Best transistor Testers 2021-Buyer’s Guide

Buying transistor Testers is a little bit challenging even you have read about a lot of transistor Testers. I’ve researched top of line 5 best transistor testers based on their accuracy and ease of use features.

And as beginners, it becomes more difficult as you are not familiar with a lot of features and functions. So here we will help you to Buy the Best transistor Testers to suit your project test needs.

With help of good transistor Testers, you can do amazing jobs like shorting out NPN or PNP transistors as well test other various components like Diode Triode Capacitance ESR, etc.

Best Transistor Testers for Electronics Hobbyist 2021

Obviously, there are thousands of options are in the marketplace. Therefore it needs to do undertake extensive research to find out we pick some components and test through the equipment to find out the best lot.

Based on individual testing accuracy and ease to use we have selected below the best 5 Buy Best transistor Testers as listed below.

Best Transistor Testers for Electronics Hobbyist 2021

Nowadays, there are so many advanced transistor tester variations and it is really hard to pick one among them best suitable.

Here we have done an itemized reviews review of the best 5 Transistor Testers for Electronics Hobbyist so that you can do your buy best suitable Transistor Testers options.

1. Longruner Multi-function Tester

Longruner 1.8 inch 1
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We’re starting this list strong with one of the best transistor testers that having an amazing 1.8-inch Colorful Display. Longruner transistor tester is a Multifunctional that can test various types of electronic components. It can test NPN and PNP transistor, capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, and many more.

If you’re looking for a reliable Best Transistor Tester Longruner 1.8 inch Transistor is the most affordable and best selection with its easy to use function and a lot of other interesting features.

The amazing colorful display makes this device unique with a wide range of other key features that test the electronics components precisely.

So would I recommend this transistor tester? Short answer – Yes. This one key operation devices by pressing the multi-functional button you can test all requirements.

Important features:

  • Self-test with an automatic calibration facility to save time and ensure accuracy.
  • The unique amazing colorful 1.8-inch display for error-free reading.
  • Single Key operation in one-touch by multi-functional button.
  • Test NPN and PNP transistor along with capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, and other various components

2. DROK Mosfet Transistor Tester

DROK-Transistor -Tester
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DROK Mosfet Transistor Tester is a multi-functional tester and used in a wide range of applications. This Transistor Tester can be test diode, capacitor, Resistor, Inductor, etc., and also used ESR Meter.

Automatic Checker Detector function can test the electronic devices in very intelligent identifications systems. This equipment operates by DC 9V battery power.

This transistor tester has a clean and classy design with an intelligent transistor checker. The device is really durable and powered by a DC9V battery. this best transistor tester has everything you need in a tester.

One more key feature is that, This advanced electronic transistor tester auto shut-down function. The auto shut downtime can be extended to 40s and countdown displayed on the monitor for information.

Important features:

  • Tester used in a wide range of applications
  • Equipped with a large and clear digital display
  • Operated by 9 volt DC battery power
  • Comes with auto shutdown features
  • Automatic testing features

3. BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester

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BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester is the best suitable testing equipment, especially for SMD components. This tester having Tweezers probes to hold the devices effectively.

Smart Digital Transistor checker can use in a wide range of applications with easy to test plug-in facility and test automatically setting ranges.

If the BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester provides the best value for its price, It is very easy to test plug-in and SMD devices and the most affordable transistor tester in this section. looks pretty slick that featured an Automatic identification element pin arrangement and display them on the LCD.

Important features:

  • Tester used in a wide range of applications
  • Featured with 2 Power/Test Buttons on both sides
  • Auto shutdown device
  • Marked with Typical ESR Value Table on body

4. KOOKYE Transistor Tester MEGA328

KOOKYE Mega Transistor Tester
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KOOKIE Transistor Tester really impressed device it works well to test Transistor as well a lot of other wide range of electronic components like thyristors, transistors, Capacitors, N -channel and P-channel MOSFET, etc.

Let’s go a little deeper into each product, Its testing speeds are quite high and can test within 2 seconds of time span only. Power consumable off mode helps to save power for the long run. It is the best transistor tester kit and an extremely friendly option. it features a ton of built-in safety, the best transistor tester DIY kit Consumption shutdown Less than 20 nA.

Important features:

  • Single-button operated
  • LCD display with backlight for easy mode
  •  Automatic test
  • It has the auto power off

5. LCR-T4 Mega328 Digital Transistor Tester

LCR T4 Mega Digital Transistor Tester
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The AITRIP company specializes in various electronics tester and accessories. Digital Transistor Tester can be used in a wide range of testing applications. It can test transistors, capacitors, dual diodes, SCR, LED tube, Adjustable potentiometer, etc.

The design features a band made with flexible, durable material that provides High test speed, valid component test, This best transistor tester kit also features an active Auto power-off function to avoid unnecessary waste and other multiple features.

Important features:

  • Auto power-off function
  • High test speed
  • Support boot voltage detection function

How to use transistor tester to test components

Most of the transistor tester functions are very easy and single button operated so they do not need any training How to use transistor tester.

Following are the some step by step guidelines to understand the function and use of transistor testers.

  • Insert required battery or power source as applicable and power on the device.
  • Select the electronic component you want to test.
  • Check the dock no carefully and according to connect the pins to test
  • If your device is automatic will start testing otherwise need to press the start button on devices.
  • Check the result on the tester display


With the advancement in technology, new-age transistor testers have become far more superior in terms of accuracy and ease to use. Therefore, we made sure to pick the best transistor testers that perform amazingly in both departments.

I’m not normally good to pick the most expensive option electronic cleaner spray. I always wise able to research and pick product included best features in affordable pricing. Basically, Research and experimentation will always beneficial and not give to chance to regret it in the future.

Ultimately, I hope you’ve picked a winner from our selection. it’s got it all – excellent compatibility but If you’re in doubt, went over the buying guide best suggestions. But that’s just my choice, You can check and consider others based on your project requirements,

in this case, We consider the Longruner Multi-function Tester best overall while DROK Mosfet Transistor Tester is won me over in the end. The BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester best heavy-duty buy and the KOOKYE Transistor Tester MEGA328 is the most affordable option.

At this point, I hope you can make up your mind and find the best transistor tester DIY kit for your need. Also, don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Till next time! 


So transistor tester is also an important device to get accurate results with less time. we have learned a lot regarding “How to use transistor tester” and “where can I buy transistors” with various transistor tester functions.

Multi-function Tester, Longruner 1.8 inch Display is our top pick advice it is somewhat costly but worth the Money due to its wide range of features and easy to use.

Video Tutorial: BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester display

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