7 Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels 2022 (Top 7 Picks)

Are you looking forward to perfect help keeping your garden hose tidy and organized?

This guide will provide you with the best retractable garden hose reels. Retractable garden hose reels are the perfect way to keep garden hose tidy and managed.

As there are tons of retractable Garden Hose Reels available in the market. I hand-picked and tested all selected Garden Hose Reels to find the best option. After several hours of testing and analysis based on price, performance, and actual reviews, I listed the 7 Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels here.

In choosing the best options, keep in mind below key factors. By considering them, you can choose your winning products.

  • Material: Many retractable Garden Hose Reels are available in the marketplace and are made of vinyl or other synthetic materials. A lot of others are those that are manufactured with recycled rubber. The quality of the product depends upon the used material.
  • Length: The other crucial factor that affects the buying decision is the length of the Retractable Garden Hose Reel. You have to keep in mind the length before purchasing. The shorter length needs a lot of adjustments, and an extra-long hose creates issues.
  • Winding system: There are two types of winding systems available in the market. These are manual and auto winding systems. I recommend using an auto winding system to save time and money.

These are portable and compact options and can be effectively stored in a smaller space of your home. The best thing about the best retractable garden hose reels is that these can be easily installed in different places such as under the deck, ceiling, or wall. 

Comparison of Our Top 3 Favorites

Best Choice
GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 115-Feet With Convenient Hose Guide*
Good Choice
RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel, 65 Feet, Brown*
Also Consider
PinWheel Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount, Slow Return 5/8 Inch × 100 + 6 FT Retractable Water...*
Key Feactures
115 feet long hose, Retraction is fast and stable, 2 years Warranty
Easy to install and easy retraction, 65 feet long hose with 5/8-inches diameter
100 feet long hose, Can be locked at any length, Easy to disassemble and carry
Retractable Length
65 ft. 5/8 Inch
5/8 Inch × 100 + 6 FT
Best Choice
GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 115-Feet With Convenient Hose Guide*
Key Feactures
115 feet long hose, Retraction is fast and stable, 2 years Warranty
Retractable Length
Check on Amazon
Good Choice
RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel, 65 Feet, Brown*
Key Feactures
Easy to install and easy retraction, 65 feet long hose with 5/8-inches diameter
Retractable Length
65 ft. 5/8 Inch
Check on Amazon
Also Consider
PinWheel Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount, Slow Return 5/8 Inch × 100 + 6 FT Retractable Water...*
Key Feactures
100 feet long hose, Can be locked at any length, Easy to disassemble and carry
Retractable Length
5/8 Inch × 100 + 6 FT
Check on Amazon

Quick Comparison: I have ranked and reviewed the seven best retractable garden hose reels and our top 3 picks. It will help you make more informed purchasing decisions to meet your goals.

The retractable garden hose reels often come up in an easy-to-use interface that makes access relatively easier. Users can easily pull out the hose for a certain length and turn it off for compact storage.

You need the best retractable garden hose reels.
Here’s the secret: You must pick retractable garden hose reels that give you compact options. Higher-diameter hoses can get a high-pressure output with a required length reaching every corner.

A little knob is often provided on the outlet nozzle to stop the water flow. We will provide you with one of the best retractable garden hose reels. 

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels Reviews

1. Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

I like Giraffe retractable garden hose reel because it is one of the most advanced Super Heavy Duty systems. When I purchased this system, it was a compact and affordable product. I no longer have to face any issues assembling it on the wall.

More importantly, It is the best standard ⅝ inch hose in this segment. It comes up with up to 130ft hybrid hose. This length is the perfect choice for any operation. Giraffe Tool’s weight is 30.1 lbs.

Its effectiveness comes from an Exclusive patented slow rewind system. I like the angle of the swivel in a 180-degree. That is pretty sufficient. The automatic hose guide feature is pretty impressive for maximum reach.

I was pleased with the Solid 180-degree rotation to ensure maximum coverage. I also like the two years of warranty provided by the manufacturer.


  • Hose length capacity: 124 + 6 ft overall feet
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 10.2 x 17.6 inches
  • Wall mountable: Can be Mounted

The only problem I ran into with the best retractable garden hose reels is that the hose length is unsuitable if you have a bigger garden size. If I compare the other available options, a marketplace I feel that the build quality is not up to mark.

  • Suitable for small compounds
  • 2 years of the warranty period
  • Quick-release mounting system
  • Slow retraction system
  • Hose length not suitable for bigger gardens
  • Build quality is not good enough

2. GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel

Coming up with 115 feet hose reel, GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel is one of the leading names on the list. Retraction is relatively easy to go and can be quickly done with the help of a little extra pull. A slight pull is usually enough to release the lock and retract the hose without causing cracking or bending.

The Best Retractable Garden Hose Reels does come up with an integrated steel spring that provides extra power to the retraction. This high-quality hose reel does come up with a ready-to-use required length. 

I also found that dedicated hose guides are integrated into this garden hose reel to prevent tangling or twisting. The hose reel does come up with a perfect bracket that can be easily integrated with the wall corner or on the wall.


  • Dimensions:20 x 11 x 20 inches
  • Hose length capacity: 82-Feet With Convenient Hose Guide
  • Warranty: 1 year of the warranty period.

In addition, extra accessories like nozzles, sprayers, and wash brushes are also provided to make access easier. The best thing I like most is that it Does not cause any bending and cracking while retracting. And Also, It Can be easily retracted with the help of an extra pull, Including the most extended hose reel.

The only problem I found is that for smaller compounds, it Does not suit well. Otherwise, it is a fantastic option at affordable prices. If you have a smaller garden area, I recommend avoiding it.

  • Includes accessories for easier access
  • Powerful retraction by integrated spring
  • Includes hose guide bracket for wall mounting
  • Provides faster and stable retraction
  • Does not suit well to the needs of smaller compounds

3. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

Adding another excellent name to the list of best retractable garden hose reels, RL Flo-Master 65HR8 is an option that helps keep your garden well-managed and clean.

The garden hose reel comes with a 65 feet long hose that can easily be retractable without imposing extra effort. The product is designed to be quite durable enough if we talk about durability.

This hose reel is featured as an automatic guide that prevents the hose from overlapping while retracting. I also found that this hose reel features an auto retraction mounting bracket to ensure smooth and seamless swivel rotation of 180 degrees without any issues. One can easily mount the garden hose reel on the wall with higher reach and use it without mounting.

The hose reel has a brass hose fitting and an eight-pattern spray nozzle. Carrying and storing are relatively easier to do and can be quickly done with the help of a convenient carrying handle. It is a heavy-duty spring-loaded reinforced hose that provides convenient usage without issues.

I like this hose reel doc that comes up with a hose stopper that makes it easier for the users to rewind without hassle. When I purchased it, it was affordable, and medium-class families could easily afford it.

The quality of RL Flo-Master 65HR8 is reasonably ensured here. The product is being constructed with the help of reinforced material that includes high-quality brass threaded ends on both sides.

Usage and mounting are pretty much easier to do. The package comes with mounting hardware and other accessories that make it easier for the users to remove the hose reel for easy winter storage. 

  • Featured with 8 patterned hose nozzle
  • Easy to install and retraction features
  • Featured high-quality spring-loaded hose
  • Automatic guide For overlapping of hose
  • Mounting brackets for easy wall mounting
  • Ensures clean and tidy hose storage
  • No leak issues are found
  • Easy to go connect fittings option
  • Removable and retractable hose
  • Bit expensive than that of its competitors

4. GoPlus Retractable Garden Hose Reel

My next pick is an auto rewind feature and lockable length. I like GoPlus Retractable Garden Hose Reel is an option because it can efficiently clean up your garden without making many efforts. I also like the auto rewind system that retracts perfectly and ensures neat hose organization without getting entangled. I recommend it because this hose reel saves your time and energy efficiently.

I love the involvement of the locking ball makes it easier for the users to adjust and lock the hose at their preferable length. I highly advise the users to remove the reel from the bracket to prevent unnecessary blockage. 

The retractable garden hose reel has a wall mounting bracket and screws easily adjusted on different platforms such as bricks, concrete, and stones. You can bracket easily rotate for about 180 degrees without any hassle.

You can now easily reach all corners of the garden efficiently. One doesn’t need to look forward to any extra space for storing the hose reel efficiently.

The hose reel comes up with a 65ft outlet that can operate to a broader range. If we talk about the working pressure, this hose reel provides an operating pressure of about 120psi, enough for efficiently cleaning different places.

The hose reel is designed with high-quality, durable materials, making the product an excellent value-for-money option. The hose reel comprises high-quality PVC material that is freeze-proof and explosion-proof. I also found that this hose reel features a PP shell that prevents it from cracking or wearing off quickly.

The only problem I found with these best garden hose reels is that the price is slightly higher. It is not an affordable option compared to other tools. Otherwise, It is made of High-quality & Durable Materials.

  • Featured with auto rewind system
  • Comes up with the lockable length
  • Perfect wall-mounted design
  • Featured with a wide range of applications
  • High-quality PVC construction
  • Ensures a wide range of applications
  • Pricing is a bit higher

5. Pinwheel Garden Hose Reel

One of the most reputed brand names, PinWheel Garden Hose Reel, is an attractive option that provides long-lasting results to users. It is an excellent value-for-money option with a 100 feet reel that seems quite efficient for smaller and large farms.

The hose can effectively reach all the garden areas and help you keep it clean. The best thing about this hose reel is that it can be easily locked at any length per one’s preferences. 

This best retractable garden hose reel 100 ft comes with a 180-degree swivel holder, making it easier for users to rotate the hose without effort. I also found that the brass fitting is provided there, along with the hose reel that suits most household faucets well.

The garden hose reel comes with nine pattern hose nozzles, making it easier for users to choose their preferred water flow modes per their requirements. One can easily connect the hose nozzle to your preferred place using the standard connector and can use it effortlessly at any time. 

I also found that the trigger button is provided, along with an integrated lock for efficiently adjusting the water flow. The hose reel is constructed with quality PVC to withstand higher temperatures and pressures efficiently. The hose reel is featured an automatic retraction that makes it safe and easy to use.

  • Retracts slowly and safety
  • Does not cause tangling or knotting issues
  • Featured 9 patterns hose nozzles
  • Can be easily locked at a preferable length
  • 100 feet long hose reel
  • Made up of high-quality PVC
  • Water pressure is not satisfying

What Should I Look For In A Retractable Hose

Choosing perfect retractable garden hose reels is not easy, especially at first. The main thing that adds to the confusion level is so many options. While purchasing the best retractable garden hose reels, one must consider different things. If you are eager to know what exactly they are, check out the few we are providing you below:

Types of Hose Reels

The garden hose reels are further divided into mainly four types. Here we will discuss each type in more detail.

Retractable hose reel

A retractable hose reel is more popular and comparatively expensive. If you have a garden hose, you might already know the importance of such a great tool. Usually, to maintain a garden. Ideally, there is some assembly required. It’s a lot easier to roll up.

You give it a little extra pull automatic reels to allow sufficient water supply for your garden projects.

Crank style hose reel

In Crank style hose reel, you need to rotate by hand to store and bring it in. The Crank-style hose reels are usually smaller and lighter.

Closed box hose reel

The sturdy storage box makes it more attractive for longer hoses in such types of hose reels. The closed hideaway storage box hose reel prevents damage. It is straightforward to use and can move around at your convenience.

When your job is done, it can wrap it back up quickly. These closed-reel boxes are also available in different types and models. You can purchase accordingly to your budget and price range.

Open storage hose reel

The Open storage hose reels are a more economical type. The open storage hose reel did not require much protection. You can store it on the floor. It is so simple and lightweight that you can carry it easily around the garden from one place to another.

The features that matter

I have listed a few crucial factors to consider while purchasing the best garden hose reels. You can check out these factors below:-


The first thing one must consider while purchasing the best retractable garden hose reel is its materials. Garden hose reels come up in different material options, and that’s why it gets imperative for you to get the one made up of high-quality material.

The brass and aluminum hoses are supposed to be sturdy and tough enough and do not get ruptured quite often. The best thing about these options is that they don’t even get rusted easily, so one can expect more extended durability from them.

What is your garden size?

Garden size is the other most crucial thing one can’t afford to miss while picking up the best retractable garden hose reels. One can easily opt for the fixed or hose reels on wheels options per their preferences. Most entry-level models in this segment come up with two complete nylon wheels, but if budget is not your issue, you can opt for the one with the four pneumatic wheels option.

Winding system It is always advisable for the users to get the option with the self-winding system while picking up the best retractable garden hose reels. These types of hose reels usually get

rewinds automatically after use. One can opt for the automatic reels on wheels option for even more comfortable usage. These models are not only lowered and streamlined but are pretty effective and easy to use. 

How is the usage?

The next thing one must consider while picking up the best retractable garden hose reels is the comfort of use. The crank model does come up with very simple and easy-to-go automated winding and unwinding options. These options are pretty easy to manage and a time saver. 

Check out the hose length.

Each garden hose reel does come up with a different hose length option. The retractable portable wheeled hose reels often come up with shorter hose pipe options, which is quite efficient for the small garden or kitchen area. Whereas if you are willing to have a longer hose length, the users should get automatic reels.

Adjustments and mounting

The best retractable garden hose reel 2021 does come up with different adjustments and mounting options. Most of the items available in the market can be easily mounted on the wall. These options conserve a lot of space and help you save the essential looks of the greenhouse. One can quickly get an option with 180 degrees rotation for practical usage of hose reels around the different corners of the garden.

Why do you need a retractable garden hose reel?

Garden hose reels are used to supply water in a controlled way. Winding and unwinding your hose manually is a bit time-consuming activity. It makes you more frustrated when repeating it again and again. I also went through the same process and was aware of the paying of watering during odd sessions.

So, what’s the solution? In my understanding, the solution is to replace it with the Retractable Hose Reel. That is also popularly known as the automatic hose reel.

It is a straightforward tool containing a specially designed wall-mounted unit and a quality spring-loaded unit. When you complete the watering, the smooth auto-rewind is forced to back the hose to its original position.

Its specially designed mechanism can store the hose automatically and requires no maintenance. There are many benefits to owning the retracting hoses over the manual ones. Using a retractable garden hose reel, you can use the same water, time, and hands. I hope now you understand the need for a retractable garden hose reel for your garden.


Are Retractable Hoses Worth It?

Yes, retractable hoses are worth it because they save money and water. They also help reduce the risk of fires caused by leaking faucets. However, retractable hoses should be replaced in ten years and 20 years.

Who Makes The Best Garden Hose Reel?

WaterSmart makes the best garden hose reel. They are the only company that makes a water-saving garden hose reel. Their garden hose reels use less than half the water compared to other brands.

What Is Kind Of Garden Hose Reel Needed For Home Gardeners?

A garden hose reel is needed for the home gardener because they need to store and transport their hoses easily. The best garden hose reels are made from plastic and metal materials. But, if you don’t have enough space at your house, you may use a folding garden hose reel instead.

You can get a quality garden hose reel online. You need to search for a reliable manufacturer and buy a suitable model. There are many models available in the market. Some of them are collapsible, while others are non-collapsible.

What Is The Best Spinning Reel For Long Casting?

A long-casting spinning reel is one of the best fishing reels. This type of reel has a large spool that allows you to cast further distances. They also have a drag system that helps control the line when reeling fish.


The best retractable hose reel 2021 is an option that helps users keep the garden clean and organized while putting on low effort. We have added above a few best retractable garden hose reels available.

These products reviewed above are quality, ensured, integrated with the advanced and best features, and are well known for their impeccable performance. You can go through the details of each we have provided above and select the product accordingly. 

Video Tutorial: How to Install a Retractable Garden Hose Reels

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