Best Helping Hands For Soldering 2021- Buyer’s Guide

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In this article, we’ll discuss our favorite Helping Hands For Soldering that’s ideal for clamping PCBs during the soldering process. The fact is that it’s important to have experienced soldering helping hand to do your job accurately and comfortably. Whether you are a professional in DIY electronics or a beginner, you know the importance of a helping hand while soldering.

The process of hand soldering consists of using, repairing, modifying, or conducting joints in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Solder flows inside metallic surfaces in hand soldering when the solder is heated and the soldering tip is inserted into the hot soldering iron tip

Choosing the Best Helping Hands For Soldering from so many options on the market can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with all the features and layouts of the tool. Due to this, we have decided to review the 5 Best Helping Hands For Soldering so that you can find the best tool for you.

Adjustable PCB board holder Frame PCB Soldering Assembly Stand Clamp allows the PCB to be easily soldered. PCB Assembly Stand Clamp supports the PCB so that it may be easily soldered. Our favorite helping hands do so much for you from making your job easy to making joints proper with our list of top 5 favorite tools.

As we know, Helping Hands For Soldering is a third-hand tool soldering that gives our users freedom and comfort, mainly by way of PCB holders and magnifying glasses.

The DIY helping hands soldering station I selected was based on ease of use and affordability, as well as research into the best tech companies.

Best Helping Hands For Soldering 2021

It is difficult to make a list of the “Best Helping Hands For Soldering,”  Based on your experience and extensive research You’ll be pleased to know that we have selected the best soldering helping hands that we recommend this tool to beginners, homeowners, and hobbyists.

There are several manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of PCB board holders for soldering available in the marketplace. Here we will discuss the Top 5 Circuit Board Holder for soldering to meet your requirements.





Ideal for clamping PCB

Rubber feet of the base ensure stability


Easy-to-use single knob controls

Continuous heat tolerance

QuadHands Workbench Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Vise 1

QuadHands WorkBench

The ultimate fixturing vise

KOTTO Helping Hands Soldering 2

Weighted base and Anti

US-based customer support

Fancii LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station 1

2 fully adjustable helping hands

LED Lighted with 2 super bright LED lights

1. Aven 17010 – Best Overall

best Helping Hands For Soldering

Simple and effective PCB board holder in our top pick-up list with full of features. The metal stand rubber nonslip feet make it ideal for clamping PCB small projects for soldering jobs. Aven 17010 Adjustable Circuit Board Holder is most recommended by field experts due to its easy-to-use functions and multiple features

This PCB holder for soldering having the Rigid metal structure and Rubber feet of the base ensures stability. Aven 17010 third hand for soldering featured with adjustable clamps that can rotate 360 degrees during work.

Key Features

  • Ideal PCB holder for soldering for clamping PCB, for soldering, Desoldering, or rework
  • Retractable to accommodate various board sizes up to 198mm wide and up to 4mm thick
  • Clamps allow PCB to rotate 360 degrees
  • Rigid metal structure
  • Rubber feet of the base ensure stability.
  • Ideal for PCB holder for soldering.
  • Solid construction for ease to use.
  • Sturdy and weighted base
  • Little bit higher Prices.

2. PanaVise PCB Holder for Soldering Best Compact Model

gfgf 1

PanaVise Model 201 Miniature Vise PCB board holder for soldering is in our next selection from our pick-up list best-Helping Hands For Soldering.

If you’re looking for reliable, quality workmanship and durability the PanaVise 201 is a perfect selection of helping hands for electronics. This tool is knob-controlled easy-to-use functions with excellent holding features.

PanaVise PCB holder for soldering suited to small-sized projects like arts and crafts. The key features of the third helping hand as per below

Key Features

  • Multi-use mini-vise soldering helping hands suited to small-sized projects like arts and crafts, model making, electronics, jewelry making, and more
  • The PCB holder for soldering easy-to-use “split-ball” adjustment element utilizes single knob controls for head movement through 3-planes.
  • This PCB holder for soldering, adjustment knob controls jaw pressure for delicate work
  • Grooved jaws are excellent for holding small objects and are made of reinforced thermal composite plastic.
  • Grooved jaws are excellent for holding
  • Sturdy and weighted base
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Little bit higher Prices.

3. QuadHands Helping Hands– Customer Favorite

QuadHands Workbench Helping Hands Soldering Third Hand Vise

Next on our list QuadHands Helping Hands chock full of features that are used in a wide range of advanced applications USA Quality brand best-helping hands for soldering. This third helping hand made of four arms, two are bis and the rest are short arms.

QuadHands Helping Hands Versatile adjustable soldering helping hands which is one of the best tool lovers with some cooperatively higher side cost for long-term consideration. The gooseneck arms of this PCB holder for soldering are made of high-quality industrial-grade rubber provides total flexibility in work.

But let’s get technical. Ultimately, It is Made in the USA give more trust of quality to their customers. 6″ x 9″ Solid Steel Base provides the perfect support to hold WorkBench. The best and ultimate Feature is that you can mount these Flexible Metal Arms anywhere. One thing I noticed was that the powder-coated steel base is extremely sturdy.

Plus, This best Helping Hands For Soldering rig includes silicone coverings that are removable and detachable for extra protection. If we talk about customer support that is also great This South Carolina-based company always forward ahead to help their customers with great satisfaction. Ultimately, This is really a wonderful and best Helping Hands For Soldering tool.

Key Features

  • The ultimate helping hands for electronics with extra hands (Pairs of 8 and 16-inch holders) ensures precision and stability during soldering.
  • Manufacturing by trusted USA Brand.
  • Useful design, with the heavy steel base versatile and stable PCB holder for soldering.
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Sturdy and weighted base
  • The ultimate fixturing vise
  • Pricey

4. Kotto Soldering Helping hands– Featured Best soldering third hand

KOTTO Helping Hands Soldering

Kotto Soldering Helping hands a product by Fstop Labs a top-rated third hand for soldering. Let’s look at one of the best light weighted and compact features. This tool is only 2 lbs weighted and made of Made out of solid constructions.

One great Helping Hands For Soldering with the alligator clamps are crafted from stainless steel and can rotate 360 degrees.

Extremely useful and recommended soldering helping hands when you are working especially on small Printed circuit board Soldering projects. With the closed-back Third Hand Soldering Tool design, It has a total of 4 rubber-based arms mounted on Anti-Slip rubber feet that are durable and highly flexible for any types of soldering jobs. The adjustable metal gooseneck arms work well to position your items freely.

Indeed, Kotto Soldering Helping hands are the perfect selection if you are searching for reliable and affordable best Helping Hands For Soldering for your project needs.

Key Features

  • KOTTO soldering helping hands, Assembly, Repair, Modeling, Hobby, Jewelry, Crafts Related jobs.
  • Ideal when working especially small Printed circuit board Soldering projects.
  • A small drawback is that when needed to used requires some small adjustment and assembly before need to use.
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Durable and sturdy base
  • Highly rated and reviewed
  • needed to used requires some small adjustment assembly before need to use

5. Fancii Helping Hands Magnifier– Lighted best solder helping hands.

Fancii LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Station

Fancii Helping Hands is a 3.5 inch 2X Illuminated that is very popular with Hobbyists and professionals due to its compact size and multiple unique features. This is the best helping hands with magnifiers that used in a wide range of soldering applications.

This helping hand soldering station stands for soldering iron and 2 fully adjustable helping hands. Fancii Helping Hands featured 2 super bright LED lights that operated by battery.

Truth is, the best Helping Hands For Soldering can totally change your rework and repairing experience. With that in mind that is an awesome helping hand for electronics. I have to say that USB Lighted 2X helping hand magnifier is best suitable for soldering jobs like electronic repair, DIY projects, hobbies, and crafts, jewelry soldering, and many more other applications.

So the Helping Hands For Soldering Constructed is great, it is fully sturdy and durable that made of a great combination of scratch-resistant acrylic lens, metal, and ABS.2 super bright LED lights were also really impressive that helps to provides provide an evenly lit viewing area.

Ultimately, these are the best Helping Hands For Soldering. But they’re also great due to fully adjustable helping hands to provides flexibility and comfort. But more interesting, USB Lighted that requires the 3 AAA batteries power also. For a soldering enthusiast, It is the best soldering third hand.

Key Features

  • With 4X Auxiliary Lens Hand Magnifying Glass Station Fancii helping hands for electronics operated through AAA Battery power.
  • List of the free accessories-an iron holder, a lamp with a magnifying glass.
  • 2 fully adjustable helping hands are can hold PCB Properly.
  • 2 super bright LED lights
  • 3.5 inch 2X Illuminated
  • USB power cord or optional battery power
  • Does not feature flexible arms

6. Mysterystone Soldering Third Hand Tool

Soldering Helping Hands Third Hand Tool with Heavy Duty Steel Base

True to its name, 6 Flexible Gooseneck Metal Arms and Clips for Soldering Work Station. It is made of 8mm steel, it is the heaviest base on the market. While some other brands prefer to go for other design while Mysterystone prefers to focus on the heavy-duty base so that the helping hand’s station won’t move,

The best Helping Hands For Soldering looks sleek and feels solid with 6 arms made of high-quality steel its defining feature. It has comfort and flexibility. Unlike most other best Helping Hands For Soldering, The adjustable steel clips can be tighten any direction and easy to adjustable.

Other than that, Mysterystone soldering helping hands provides a 5-year free replacement guarantee. That provides 100% satisfaction to their customers. They provide very good customer support in case of any query they have the solution.

Of course, if you required a solid base with solid design it is a best section with multiple features.

Key Features

  • The heaviest base with steel arms provides strong durability and flexibility.
  • Easy to assemble and maintenance device.
  • 5-year free replacement guarantee provides more customer satisfaction.
  • Solid heavy duty Base
  • the best soldering helping hands DIY
  • Easy to assemble the device
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7. Chanseon Helping Hands Soldering 

Soldering Station

The Chanseon Helping Hands Soldering is another one of those having an Aluminum Base for Six Flexible Arms Soldering arms. 360 degrees rotated insulated alligator clips provides complete comfort and stability for holding various sized components and boards.

The Chanseon Helping Hands Soldering is a bit on the bigger side but they are easy to be positioned wherever you want. which means Eliminates the frustration of traditional helping hands.

The station comes with 6 gooseneck tentacles As for the grip, well. The Customer Service is also great that provides 3 months quality warranty. The warranty time is very less but you not satisfied with product they will satisfy you.

For instance, If you require 6 flexible adjustable gooseneck helping hands that can perfectly and freely hold the items with a solid Aluminum Base for Soldering. You can consider this wonderful and best Helping Hands For Soldering. This best soldering third hand is ideal for some more advanced jobs like modeling, Rework and repairing the electronics items, Crafting, and Hobby Workshop jobs.

If we talk about the customer support and warranty, the manufacture committed to providing the 3 monthly quality warranty from purchase date and if any support required will provide as much as possible. Overall, It is a perfect device for your workshop and repairing tool kits.

More importantly, if we summarize the best features in a best features in a a glances, Useful Base with Non-slip Stable made of aluminum to ensure stability, 6 flexible adjustable gooseneck helping hands to hold the item with perfect grip, and 360 degrees rotated 6 Black Alligator Clips.

Key Features

  • 6 Flexible Arms, 6 flexible adjustable gooseneck helping hands easy to assemble and operate.
  • 6 Black Alligator Clips, Easy to rotate and clip well for perfect holding the device.
  • 3-month free replacement guarantee provides more customer satisfaction.
  • The great aesthetically pleasing design of hexagonal hollow set up
  • Great customer support
  • The base is made out of heavy and high-quality aluminium
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Best Helping Hands For Soldering – At a Glance

  1. Best Helping Hands For Soldering – QuadHands
  2. Best soldering helping hands DIY – Chanseon
  3. Best PCB holder for soldering – Aven 17010
  4. Best helping hands for electronics – Fancii
  5. Best soldering third hand – Kotto
  6. Best soldering helping hands toolstation – Mysterystone
  7. Best Helping hands soldering building aid Tool – PanaVise

The Buyers Guide to best Helping Hands For Soldering

There are many factors that need to consider when selecting the best solder helping hands. You must test each option and a few of them individually. I hope this guide will help to find out the best solder helping hands for your project requirements.

We have selected some critical parameters that will guide what you have to select When it comes to picking the best solder helping hands.

The foundation of any Helping Hands For Soldering is very important and based on the soldering quality depends.

Rubber feet and vice grips increase will always help to provide stable solder joints as it holds pcba capture properly.

PCB holder for soldering with more than 2 arms is more helpful to stabilize the fixture and hold the fixture. Basically, the arms are the multiple adjustment points and in modern technology, the multiple arms hold and move in any direction.

The clamps are the major part to hold the elements properly while doing soldering jobs. The claps need to be solid that can hold pcba in a such way that it can move as possible as done so that the soldering can be done properly.

Apart from that, the recommended third hand for soldering hand must be full of accessories so that you need not purchase any extra to complete the activity. Some of the helping hand magnifying glass and comes with LED light to improve the soldering quality.

The Uses of a helping hands for electronics

A PCB holder for soldering is a tool to firmly hold the Printed Circuit Board while soldering or repairing the process.

Soldering helping hands mainly used to hold, rotate and tilt the assembly so that soldering can be done properly.

  • Holding Circuit Boards:-The main function of a helping hand soldering station stands to hold repairing assembly and not allowed to lose during the soldering process.
  • Rotating Circuit Boards:-PCB holder also allows access user to solder other sides of assembly units without many adjustments. This function is more important when doing soldering of double side printed circuit board assembly units.
  • Tilting Circuit Boards:- The feature PCB holder helpful when doing soldering at a specific angle for a specific electronic component without any deviations.

Types of soldering helping hands

Most Helping Hands For Soldering consists of a supportive base and two standing structures forming a clamp to hold PCBA. Adjustable circuit board holders are basically used for holding, rotating, and tilting a circuit board so that assembly soldering can be performed easily.

Mainly there are two types of PCB holder for soldering available to do soldering tasks.

  • A standard board holder
  • A helping hand magnifying glass.
  • Soldering station with helping hands PCB Stand with Magnifying Glass and LED Light.

Best Helping Hands For Soldering-FAQ

Can you make your own Solder Helping Hand tool?

The answer to this questing is a big yes. Because the purpose of this best soldering third hand is to provide support and make soldering easy. For that, you just need a base that heavy enough to hold the ground. strong yet flexible wires or the same structure that can be attached with the base. Fix a few alligator clips to hold the items properly.

it is ready to use for your soldering jobs other applications. to make your life easy and job with precision works. If required can use a magnifier for additional supports.

How do you use a solder helping hand?

Adjustable Circuit Board holders are perfect for PCB soldering jobs and widely used. you should use a heavier base and hold the item arms are used. you need to do is adjust the height of the arms according to your convinces. Make sure that the solder not touching the clips. thus you can use the best Helping Hands For Soldering for your jobs.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Hope you enjoyed the article on The 5 Best Helping Hands For Soldering. If you further any question please put your comments I will definitely answer the query.

At the end of the day, If you are purchasing the helping hands soldering tool without proper research and properly assessing your device this will be the biggest mistake. While purchasing the Best Helping Hands For Soldering you need to compare some crucial factors like cost of equipment, power, spare filters, durability, and quality of the product.

in the market, there are thousands of options available so it depends upon you how your research to find out the best product according to your requirements.

Choosing the Best Helping Hands For Soldering is a pretty complicated decision because there are hundreds of options and a lot of factors determine which circuit board holder- will fit most for your project requirements.

And with that and We sincerely hope that this detailed review of Helping Hands For Soldering you have enjoyed will help you to find the Best Helping Hands For Soldering for large projects as well for Best Helping Hands For Soldering for various uses.

Till next time! and if For any queries, please feel free to drop your comments below.

Stay safe. Take care

Video Tutorial: How To Make PCB Fixture Soldering Helping Hand

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