Top 10 Best Cordless Soldering Irons 2021

A soldering iron is a must-have tool of an electronics engineer tool kit that melt solder to form a joint between two metal the conventional soldering tools cordless soldering irons is the best option due to easy to use and handle and almost same cost.

Cordless soldering irons are just like a revolution where lack of electricity supply or users take their soldering irons outside their workshops where handy soldering irons are required.

Portable soldering irons are more popular due to portable soldering irons and comfortably used in electronics as well making of jewelry and craft projects.

List of Best Cordless Soldering Irons

1Cordless Soldering IronWeller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Iron with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery….$$Buy on Amazon
2Weller BP865MP Pro Series Battery Soldering IronWeller BP865 MP Pro Series Battery Soldering Iron..$$Buy on Amazon
3Cordless Soldering IronsHakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron$$Buy on Amazon
4Cordless Soldering IronsM12 Soldering Iron (Bare Tool)$$Buy on Amazon
5Tooluxe 40420L Cordless Soldering IronTooluxe 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron, 1050° F (565° C) | AA Battery Powered | LED Spotlight..$$Buy on Amazon
6LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose KitLEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit | Cordless Self-Igniting Adjustable Flame$$Buy on Amazon
7Weller  Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron KitWeller P2KC Professional Self-igniting Cordless Soldering Iron Kit$$Buy on Amazon
8POWER PROBE Butane Soldering KitPOWER PROBE Butane Soldering Kit Easy Start Electronic Ignition, Adjustable Flame, with Multiple Tips..$$Buy on Amazon
9Wall -Lenk-  Soldering -IronWall Lenk BP150 Battery Powered Soldering Iron$$Buy on Amazon
10Dremel   Butane Torch PortableDremel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch Portable Micro Torch Mini Welder$$Buy on Amazon

Best Cordless Soldering Irons Review

After a lot of research and experiments we have selected top 6 cordless solder iron to fix electronics appliances and DIY projects.

1. Weller Cordless Soldering Iron

71c6VTBSYcL. AC SL1500

Weller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Irons is in our top pick list with light weighted and simple Cordless Soldering Iron. Despite its small and compact size it can get charged up quickly in 536 degrees in just 35 seconds only and can rise to 950 °F.

Weller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Irons comes in The powerful lithium-ion battery packs and with a durable battery charging station. More than 1,100 joints  in a single charge enables users in 45 minutes charges. 

The tip of the cordless solder iron workplace LED light illumination provides a unique impressive workplace.7 years manufacturer’s warranty compels excellent option to purchase will complete satisfaction. 


  • 45 minutes of continuous power in one full charge.
  • Uses LED illumination
  • 7 years of warranty 
  • Long lasting Rechargeable battery 
  • Heats up within 35 seconds only.


  • No temperature controlling facility.

2. Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron

Cordless Soldering Irons

Hakko’s cordless solder iron is a AA alkaline battery-operated ergonomic shape soldering tool with a simple design.600 degrees Fahrenheit which is quite high temperature and can be maintained by Hakko Cordless Soldering Iron.

On a full charge maximum 120 minutes (2 hours) of continuous soldering can be done. Hakko’s Cordless Soldering iron is one of the safest soldering irons for beginners that can be used for repairing and joining various activities like metal crafts, jewelry,electrical wiring.


  • On/off switch 
  • protective cover
  • Reaches 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 120 minutes of run time.
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Comes without Accessories.

3.Milwaukee M12 Cordless Soldering Iron

Cordless Soldering Irons

Milwaukee is a trusted Electric Tools Corp is a trusted American tool maker. ergonomic Cordless Soldering iron with powerful lithium-ion battery.

With ultra-fast heating time facility Milwaukee Cordless Soldering iron can heats up very fast and attains maximum temperature within 18 seconds only.

Gives you a full 40 minutes of runtime after full charge with Redlithium battery technology purchased separately.Milwaukee iron pivots into three unique positions options.


  • Heats up in 18 seconds
  • Easy 3-way access pivoting head
  • Tool-free tip replacement
  • 40 minutes run time


  • No warranty

Sold as a bare tool without Battery

4. Lexivon Soldering Iron

81kSjB8pAWL. SL1500

If you are looking for a quality with multipurpose Portable & Ergonomic tool, LexiVon is a best option cordless solder iron with 125 watts of power.

13 other accessory set LexiVon deliver in hard carry case kit looks a amazing deal. LexiVon Cordless Soldering Iron, easy Start up featured with electronic self-ignition trigger and  multi-purpose solder iron.

Easy to control Precise Flame Control 1/2 inch to 2 ½” length with High Working Temperature  of up to 2400° F.


  • Portable & ergonomic
  • Flame reaches 2,400 degrees
  • Large Leak Proof Tank
  • Easy self-ignition startup
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 2 Years


  • None can be specify

5.Tooluxe 40420L Soldering Iron

61amraBDbJL. AC SL1500

The Tooluxe 40420L cordless solder iron is a battery powered portable device Running on 4 AA batteries.

Just under 7 second can heat up 1,050 degrees Fahrenheit, which is one of the fastest heating Cordless Soldering Iron. A tiny LED bulb under the tip provides the user a focussed job and iron tip comes with a protective close cap.


  • Portable & ergonomic
  • LED illumination
  • Fast heating 1050 degrees in just 7 seconds
  • Can operate on 4 AA batteries
  • Protective cap


  • No warranty

6.Weller P2KC Cordless Soldering Iron

413t3zAQV6L. AC  1

Weller P2KC Cordless Soldering Iron a lightweight butane gas soldering iron  kit. Through a push button Weller P2KC Piezo ignition can Fast heat-up for high productivity. 

Melts solder in less than 40 seconds and one time gas capacity can 1 hour of continuous use and refill again in 20 seconds only. Comes with other accessories as shown in Figure.


  • Piezo ignition with push-button
  • Fast heat-up of portable soldering irons
  • Piezo ignition (push-buttons)


  • Comparatively higher price

Buying Guide- How To choose best Cordless Soldering Iron

Selection of a soldering iron cordless is not an easy task as it needs to consider some factors while making the final decision to make a purchase. Consideration factors are listed as per below.

Power source 

Cordless soldering irons mainly depend upon batteries and Butane fulling sources to operate the tool.

  • Batteries
  • Butane

Cordless soldering iron’s main and common source of power are batteries. Batteries either disposable or rechargeable depend upon manufacturer supplied.Through butane gas fuel powered and can be refilled butane gas when required. 

Operating Time

For any Cordless soldering iron operating or run time is a very important factor to do a job continuously for a long time. As the battery on a cordless machine or butane gas is limited. 

Rechargeable batteries are more operation life as compared to the disposal battery soldering iron cordless.


To Melt a solder required almost 400 degree temperature to make a joint.So it is recommended that the reachable temperature of Cordless soldering irons and try to get a tool with temperature control feature.


Ensure that your Cordless soldering iron comes with quality accessory to save cost and help to handle different joints. 

Portable soldering irons Accessories may include like LED focus light,replacement tips,brush,extra batteries etc inside the pack. Some of them come with soldering tip removal tools.

Ergonomics of the iron

Wireless soldering iron operates at a very high temperature and does precise jobs so the device must be handy and comfortable to handle during work.

To Prevent unpleasant accidents soldering iron cordless must be portable, well protected and easy to grip & trigger.


Such portable soldering irons are available on various warranty periods and few do not have such options. So it is better to get warranty options for high value products.

Final Thoughts

In this article we have covered all deciding factors that will help you to make final purchasing decisions to get your final soldering iron cordless.So always review the pros and cons to each device as the market is full of competitions.

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