals for installation.

I want to mention that it is a high-quality exhaust tip option that will hardly require a few minutes to configure. If I talk about its weight, it is a heavyweight and durable option that can effectively improve the overall looks of your vehicle. Due to such great features, I like these good exhaust tips and recommend them to others.

Pros and cons of GM 22799815

.. ..What I Like
> Easy and quick installation process.
> It comes up within resistant free stainless steel
> Comes up with installation hardware.

.. ..What I Dislike
> It doesn’t have any extra effect on the sound output.

04 Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip

borla exhaust tips sound

It is one of the finest aftermarket exhaust systems in high-quality construction. Borla exhaust tips sound is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel that ensures users have long-lasting results. The product is corrosion-resistant and will add more life to your exhaust system.

You don’t need to think about how high the revs are, and you can now easily enjoy the quieter and deeper Sound without hassle. I also appreciate Its universal design that suits the needs of vehicles, including a twin exhaust.

If I talk about performance, the product is designed to deliver the best and deepest Sound without any failure. The exhaust tip features a mirror shine finish and the embossed logo on its body. I like this pleasant-looking exhaust tip option that does not include any baffles for restricting the airflow. The exhaust tip works efficiently to subdue the Sound.

One can easily place the exhaust tip on either of the inbuilt Exhaust and if you are willing to improve the experience a bit more, you can add two exhaust tips to your car. The installation is complicated, as you must weld this unit to your exhaust system. The only bad memory I have of this sound-amplifying exhaust tip is that it Requires welding for installation. Otherwise, I found a remarkably fantastic option for loud exhaust tips.

Pros and cons of Borla 20248

.. ..What I Like
> Durable stainless steel construction.
> Single round rolled angle-cut designing.
> Superb finishing and looks.

.. ..What I Dislike
> Requires welding for installation.

05 Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip

Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip

If you are looking for an exhaust tip for your diesel truck, it is a perfect large-sized exhaust tip that will provide you with evident results. Powder Coated Bolt Diesel Exhaust Tip is a beast of an exhaust tip that gives your diesel truck a monster look conveniently.

The exhaust tip is designed to fit all the OD exhaust systems for about 4″ diameter. It is a powder-coated stainless steel constructed exhaust tip option to give it a matt black finish and durable results. 

If we talk about performance, this exhaust tip is always designed to be served best. Users can quickly notice the minimal sound difference even in the lower RPMs.

But as soon as you hit the higher levels of revs, that BOOM sound will blow you away. Heads will turn now, and people will get out on the road to experience that aggressive roar. A monster exhaust tip will give you the roaring deep sod at minimalist efforts. 

Pros and cons of Powder Coated

.. ..What I Like
> Perfect for diesel trucks.
> Provides aggressive tones on higher RPMs
> Easy-to-go installation process

.. ..What I Dislike
> The existing tailpipe needs to be cut down during the installation.

06 MBRP Angled Rolled End Exhaust Tip

MBRP Angled Rolled End Exhaust Tip

MBRP T5124BLK is one of the finest high-performance exhaust tips available in the marketplace that can be effortlessly used on any existing vehicle tailpipe. The exhaust tip includes an easy-to-go and straightforward installation process that can be quickly completed without requiring any professional.

I didn’t have to worry because the exhaust tip includes integrated clamps that don’t require welding. Just slide the exhaust tip onto the tailpipe and adjust the clamps over it; that’s it.

If you are looking forward to the right exhaust tip for deep sound diesel for your car, this unit will suit your needs perfectly. The exhaust tip comes up in a shiny black finish that gives a classy look to your car. Moreover, the presence of an embossed logo adds more beauty to the exhaust tip.

Furthermore, I found that the sound-amplifying exhaust tip is constructed with high-quality stainless steel that prevents rust and corrosion and helps users exaggerate long-lasting results. It is a lightweight exhaust tip famous for its sleek, ultra-stylish looks and angled design. 

Pros and cons of Powder Coated

.. ..What I Like
> Angled design
> Easy installation process
> Ensured durability with T304 stainless steel

.. ..What I Dislike
> Lightweight option.

07 Flowmaster Exhaust Tip Strt Roll

Flowmaster Exhaust Tip Strt Roll

If you are looking forward to a universal fit loud exhaust tips option, Flowmaster 15363 is an option you must try. I also found the various buying that It is a universal fit exhaust tip that perfectly fits all 3″ exhaust tubes. The exhaust tip features a built-in clamp that easily slides the tip over the tailpipe perfectly.

The Flowmaster 15363 comes in stainless steel and has an embossed logo, giving it an eye-catching look. Moreover, I didn’t encounter an Installation issue during the assembly process. It is the most stylish model I have tested.

I found installation is relatively easy and can be quickly done by adding a clamp-on. I didn’t have to be concerned because It is an angle-cut exhaust tip that ensures users have a more profound and richer Sound without any failure. The Exhaust includes a limited lifetime warranty, and high-quality stainless steel prevents the same from rusting.

I didn’t make the Flowmaster a pick because of its aggressive exhaust note. I think it may not be ideal for those looking for a quieter or more subtle exhaust tone. But it’s still a great choice.

Pros and cons of Powder Coated

.. ..What I Like
> Durable stainless steel construction
> Universal fit cheap loud exhaust tips
> Stylish and eye-catching looks

.. ..What I Dislike
> Lightweight option.

. How To Choose The Best Exhaust Tip: Buying Guide

The selection of the best exhaust tips depends upon a few key factors like engine size, performance, and price range. However, If I speak in general the loud exhaust tips normally have a larger diameter to produce deep sound.

cBest sound-amplifying exhaust tip

If you are willing to use an exhaust tip to amplify your car’s sound, here are some tips you need to remember. The market is full of a wide range of exhaust tips for deep Sound. But do they all provide reliable results?

Features That Matter

And that is why it is reasonably necessary for a person to figure out the different things to extract the best one. The tips we will provide you below will help you understand the exhaust tip and the things necessary for purchasing it.

Deeper Sound

The primary purpose of getting an exhaust tip is to enjoy the deep Sound. That grueling deep Sound fills the car lovers with enthusiasm. The resonated exhaust tips help eliminate the loud-pitched frequency and the same waves inside it.

Whenever we hit the vehicle to higher RPMs, the gases travel through the chamber, and tips throw sound waves out to the ground. These sound waves then reverse back to the environment, creating deep Sound. So, while making the exhaust tip’s final selection, ensure that it perfectly creates a deeper sound.

Exhaust Tip Types

There are different types of exhaust tips available in the market. So, before finalizing the decision, it becomes evident for the users to go through each in detail and then decide accordingly.

Single Wall

Single Wall exhaust tips come up with a single-layer coating of metal. These exhaust tips are designed to be quite thick to provide long-lasting results without failure. Single-wall exhaust tips are one of the cheapest exhaust tip options.

Dual Wall 

As the name describes it well, the Dual Wall exhaust tip comes up with a two-layer metal coating. These exhaust tips are usually constructed with stainless steel and are tough, durable, and heavy-duty.

Angle Cut

The exhaust tips with sharp angle-cut designs are usually the Angle Cut. These types of exhaust tips are pretty famous among muscle car owners. If you own a truck or diesel engine, you can give your vehicle an aggressive look by using an Angle cut exhaust tip.

Trackdown Exit

The Trackdown Exit exhaust tip is also known as the Dump POut tip and is quite efficient in maintaining a clean engine. These exhaust tips help users remove the shoots and fumes directly from the ground surface. 

Straight Cut

The straight-cut exhaust tips are usually simple tube-shaped tips with a straight cut. These exhaust tips are slightly larger and angled than the Angle Cut options and include bigger engine pipes.

Size of the exhaust tip

The other most important thing to consider while picking up the right exhaust tip for deep Sound is its size. A perfect exhaust tip includes an outlet with a diameter twice the diameter of the inlet. 

Includes Single or Dual Tip

The single exhaust tip does come up with a single largemouth, providing a more profound and compelling Sound. Whereas if we talk about the dual-pipe exhaust tip, these exhaust tips come up with two smaller outlet options. The noise-canceling potion in both of the exhaust tips is quite the same.

. How we picked

Types of exhaust tips:- The types of exhaust tips selection mainly depend on today’s market scenario. These types include Single Wall, Dual Wall, Straight-cut, and Angle Cut.

Reliability research:- I have checked reviews of thousands of product owners. I list down all feedback and observations. Based on that, I presented the most popular models that work faster than others in all factors.

Appearance: One of the main reasons for searching for the best exhaust tips for louder Sound is its sporty looks. It looks beautiful to make rinding full of joy. So while choosing the exhaust tip, you also consider the color and visibility of the manufacturer’s logo.

Deep Sound:- The primary motive for buying exhaust tip sound is to alternate the Sound of your car. A perfect resonated exhaust tip makes it easier for the users to get a deeper sound for diesel and petrol cars.

. What is the Difference Between a Muffler and an Exhaust Tip?

This table provides a general overview of the typical differences between the two components. Here’s a comparison table highlighting the key differences between a muffler and an exhaust tip:

AspectMufflerExhaust Tip
FunctionReduces noise and modifies exhaust gas flowEnhances the appearance of the vehicle’s exhaust system
Noise ReductionDesigned to minimize noise produced by the engineDoes not significantly affect the noise level
Exhaust Gas FlowHelps control and direct the flow of exhaust gasesHas no impact on the flow of exhaust gases
ConstructionMade of metal with internal chambers and bafflesPrimarily a decorative piece made of stainless steel or chrome
LocationPositioned in the exhaust system, closer to the enginePositioned at the end of the exhaust pipe
Performance ImpactMay slightly affect the engine’s performanceNo direct impact on the engine’s performance
Aftermarket OptionsVarious designs and styles available for customizationWide range of designs and finishes for customization

. Why use an exhaust tip?

The other main thing you need to look forward to while picking up a good exhaust tip is its usage. There are two main reasons why most people opt for an exhaust tip. It changes the car’s outlook from the backside and gives it a sharp look.

And it also helps users in getting powerful Sound without making much effort. The exhaust tip adds aggressive Sound to the car and works to improve its performance.

. Do exhaust tips change the sound?

The comparison video is for anyone wondering if exhaust tips changed sounds any.

Q: Is It True That Changing the Exhaust Tip Increases the Loudness of the Vehicle?

A: For real, though, I depend upon the performance of selected oud exhaust tips. The primary reason to install the exhaust tip for deep sound is to improve your vehicle’s sound quality and appearance.

Q: What Is the Best Exhaust Tip for My Car?

A: There are a lot of exhaust tips for deep sound available on the market. The selection of the Best sound-amplifying exhaust tip depends upon your car. For example, if you seek the loudest exhaust tips, you must choose accordingly. Keep in mind the model and color of your car while making the purchasing decision.

Q: Do exhaust tips increase horsepower?

A: No, The exhaust tip does not increase your vehicle’s horsepower. A good exhaust tip increases the vehicle’s appearance and is used to improve your ride’s sound quality.

Q: Can I clean my exhaust tip?

A: You can easily clean your exhaust tips at home by considering a few precautions. You can use old cloth and soapy water to clean loud exhaust tips. For more details, please check out the video tutorial here.

Q: Difference Between a Muffler and an Exhaust Tip?

A: The difference Between a Muffler and an Exhaust tip can be understood If I say that the Muffler is part of an exhaust system.

The Muffler is an American terminology named for the device that drops the sound level of an exhaust system. The simple term the Muffler is a noise reducer, and the Exhaust is used as the gas controller.

Expert Tips and Sources

. Conclusion

A perfect loud exhaust tip is a matter of pride and joy for car lovers. It helps them improve the Sound and performance of their car and makes their vehicle fuel-efficient. Putting up an exhaust tip is not just a decoration but something more. It adds a wow factor to the vehicle and makes the ride look and Sounds just incredible. 

The exhaust tip adds a deep roaring sound to your vehicle. Purchasing exhaust tip is the opportunity for you to get the head’s turn and get compliments from everyone. 

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