5 Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 Small Block Engine (2023)

Are you looking for Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350?

Finding The Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 is tricky, especially when you don’t know about the same. To get the best deal, one must do proper market research and solve all queries and confusion.

The intake manifolds are complex options that include many features and functions for running the Chevy engine perfectly. We are here with one of the best intake manifolds for Chevy 350 to help you make your engine run perfectly at the best temperature regulation.

Moreover, the options we will provide you below will help you attain better airflow to run the different operations efficiently and seamlessly. The products we mention below will provide you with better efficiency and high RPM value at a more accessible end.

Our Favorite 5 Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350

Here are my picks of Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 Small Block Engine this year.

Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350

1. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold

Adding up the first name in the best small block chevy intake manifolds, Edelbrock 2701 is a wonderful product that provides superior construction quality, high-end functionality, and a square carburetor.

Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold is one of the most sophisticated devices because of its rich features. One of the unique features of work’s well with plenty of low-end torque.

More importantly, The intake manifold comes with aluminum construction with a natural finish that provides high-end durability at a more accessible end. The device provides users with high-end efficiency, RPM range, and torque value. I can see it fitting. It is a dual-plane intake style famous for its unique design that significantly works during the enhanced exhaustion mechanism. 

I appreciate that the best thing about this wonderful product is its versatility. The intake manifold works great with Chevy 350 and Chevy 262-400 engines. Better firing order is provided there that provides 180 degrees of movement and makes it easier for the users to achieve the desired torque value and high-end RPM range at a more accessible end.

I was a fan of Edelbrock’s performance. Edelbrock 2701 is an option you must try on if you are looking forward to a high-powered intake manifold option. The intake manifold includes an idle RPM range of 5,500 and efficiently suits the needs of different vehicles.

The intake manifold is featured with a single carburetor without EGR. This product makes the engine smooth and provides a high flow rate. I even tested and found no issues during the operation.

However, I did have an issue during the Best Intake Manifold installation process for Chevy 350. I feel the downside of this product is that it does not suit well for the Vortec heads.

  • Affordable price range
  • Ensured high-end torque value
  • Improved airflow 
  • Single bore carburetor
  • High-end RPM range
  • Does not suit well for the Vortec heads

2. Edelbrock 2116 Vortec Intake Manifold

Suppose you are searching for a Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 engine that can ensure perfect temperature distribution. In that case, Edelbrock 2116 Performer Vortec Aluminium Intake Manifold is a beautiful option you can trust upon.

I was more than pleased with the perfectly organized design of the aluminum. One can easily enjoy high-end durability without considering any physical damage. I didn’t have much trouble setting it because it is simple and well-instructed.

I was also happy with this product. Dual plane design, durability, and efficiency are significant features for which this option is well known. This dual-plane design runs efficiently with Chevy 350 engines. The product provides even power and a decent range of RPM and torque. 

I found myself intrigued with the intake manifold helps regulate the temperature evenly and makes it easier for the users to access high-end performance at a more accessible end. It’s equipped with a performance-oriented design with square bore carburetors and flanges.

I did notice one slight problem with Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350. When I purchased a new product, it didn’t include any heat chokes. It caused some slight problems for the user during the time of installation.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Great torque and RPM value
  • High-end efficiency
  • Featured with dual-plane design
  • Controls and regulates temperature evenly
  • High-end versatility and compatibility
  • Doesn’t include any heat chokes

3. Edelbrock 7531 Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350

Edelbrock 7531 Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold

I liked the other options, an excellent intake manifold option by Edelbrock that provides users with exceptional performance. I was more than pleased with the improved power and enhanced charge value. Edelbrock 7531 is a wonderful option to choose.

Honestly, I had no difficulties with this dual-plane intake manifold that works excellently with single-bore carburetors. One can now easily enjoy high-end firing orders without making much effort.

This product is compatible with Chevy 350 engines from 1995-1986. The intake manifold goes excellent with the open-air space designs. It is always advisable for users to check out the OEM unit before making the final investment.

The air separator design helps users keep the runner from heating the valley and regulates the temperature perfectly while ensuring less heat dissipation. The RPM value of this beautiful intake manifold is almost five times higher than that of the average air-gap design. Lastly, I found myself pleased with talking about the construction. It is pretty durable with aluminum. 

Some buyers did mention a few shipping and delivery-related issues. But when I ordered it found all delivery without and complain. Finally, the best I like most is that it does not include any provision for exhaust-heated chokes.

  • Durable construction
  • High-end RPM value
  • Greater torque and effective performance
  • Standard oil fill and PCV
  • Goes only with the single bore carburetors

4. Dart Intake Manifold for Big Block Chevy

Dart 41616010 Intake Manifold for Big Block Chevy

This next option is another wonderful option in the list featured with charge assistance and high-end efficiency. The product is designed to provide a high-end intake mechanism and higher horsepower to easily enjoy end performance at a more accessible end.

I was more than pleased with it as It is one of the best options available to provide quick temperature regulation. The product comes up with 4 barrel carburetor design along with an optimum RPM range of about 6000 value.

I was also intrigued by The intake manifold, ideally facilitating the high horsepower that perfectly distributes the quick and less heat dissipation. Elongated runners also add up to high-end power efficiency and ensure users have better airflow.

I liked this option’s easy installation process of this Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350. I found that the Dart 41616010 features an air-gap design that improves its efficiency to a greater extent. The other best thing about this best intake manifold for Vortec heads is the presence of wet flow technology that makes it a perfect option for racing cars.

The only issue worth noting was its gasket, which was troubling to the users during the installation process. Thankfully, I didn’t face any completed the complete installation process without any problems.

  • Highly efficient air gap design
  • Perfect temperature regulation 
  • Outstanding performance
  • High-end RPM value
  • Elongated runners
  • Amazing construction quality
  • Lacks gasket

5. Weiand 8121 Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 Small Block Engine

Our final option is, Suppose you are willing to invest in a heavy-duty vehicle. In that case, Weiand 8121 Street Warrior Intake is the best intake manifold for 5.3 Vortec that will provide you with high-end horsepower for high-end performance.

More importantly, The intake manifold comes up with a high-end RPM value of 5500 and an increased torque value that distributes the air evenly through the engine and improves the vehicle’s overall functionality.

I haven’t had any complaints regarding the quality and performance of this product. This intake manifold includes a straightforward and quick-go installation process that doesn’t require any experience to go along with. The constitution is made with aluminum alloy, making it a durable option.

I was also happy with this Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350. Because It is one of the most acceptable options on the list, with superior construction quality, high-end durability, and perfect temperature regulation. Honestly, I tried to find it. It is a decent low-rise model that can be easily handled without effort. 

The only issue worth noting is that it does not include any heat choke. I didn’t have to concern myself due to it. I was also intrigued by this product’s Natural outlook with a decent low-rise mode.

  • Durable construction
  • Even air distribution
  • Perfect for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Easy to go installation process
  • Perfect temperature regulation
  • Great OEM replacement
  • Does not include any heat choke

Buying Guide

Are you currently looking for the best intake manifold for Chevy 350? Are you getting no idea how to pick up the best option there?

If yes, we have a detailed and perfect buying guide, including detailed tips. For running the Chevy engine efficiently, the users must have a Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 that provides them greater efficiency and perfect airflow.

A good intake manifold not only helps you in improvising the air distribution but is an assurance for better airflow as well.

What is the best intake manifold for a Chevy 350?

The market is full of a wide range of options, where each model includes different working requirements. So it is a bit difficult to find the Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350. The main difference that differentiates all options is their functions and the nature of the application.

Here are some fundamental elements to help you find the best sbc intake manifold. 

Is it a Single Plane Design or Dual Plane Design?

The first thing one must consider while picking the best manifold for Chevy 350 is its design. Most of the intake manifolds available in the market come up as single and dual-plane options.

Before proceeding further with the selection part, the users must distinguish between the two to extract the best option without any issues.

The main thing that differentiates the Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 is the number of their plenums. Where the single plane option features one opening, the double plane design does come up with more than one opening.

One needs to consider the nature of the engine application before finalizing their decision. The dual intake design should serve a more excellent RPM range and better response. So, while making the final decision, thoroughly review the different details and finalize your decision.

How is the compatibility?

Compatibility is the second thing one needs to consider while picking up the best intake manifold for Chevy 350. It is crucial to pick up an option that perfectly fits your device. It will improve the engine’s efficiency and be a fantastic option in its overall working.

It is always suggested to get an outline of all the different parts of the engine and then compare the different devices while making the final decision. While picking up the final decision, one should look at the different features of the Intake Manifold, such as carburetor size, inlet openings, runner length, volume, etc.

Kind of Bore

Kind of bore is another wonderful thing that one can’t afford to miss out on while picking up the best sbc dual plane intake manifold. The intake manifold does come up in two options: square bore carburetor or spread bore.

The main difference between the two is that the square bore includes four equal-sized bores, whereas the other option features different sizes. Both of the options available perform different tasks. The users must consider the application’s basic engine requirements and nature while researching thoroughly.

What is the RPM Value?

It is reasonably necessary to consider the primary determinant of the overall efficiency of the Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350. A better RPM value signifies better power efficiency, perfect air distribution, less heat dissipation, perfect temperature regulation, etc.

For high-end Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 performance, the users always advised opting for the ideal range of 5500 to 6500 RPM value.

Is it cost-effective?

Finding a high-quality product at introductory pricing is a challenging task to perform. Proper market research would be enough for you to find the best options in the league.

If you are looking for a product with all of the basic features and quality designs, get an affordable price range, better functionality, and high-end efficiency.


So, Guys! These are some of the best intake manifolds for Chevy 350 available in the marketplace. A quality intake manifold helps users in getting up perfect efficiency. It is an assurance to have a smooth-running engine for a longer run.

The presence of a perfect intake manifold helps users regulate the engine’s temperature and is quite helpful in maintaining smooth airflow and less heat dissipation. The different kinds of intake manifolds are owed to provide different functions.

So, the users need to go through each driver’s basic requirements while making the final selection. We know that finding the best intake manifold option from such a massive range of options is tricky, and that’s why we have landed here with the best options for you. We have researched and tested different options before finalizing the list.

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