7 Best Desoldering Gun and Stations [2024]

Are you an Electronics Engineer? If yes, you must know the importance of the soldering and desoldering tasks. I have some suggestions if you’re looking for the right desoldering gun to remove molten solder from solder joints.

A desoldering gun is a specialized tool designed to remove soldered connections without causing any damage. In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, we’ll help you to provide easy-peasy tips and tricks to choose the best desoldering tool to ensure clean and damage-free removal.

Since 2018, After several hours of research and honest testing, we recommend the Hakko FR301-03/P portable desoldering Tool. The Hakko FR301 is the perfect model because of its affordable price, ease of use, and decent construction quality we’ve tested. But If you’re on a tight budget, consider the GLTL Desoldering gun

How I picked

Hands-on testing:- As an Electronics manufacturing expert, I have worked in almost all ranges of Desoldering guns. I have picked and tested 14 easily accessible desoldering tools available in the market. To find the right tool, I weed out faulty products and individually tested all products.

Reliability Research:- To determine the perfect desoldering gun, I’ve tested dozens of tools, and spending several hours of research and analysis, I’ve made a vast database of actual user reviews and feedback. After that, narrow down the list considering the key parameters. The critical factors in determining the right desoldering gun are pricing, ease of use, and user ratings.

Ease to Use:- I always prefer to invest in a user-friendly budget. Things may seem to be easier, but they are not. One needs to have a lot of experience performing the different desoldering tasks. The best thing to simplify is to remove all the solder at once. 

1. American HAKKO FR301

Hakko FR301-03/P Portable Desoldering Tool*
This portable desoldering station offers the most robust features to secure high thermal efficiency in desoldering. It includes Quick-Change Nozzle System for Easy-To-Use opteration. It is a compact and lightweight hand tool to to remove solders efficiently.

The American HAKKO FR301 desoldering tool remains our top pick because of its great hard ergonomic grip design to minimize stress. After six months of regular testing, we concluded that It’s easy to set up and a very compact desoldering tool.

It’s a HUGE time saver and cleverly designed to remove complex components from a circuit board easily with amazing results. I bought the Hakko FR301-03 and found it’s just amazing. Our testers found It heats up FAST and is easy to clean.

Our testers liked its strong suction power and ability to control the temperature very fast to perform different desoldering jobs perfectly. It is one of the most well-designed and all-around best desoldering stations that ensures users always have precise temperature control and absolute performance.

I love this tool because it features a unique pump that helps power up the vibration level and ensures users always have noise-free operations. I observed that you could easily enjoy smooth, satisfying, and confident results without lowering the flow and the vacuum pressure of the desoldering gun vacuum suction type.

I recommend this product because it has advanced temperature settings that can easily control temperatures between 350 degrees Celsius and 500 degrees Celsius. I found this gun pretty impressive and enjoyed its noise-free operation when I used it.

One downside is that I feel Maintenance is a bit of an issue. Otherwise, If you are looking forward to having quick productivity, it is a perfect tool that will provide absolute results. The presence of ergonomic gripping minimizes the stress level to a greater extent.

Key Features

  • Built-in Vacuum Pump.
  • Anti-Clogging Design.
  • Quick Heat-up Time.
  • High-Quality Construction.

2. Huanyu Desoldering gun Electric

Huanyu Single-Pump Electric Desoldering Gun Desolder 100W Lead-free Soldering Tin Gun…*
Better electronic repairing experience and less expensive option with rapid heating technology. Enhanced Vacuum Dual Pump , and a well-designed instantaneous temperature recovery function makes the Electric Desoldering Gun easy to use.

Huanyu’s best cheap desoldering gun is another attractive option in the list designed to provide you with a complete electronic repairing experience without any issues. The tool comes in two-in-one packaging, including a soldering iron and a desoldering vacuum pump.

I appreciate how one can quickly melt tin and easily remove it using large suction without any issues. It is the only Best desoldering tool list, including an electric suction pump. The best vacuum desoldering station has quick heating while ensuring a constant temperature. 

The tool includes a convenient holder that makes it a safe product to be used on. This electric desoldering gun features vacuum pump solder suction and an anti-static design that prevents the electronic parts from being damaged by static electricity. A ceramic heating core ensures users have perfect heating performance and promotes nozzle gap recovery.

I noticed that it could effectively heat 350 degrees Celsius in just 60 seconds without any issues. The tool has additional features like constant temperature control and transient temperature recovery function for smooth and easy access. This desoldering gun comprises high-strength and high-temperature-resistant plastic that is relatively easy to disassemble and clean. 

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Anti-Static Design.
  • Electric Desoldering.
  • Single-Pump System.

What I Like/Dislike About Huanyu


  • Precise temperature control.
  • Includes removable tin storage tune.
  • Ensured fast heating option along with the constant temperature.


  • Gets clogged easily.

3. GLTL Desoldering Gun Review

GLTL Desoldering Gun Electric Vacuum Desoldering Pump

If you are looking forward to an affordable desoldering gun with complete functionality, the GLTL Desoldering gun is a perfect option. The desoldering gun comes up with the best on Reddit, ensuring users have absolute performance at a more accessible end. It is an excellent desoldering gun featured with an electric desoldering pump.

The tool is relatively easy to use and clean and is a perfect option for those looking forward to a desoldering gun for accomplishing their hobby. 

If we talk about designing, it is a lightweight and compact desoldering option that one can easily store and carry away. The desoldering gun can effectively perform different tasks and projects without any failure. It is a beautiful potion to choose from if you prefer desoldering frequently. The access is relatively more accessible and can be quickly done without requiring any master.

The presence of a durable handle makes access safer and more accessible. This desoldering gun’s handle is made of silicone with anti-heat properties.

Whether you have to work on platoon lines or PCB-integrated components, you can effectively perform all the tasks without failure. It is a compact structure featuring an internal temperature control system that is relatively easy to use and handle—a stable working temperature and instantaneous temperature function ease things for the users.

Key Features

  • Anti-Clogging Design.
  • Easy to Maintenance and Cleaning.
  • A comfortable and ergonomic design.

What I Like/Dislike About GLTL


  • Compact and lightweight desoldering gun.
  • Easy to disassemble slag storage tank.
  • Featured with internal temperature control system.


  • It takes a lot of time to heat.

4. VEVOR S-993A Electric Vacuum Desolder Gun Reviews

VEVOR S-993A Electric Vacuum Desolder Gun Reviews

If you are one of those who prefer electronic repairing tasks frequently, VEVOR S-993A is an attractive option to choose from. It is one of the most acceptable desoldering gun options on the list, designed to provide a complete experience in electronic repairing at a more accessible end. It is a two-in-one desoldering gun featuring a soldering iron and a soldering vacuum pump to ease one’s task. 

The tool features the most potent suction and includes an enhanced double pump to provide robust performance. I also Like that electric vacuum solder is also being provided there, along with enhanced vacuum pumps that suck up the residue efficiently, making the desoldering task relatively more accessible.

The best thing about this beautiful tool I noticed is its rapid heating function. One can heat this desoldering gun to about 350 degrees Celsius within 60 seconds. The tool ensures stable working temperature and instantaneous temperature function, suitable for effortlessly continuing the task. I love it because it is a removable tin collection tank that provides easy disassembly and heat-resistant glass for effortless usage.

Key Features

  • High Power and Efficiency.
  • Built-in Vacuum Pump.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control.
  • Easy-to-Clean and Maintain.

What I Like/Dislike About VEVOR


  • Durable Construction.
  • The desolder gun is user-friendly.
  • Handle a wide range of desoldering tasks
  • Featured with internal temperature control system.


  • Some users may find noise and vibration.

5. Yaeccc S-993A best desoldering iron

Yaeccc S-993A Electric Desoldering Gun

A portable design is one of the finest desoldering guns for electronics in 2022, making it easier to do different electronic repair tasks at a more accessible end. It is a lightweight and compact option that you can easily carry whenever and wherever you require. The tool comes up with a strong suction that sucks up the residue perfectly, providing you with a better and clean platform to work on.

The best thing about this beautiful tool is that it ensures users have a fast heating function. One doesn’t need to wait too long to heat the best desoldering iron, just a few seconds, and you can efficiently perform any desoldering task.

If I talk about the interface, this soldering gun is designed to be relatively easy to use. The soldering gun is featured with high-power heating, making it easier for the users to perform the desoldering tasks on different projects.

I appreciate how this desoldering gun works on a stable operating temperature and features an instantaneous temperature function to work efficiently and quickly. It is an adorable desoldering gun option in tin tube storage and high temperature-resistant plastic to ensure high strength. 

Key Features

  • Features adjustable temperature control.
  • The S-993A has a quick heating function.
  • The desoldering gun is equipped with an LCD.

What I Like/Dislike About Yaeccc


  • Durable Construction.
  • Instantaneous temperature function
  • Handle a wide range of desoldering tasks
  • Stable operating temperature


  • Faces tip shearing issues while threading

6. NEWACALOX 60W cheap desoldering gun

NEWACALOX 60W Electronics Solder Iron Gun Kit

If you are looking forward to a multipurpose desoldering gun option, NEWACOLX is an attractive option. It is a beautiful automatic soldering gun kit that is the most functional, reliable, and safe welding tool that will ease up technicians’ tasks to a greater extent.

The soldering iron kit includes a desoldering pump, tun, two tweezers, and a solder wire. It is a beautiful tool that will serve as a great assistant for you while performing different tasks.

The best thing about this excellent soldering gun is that it can be operated single-handedly. You don’t need to point your tin wire and gun with both hands. It is the safest option that ensures hands-free solder supply during soldering tasks. The soldering gun gets heated quickly and provides a longer service life without failure.

The soldering gun comes with a unique feature. It includes a natural mica heating core that quickly ensures durable usage. The tool can be assembled and dismantled whenever required, whether a professional or a hobbyist. This soldering gun will efficiently ease your every task.

Key Features

  • The kit includes a 60W soldering iron.
  • The soldering iron heats up quickly.
  • The kit may come with multiple soldering iron tips.

What I Like/Dislike About NEWACALOX


  • Five-in-one soldering gun kit
  • Easy single-handed operations.
  • Natural mica heating core.
  • Desoldering pump with a high-pressure vacuum tube.


  • The solder gets stuck in the feeder sometimes.

7. YIHUA 929D-II Motorized Automatic Feed Soldering Gun

YIHUA 929D-II Motorized Automatic Feed Soldering Gun

I like it because it is one of the most efficient and continuous single-handed soldering options that provide the ultimate soldering and desoldering experience at a more accessible end. This tool is equipped with a built-in motor that fulfills a fully automatic solder feeding system regardless of having a press and pull mechanism that most traditional soldering guns include. One can now easily enjoy an efficient and continuous soldering experience single-handedly. 

I like YIHUA 929-II, which provides soldering station-level performance to the users. An innovative design creates a PID program that consistently compensates and keeps the temperature stable.

The gun comes with a temperature digital numerical display where you can easily select the temperature from the wide range for your preferred work. The settings are shown on the LED display. I like that a sleep mode is also provided to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Key Features

  • Motorized Automatic Feed.
  • Solder Wire Compatibility.
  • Ergonomic Design.

What I Like/Dislike About NEWACALOX


  • Efficient and effective usage
  • Ensured single-handedly operations
  • Featured with digital display and advanced functions
  • Sleep mode to avoid unnecessary heating


  • Construction quality is not up to the mark.

How to Use Desoldering Pump?

best heat gun for electronics repair

A powerful desoldering gun helps users can suck the residual solder more efficiently. It will save users from unwanted accidents due to soldering shorts and ease things. As we are talking about the power of the vacuum pump, it is sucking up residues more efficiently.

Desoldering Gun is simple to use but operates, and I recommend having previous training or knowledge. The concept of desoldering is straightforward, and You need to heat the solder and clean it up by sucking it through a vacuum.

The following are the tips; step-by-step can get more impressive results.

  • First, switch ON on your device and allow it to heat up until it reaches the desired temperature settings.
  • Pick the soldering gun and start heating the solder you want to remove.
  • Once the solder is molten, Place the nozzle of desoldering gun on it to suck.
  • Activate the vacuum so that it can suck molten solder.
  • Report this activity again and again till the completion of work.

As a side note, ensure safety precautions when working with a soldering gun. If you are trying to remove a large amount of solder, it is good to add more. It helps to keep solder molten long time. To learn how to solder more in-depth, check out my latest article here.

Buying Guide

Before you head towards the final purchase of the desoldering gun for electronics in 2022, it becomes essential for you to look at one of the most critical features that you need to focus on so that you can get an affordable tool as per your requirements.

You must be getting the right product to match the right weight, and to make all these things quickly happen for you, in-depth research and analysis of the product are reasonably necessary. 

Where soldering tasks help connect the different circuits on the circuit boards, desoldering tasks are pretty important during the repair and replacement processes. The job of desoldering is quite essential. One has to heat the solder and then remove the wire of the other circuit component from the preferred place. Once done, one can easily clean up the remaining solder to ensure the perfect performance of the circuit.

Users always prefer to have a hands-on experience with their preferred device before making the final decision. The process is reasonably necessary as it will help you know about the product in detail and help you find out the best option in the league. 

Here are some of the most common and critical information about the desoldering gun for electronics that you need to consider while making the final decision.

Features That Matter

Ergonomic Design

You must consider ergonomics when picking up the right desoldering gun for electronics. For practical and easy usage, the desoldering gun must be lightweight, handy to carry out inside the toolbox, and perform different dedicated desoldering jobs. The best cheap desoldering gun with a slip-resistant grip is relatively easy to hold during the design and ensures users have smooth triggering options. 


Durability is one of the other significant factors one can’t afford to miss out on while picking up a desoldering gun for electronics. The desoldering gun for the keyboard you choose needs to be easy to handle and clean once you have done the job and should also be safe from wear and tear issues. To ensure durable usage, it is always preferable for the users to have a desoldering gun with a metallic or steel body. 

What are the safety features?

Safety features are another significant aspect of purchasing the desoldering gun. It should not be safe and durable enough to be used by everyone. It should be safe enough to work on it efficiently without any hassle. Poor quality or cheaper desoldering guns can easily create many operational issues and affect one’s user’s experience to a greater extent.

How are the frame and build quality?

Frame and build quality of the best desoldering heat gun is one of the other significant aspects that one can’t afford to miss out on. A desoldering gun with an aluminum bronze frame provides users with durable usage and can easily withstand pressure during vacuum generation.

Affordable Pricing

Getting the desoldering gun in your budget is always preferred and ensures high-end performance. It will save you hard-earned money and make you work with high-end standards. While making the final purchase, get the one with extra accessories.

Additional features and accessories

Getting a perfect desoldering Gun with additional features will ease up things to make your purchase budget-friendly. Ensure the desoldering gun you purchase is technologically advanced and full of other accessories.

How is the vacuum pump?

I hope this guide will have effectively helped you get the desoldering gun. We have added the budgeted and affordable options here with decent quality options. You can now easily keep your devices sound and repair them without having any issues or deviations. 

How to use the Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun

Final words on the best vacuum desoldering station

This is all about the best desoldering stations buying guide I want to explain. Please keep in mind that I only recommend the desoldering tool, That I use and like in soldering work.

A powerful desoldering gun helps users can suck the residual solder more efficiently. It will save users from unwanted accidents due to soldering shorts and ease things. As we are talking about the power of the vacuum pump, it is sucking up residues more efficiently.

Here I tried my best to add value to find you’re winning desoldering vacuum gun. I follow the same process to find the best stations for myself. I hope you enjoy the article and have added some value for a more informed buying decision.

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