Top 10 Best Underground Wire Locator 2024 (DIY Cable Pipe Tracer)

Choosing the right DIY underground wire locator is crucially important to your business. From accurately locating the path of the underground wires to measuring the accurate depth, the Best Underground Wire Locator can help you meet your goals.

I have selected the best underground utility locator considering some key factors like types of cables or wires, ease of use, ability to withstand harsh conditions, and price. So that you make your decision more informed.

This post will walk you through the best underground utility locator equipment with detailed specifications, including the pros and cons of each shortlisted product. It will help to make a more informed buying decision.

But before we begin, let’s first understand why and where you should use DIY underground wire locator.

What are the Best Underground Wire Locators for every Budget?

The Best Underground Wire Locators out there on the market are the KOLSOL F02 and Ridgid Underground Utility Locator. They are the best because they are easy to use and transport, work efficiently, and have a decent price tag that anyone can afford.

After using and testing a ton of different Underground Wires, here are my top picks for the Best DIY underground wire locator

1. Tempo Model 501 DIY underground wire locator [Best Overall]

Tempo Model 501 Wire Finder Locator

If you are searching for a powerful wire locator option in the marketplace, Tempo locator 501 Tracker II is a beautiful option you must try your hands on. It is one of the fastest wire locators that efficiently locate underground wires and their depths. One can now easily make the right strategies and learn about the perfect wires functioning without any issues.

The best thing about the Tempo Communications 501 Tracker II is that it can detect wires on both active and dead systems well. It is a lightweight best underground wire locator that can quickly move to remote locations and help detect metal.

This lightweight receiver is quite comfortable and easy to use and transport. A sturdy case is provided there to ensure the safe storage of the product. Moreover, this storage case also makes it easier for the users to conveniently keep the different components and accessories safe and together.

One can now quickly determine the accurate depth of the wires conveniently. As we know, the wires are being buried underground at different depths. This pipe cable locator perfectly locates the cables along with their depth. The tool features an inbuilt mechanism that makes it easier for the users to determine the extent of the cables buried. 

Another best thing about Tempo Communications 501 Tracker II is that it includes audio and visual indications for the signal’s strength. The operator can quickly get the essential measurements by checking out these signals. The underground wire tracer works efficiently with a transmitter frequency of 447.5kHz. A tempo locator is a powerful wire locator that suits well for tracking wires at home or in commercial space.


  • Features audio and visual signal indications.
  • Includes three methods of connection.
  • Provides an absolute range of about 4000 feet and 7 feet depth.


  • Does not provide accurate reading at a full-depth range.

2. Kolsol F02 -The Best Budget Underground Wire Locator

best underground utility locating equipment

If you are looking forward to a budget underground wire locator option, KOLSOL F02 underground cable locator is a wonderful option you must try your hands on. It is one of the most acceptable underground wire locator options to help you track and locate hidden wires. The best thing about this wonderful tool is its versatility. It can efficiently find wires of different types and different flows.

The underground wire locator can effectively trace up to 3 feet deep ground and 1000 feet per length. It is a wired detector that suits the needs of small projects efficiently. One can easily use this tool for locating wires with less than 24V. The best thing about this beautiful tool is that it can easily search the dead wires without any issues, but you can’t use it on live wires of more than 24V.

The tool comes with a lightweight and compact design that is quite convenient to use and maintain. One has to follow up on the instructions to get started with it. This tool will efficiently ease everything if you work on a project where you have to discover different buried wires.

This underground wire locator is relatively compact and lightweight and can be easily used and carried to the job site whenever and wherever required. Storing a handy little kit bag is a pro idea that can easily store units, cables, and accessories safely.


  • Easy to use and transport.
  • Works efficiently on different wires.
  • A compact and lightweight option.
  • Suits well to the needs of small projects.
  • Wire detector suits the needs of dead wires.
  • Cable wire tracker pricing is quite affordable.
  • Range of 3 feet depth and 1000 feet long.


  • This wire tracker tester does not work well on live wires.

3. Ridgid DIY underground wire locator

RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack Scout Locator

I am always attracted to the most advanced technology Products. It is one of the finest line tracer and underground wire locator options that come up with a large LCD screen that helps users graphically know the signals. Apart from its large LCD screen, I also felt that you could quickly detect the underground wires by using different parameters. It is the best confidential wire locator option for various commercial applications.

Three antennas are provided at 120 degrees to offset each other and cover a wider area. I also found that additional antennas are being installed to pick up the signals at different orientations. I am glad that This best underground wire locator has a continual depth feature that allows users to excavate through different depths efficiently. 

I am sure that one can quickly learn about the different data types, such as target lines, guidance arrows, signal strength, and proximity signals, here through graphic representation. I have seen how this beautiful utility line locator tool’s accuracy and efficiency are featured with Omni seek technology. I like this because you can now easily search for the underground wires in passive mode without hassle.

I see innovation and technology, so it is a wonderful option if you are looking for an option that can effectively trace any pipe ranging from 10Hz to 35,000 kHz. It is a highly effective device that can quickly locate underground utility lines. However, Ridgid Underground Utility Locator Pricing is a bit higher. Still, this wire finder is a good choice that can effectively trace any pipe ranging from 10Hz to 35,000 kHz. In my experience with this underground wire, the tracker performs efficiently and is an attractive option.


  • The omnidirectional antenna system.
  • Pre-programmed and customizable frequencies.
  • Multi-dimensional audio cues.
  • Includes mapping display with target lines.
  • Featured with a Larger screen option.


  • This tool ridgid Pricing is a bit higher.

4. Armada best underground utility locator equipment

Armada Underground Wire and Cable Locator

Adding another name to the list, Armada’s best underground wire locator is a wonderful option that provides absolute results at affordable pricing. It is a durable and compact tool option that conveniently ensures users have clear signals.

The tool is lightweight, making its use and transport quite convenient. A hard case is provided there to keep the unit safe while moving. It doesn’t matter where you are working. Inbuilt speakers with adjustable volume controls make it easier to adjust the volume until you can easily detect the signals. 

The underground power cable detector comes up with an inbuilt transmitter that makes it relatively easy to analyze the movements and hence helps locate wires. Adding more to it, a built-in speaker and a volume control option for easy sound adjustment are also there. One can now quickly get clear signals of the accessible location of the underground wires without any issues.

This best underground utility locating equipment does come up with detachable antennas for convenient usage. One can now easily maintain and replace the different components of the underground wire locator whenever required. The absence of a digital LCD screen is one of the most annoying factors that drag this fantastic underground wire locator behind. One can rely on the audio signals to stay updated with readings.


  • Featured with detachable antenna
  • Easy maintenance and component replacement
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Durable hardshell covering for transmitter
  • Featured with built-in speakers


  • Does not include an LCD screen for easy reading.

5. Mastech dIY underground wire locator

Mastech Tracker Network cable tester

If you are searching for an underground wire locator option to ensure quality functionality, Mastech Wire Tracker is a wonderful option you could rely on. One of the most affordable underground wire locators available in the marketplace works well on AC and DC voltages.

The tool works efficiently between 12 to 400V AC/DC volts on a linear basis. The underground wire locator features a small transmitter screen that provides complete data information without failure. The operator can easily preset transmitting power, the status of AC/DC in mains voltage, transmitted codes, and warning symbols for the mains voltage without any issues.

I found that an in-built battery is convenient for convenient usage. One can now easily use the tool in remote locations without any access. The prescience of the LCD screen makes it easier for the operators to run telephone wire testers efficiently in the working field.

Mastech Wire Tracker Test Cable wire locator features adjustable sensitivity on the receiver to enable accurate signal detection. The best thing here is that one can easily make the preferable adjustments manually and automatically.

Mastech Wire Tracker ensures smooth and silent operations for both the transmitter and receiver. It is a practical field device that can be an excellent value-for-money option for those who prefer to detect signals.


  • Great value for money option.
  • LCD for convenient and easy access.
  • Inbuilt battery for easy remote access.
  • Works easily on AC and DC voltage.
  • Ensures users have manual and automatic sensitivity adjustments.


  • Does not include any kind of durable shell for protection

6. Extech Best Underground Cable Locator Equipment

Extech Best Underground Cable Locator Equipment

Being featured with many advanced features, it is a high-quality tracing kit that is evident in efficiently finding out the different electrical issues. Extech circuit breaker finder is a compact, handy, and lightweight underground wire locator that quickly detects the wires and helps locate the circuits, installation defects, and other malfunctions around your house and other sites without any other issues.

Suppose you are a professional and looking forward to a handy option that is powerful and highly efficient. In that case, the Extech cb10 circuit troubleshooting Kit is a wonderful option to go along with.

Extech cb10 is a wire and circuit tester with a unique snap-on design. Usage, maintenance, and carrying are all relatively easy to do. The best thing about this beautiful underground wire locator is that one can easily store and carry the transmitter and receiver without any issues. 

The tracer is designed to be exceptionally ergonomic and straightforward. The tool comes with an integrated LED light and audible alarm that makes it easier to check the readings without making much effort. Additionally, sensitivity adjustment buttons are provided to set up the signals and detect wires in different situations. 


  • High-quality tracking kit
  • Detects different electrical issues efficiently
  • A handy option for professionals
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Audio and visual signals
  • Easy sensitivity adjustments
  • AC voltage detector with a flashlight


  • Sensitivity needs to be improved.

6. RJ11 RJ45 best underground wire traceable Tracer 

RJ11 RJ45 Cable Toner Line Finder

Wire Tracker, RJ11 RJ45 Cable Toner Line Finder Multifunction Wire Tracer is a wonderful option for all looking forward to a portable underground wire locator at affordable pricing. It is a multifunctional wire tracer option that can efficiently trace different wires. If we talk about design, it is sleek and features an easy-to-grip handle that makes access relatively easier. 

One can easily see the sequence and signals through LED indicators. The underground wire locator features two ethernet ports and a headphone jack for hearing the signals efficiently. The best thing about this underground wire locator is that it includes buttons and dials in front for easy access.

The tool is designed to be quite long-lasting, functional, and reliable. Two 9V batteries are being provided there for easy access at remote locations. Access, maintenance, and carriage are pretty easy to do. It is more of a DIY tool that suits the needs of a professional mechanic. 


  • Elegant Designing.
  • Easy-to-grip handle for easy access
  • LED indicator for easy readouts
  • Convenient usage
  • Durable construction
  • This best underground wire locator is affordable pricing


  • Not so accurate.

8. Klein diy underground wire locator

Klein Tone Probe Cable Tracer

It is another high-grade best underground wire locator that efficiently helps find and test wires at different sites. Coming up in durable construction, the Klein network cable tester kit saves time, effort, and money in searching for buried wires.

The tool is constructed with solid plastic housing and durable ABN clips that provide perfect gripping and don’t cause any pinching and damage to wires while searching. The product is designed to be easy to access and saves time. The best thing about this wonderful toner probe tool is that it features audible alerts. The underground wire locator includes five condenses that make it easier for the users to check signs that one gets on different types of wires.

It can detect different types of wires for about 1,000 feet. The device is accurate, compact, lightweight, and easily carried and stored in your pocket without any issues. If we talk about the pricing, it is a mid-range option that goes well with the budget of the majority of the people.


  • High-grade tool for testing wires.
  • Durable and strong construction.
  • Simple and convenient usage of wire tracer.
  • Provides audible alerts.
  • Can effectively detect wires 1,000 feet.
  • Highly accurate option with Affordable pricing.


  • Does not include any headphone jack

9. Fluke Networks Tone Generator 

Fluke Networks Tone Generator 

The fluke tone generator is another versatile and excellent underground wire locator option. It is in the best underground wire locators list that provides a complete user experience at a more accessible end. Being designed by a top-of-the-line manufacturer, it is a premium wire tracer option intended to be ultra-sleek, compact, and lightweight for convenient usage. It is powerful and helps users detect wires on inactive networks without effort.

The best thing about this excellent underground wire locator is that it is set up with five tones, so one can quickly identify wires and cables in different ways around your house or workshop. The tool comes up with an utterly replaceable tip for convenient usage.

The underground wire locator features an ergonomic handle that perfectly grips the users. The presence of loud and clear speakers adds more to this wonderful tool. One can stay connected to the different alerts without any hassle now.


  • Lightweight and convenient usage.
  • Perfect for testing wires on inactive networks.
  • Fluke probe 3000 Featured five tones.
  • Replaceable tip for convenient access.
  • Ergonomic handle with perfect gripping.
  • Fluke tone tracer Loud and clear speakers.
  • Premium cable tracer tone generator with an ultra-sleek and compact design.


  • Fluke wire toner doesn’t include any additional batteries.

10. PTE Electrical wire Tracer Tone Generator 

PTE Electrical wire Tracer Tone Generator

PTE Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester is a multifunctional underground wire locator with a straightforward and elegant design. If you are looking forward to a sleek, compact, and lightweight underground wire locator option that suits well your low budget, the PTE Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester is a wonderful option.

The device is entirely accurate and simple to set up and use. The best thing about this wonderful tool is that it can detect wires through ceilings, walls, and floors without any issues.

The signals provided by this tool are pretty strong. The tool provides quick access and works efficiently at a depth of about 10 feet. The design is quite simple and easy to access. The device features a variable sensitivity dial that can efficiently detect different wires without any issues. The tool is entirely accurate and can be easily carried in your pocket. 

The looks are really great and highly functional. It is a cheap wire tracer that suits the needs of the everyday homeowner. The tool serves well the needs of small projects.


  • Simple and convenient usage.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Tone tracer kit with absolute accuracy.
  • Cheap wire tracer option.
  • Precise and handy operations.
  • Electrical wire toner tracer perfect for small projects.


  • Doesn’t suit the need of professionals

Buying Guide -best underground wire locator

What is the best underground cable locator? Finding the perfect best underground utility locating equipment is not an easy job to perform. The main thing that blocks one’s way while researching is the unavailability of essential tips.

These devices are usually more potent than the available wire tracers. The tools include a transmitter that sends a more excellent electric signal and receives more advanced without failure. The guide will also give my insights to you with absolute help in extracting one of the best underground utility locating equipment.

A wire locator is designed to ease up the task of excavation. These tools help find the different transmission objects successfully and reduce the overall cost to a greater extent. One can easily find an affordable underground wire locator in the market.

My search for the best underground electrical wire locator helps you save time, money, and effort. It is also a great way to conveniently, accurately, and quickly locate the invisible wires’ path, measurement, and depth. 

But before achieving that goal, one must educate oneself on some points. Just check out the mentioned below to know about the same.

Detection mode

The first thing one must consider about the underground wire locator is detection mode. People use different locating methods for locating energized and unenergized cables. It is preferable to have a single wire locator device that efficiently supports all locating modes.

The direct connection is preferably used for accessing the wires but for locating the live cables such as power lines and radio network lines. It is always preferred to have the passive mode of the wire locator.

What is the frequency?

The frequency of the underground wire locator can locate the buried wires efficiently. Where 1kHz is a low-frequency option, 33kHz is the high-frequency definition. The low-frequency option is quite efficient for finding long-distance transmission objects. The main issue with the low-frequency option is that it is pretty weak and can efficiently pass through a lousy conductor.

The high frequency is quite effective and can break through corroded conductors. But simultaneously, it travels less and can bleed off quite easily. The higher the frequency level, the more the chances of bleeding off. 

While making the final selection, ensure that your underground wire locator provides more frequency variation to perform the different tasks thoroughly. 

If you are thinking about which frequency to choose? Be relaxed as we have the solution for the same also. The frequency of the underground wire locator for a successful locator depends upon the conductor you are using.

Moreover, the corrosion, ground, and broken line also had a more significant impact on the overall frequency of the underground wire locator. It is always advisable for the users to get started with the lowest frequency range, leading to higher ones.

Depth measurements

Every underground wire locator available in the marketplace has different depth measurement options. The capability of the underground wire locator is usually measured as the depth of the wire depends upon the frequency it utilizes. For getting a reliable depth measurement, one should opt for Sonde frequency.

How is the screen?

Furthermore, the professional use of underground locator screens is one of the significant attributes to consider. You should opt for an option where you can easily watch the moving graphics and sound to find out where the cable is. Moreover, the screen you will choose should run different orders throughout.

How is the stick involved?

A sticky receiver is a more significant help in to process the long locating excavation tasks. It prevents the back pain that may happen while bending upon performing different functions along the mentioned path.

How underground wire locators work

DIY underground wire locators are devices that are used to detect and locate buried wires, cables, and pipes. The underground wire locator uses different technologies to detect signals that are emitted by the buried wires or cables, and then display their location to the user.

Here’s how underground wire locators work:

Electromagnetic detection: In this, The locator then detects the magnetic field that is generated by this current and displays the location of the wire or cable on a screen.

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR): The radar emits a pulse of energy that travels through the ground and reflects back when it encounters an object or boundary, such as a buried wire or cable. The radar then detects these reflections and creates an image that shows the location of the wire or cable.

Radio detection: This technology uses a transmitter and receiver to detect the electromagnetic signals that are emitted by a wire or cable

How do you use an underground wire locator?

An underground wire locator is an attractive option that helps people do the excavation tasks precisely. The number and range of underground utilities have rapidly increased in the last few years. That further has raised the chances that the site you will excavate may bury a wide range of electric transmission objects. 

It is pretty hard to hit the buried wire without causing any damage to it. Today, I will focus on finding the ten best underground utility locating equipment by reviewing the features of each and the value offering. So, how to do that? I will also discuss the most asked questions in this scenario.

Today underground locators are used to find a wide range of buried resources. The location includes underground utility lines, telecommunications cables, and many more. Today’s underground cable locators are very advanced and rely on foolproof technologies.

The underground wire locator generally consists of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver system. That helps to determine the target location precisely.

There are two methods we can divide further for barred underground wire and pipe location to be traced.

Active Locating 

Active locating is the first method commonly used to trace the target location. In this method, The electromagnetic field is created by a specific frequency transmitted by this tool.

Locating passively

The second technique has no feed for transmitting frequencies because it receives the current already circulating in an underground wire.


Q. #1 What is the best underground wire locator?

RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack, Tempo 501,  Kolsol F02, and Armada are some best underground wire locators to buy. If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use DIY underground wire locator, they are the best options

How to locate and track an underground wire or cable with a cable locator tracker

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Searching for the top-rated best underground wire locator 2021 is quite a challenging task to perform. An underground wire locator can quickly figure out the situation we are facing.

Rather than just picking up a gigantic locator for pet fence wire tracking, one should work on finding one with full features. We have enlisted here the ten best underground wire locators.

Hopefully, it will help you in making your final decision. The products we have enlisted above suit well the needs of both entry-level and higher performers.

Before heading further, make sure to check out your needs first. One should have a comprehensive understanding of buying such expensive tools. Hopefully, this article will help you make the deal easier. 

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