Top 7 Best Transistor Testers for Accurate Testing (2023)

Are you looking forward to the best transistor testers in 2023?

Transistors are crucial components in electronic circuits, and testing them is essential to ensure the proper functionality of the circuit. Manual testing of transistor testing is a time-consuming task and tedious job especially when we are dealing with complex electronic circuits. This is where the transistor testers come in handy.

When choosing the right transistor tester for electronic component checking consider price, accuracy reliability, screen display type, technical support, features, ease of use, body construction, and more.

In this article, After my real and honest testing, I have reviewed and shortlisted the 7 best component testers and our Top 3 Picks for the Best transistor testers To find your best suitable options.

Choosing the right transistor tester is crucial if you want to measure required parameters with high accuracy. From the electrical behavior of a transistor and performance to in-circuit testing, the Best transistor testers can help you meet your repair goals.

In this article, I’ll review the best transistor testers with their features, pros, and cons, to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right one for your needs.

What Is The Best Transistor Tester?

As per my personal experience, I found Longruner is the best transistor tester that recommends professionals so far. They are the best because they are simple, durable, sustainable, and quite efficient tools in an affordable price range. I found thousands of people using them, and they are happy with their performances.

After using and testing a ton of different Transistor Testers available in the marketplace, here are my top picks for the Best Transistor Tester.

1. Longruner transistor tester [Best Overall]

In my opinion, Longruner is one of the best transistor testers for professionals that want to test multiple electronic components. We’re starting this list with one of the best transistor testers, the Longruner transistor tester multimeter. I like this fantastic 1.8-inch Colorful Display. I also like the Longruner transistor tester because it is a Multifunctional tester. We can test various electronic components from this tester.

Now that’s all well and satisfying. I found the transistor tester kit useful for multiple industrial applications. With all that capability comes a high price. Don’t get me wrong – it will work, but it is at its best with the transistor tester DIY kit.

It can test NPN and PNP transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, triodes, etc. If you’re looking for a reliable Best Transistor Tester, The Longruner Transistor Tester is the most affordable option. I like it because it is easy to use and has many other exciting features.

We couldn’t find anything wrong with the product itself. The better option for the product above is the Longruner TC1 tool. It’s a little pricey but worth the investment. It correctly identified and gave the values for capacitors, resistors, variable resistors, diodes, and transistors, and I’m not sure what else it will do.

I like the Longruner transistor tester because it provides a perfect testing experience. It is an awesome multiple industrial applications tester. I believe that it is a reliable product. I’m not sure what else it will do. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the product itself. It was sometimes challenging to set up the first time, especially for newbies. Note that this tool is all well and good and Satisfied so far.

What I like/Dislike about Longruner:


  • Only one keystroke is required.
  • Tester with multi-functionality.
  • Easy to maintain options.
  • Self-test with automatic calibration.
  • Display of measurement results using TFT graphics.


  • A quick drain of the battery occurs.
  • Can be hard to handle for newbies.

2. Dork capacitor and transistor tester

It is one of the DROK MOSFET transistors used in many applications. I like this drok transistor tester manual because it can be a test diode, capacitor, Resistor, Inductor, etc., and uses an ESR Meter.

When I used it, I found this automatic Checker Detector function can test electronic devices in intelligent identification systems. This transistor tester has everything you need in a tester.

Another essential feature of this advanced transistor tester is that it automatically shuts down. You can extend the auto-shutdown time to 40 seconds. I also like This best SMD transistor checking tool with a clean and classy design. It is an intelligent transistor checker. It is Battery-powered and uses a DC 9V battery, which is durable.

DROK Transistor Tester review

What I like/Dislike about Dork:


  • Automatic testing features.
  • Comes with auto shutdown features.
  • Tester used in a wide range of applications.
  • It comes with auto-shutdown features.
  • Operated by 9-volt DC battery power.
  • Equipped with a large and clear digital display.


  • A quick drain of the battery occurs.
  • Can be hard to handle for newbies.

3. Bside best electronic component tester

Especially for SMD components, The BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester is the most suitable testing Device. I found that this tester has Tweezers probes to hold the devices effectively. It performs almost well all electronic component testing.

Intelligent Digital Transistor checkers can be used in a wide range of applications. I like this tester because it is an easy-to-test plug-in facility and tests automatically setting fields.

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester provides the best value for its price. This section is straightforward to test plug-in and SMD devices and the most affordable transistor tester. It looks pretty slick, features an Automatic identification element pin arrangement, and displays them on the LCD.

What I like/Dislike about Bside:


  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Auto shutdown device.
  • Marked with Typical ESR Value Table on the body.
  • Featured with 2 Power/Test Buttons on both sides.


  • Batteries are not included.

4. kookye the best electronic component tester

KOOKIE is the best SMD transistor-checking device. I like It because it works well as a test transistor. It is ideal for testing electronic components like thyristors, transistors, Capacitors, and N -channel and P-channel MOSFETs.

Let’s go a little deeper into each product. Its testing speeds are pretty high, and it can test within 2 seconds only. Power consumable off mode helps to save power in the long run. The transistor tester kit is the most reliable and economical option.

There are a lot of built-in safety features, and this is the most reliable transistor tester DIY kit. The consumption shutdown is less than 20 nanoamps.

What I like/Dislike about KOOKIE:


  • Single-button operated
  • LCD display with backlight for easy mode
  • Automatic test
  • It has the auto power off


  • A bit of a dim display.
  • The view angle is not straight.

5. LCR-T4 SMD transistor tester

The AITRIP company specializes in various best transistor testers and accessories. It is used widely in a variety of applications. I like it because this tester can test transistors, capacitors, dual diodes, SCRs, LED tubes, adjustable potentiometers, etc.

I found that the design is a flexible, durable material that provides High test speed. It provides valid component test results. I like that this best transistor tester kit features an active Auto power-off function to avoid unnecessary waste and multiple other features.

What I like/Dislike about LCR:


  • High test speed.
  • Auto power-off function.
  • Support boot voltage detection function.


  • Comes without instructions.
  • The contrast can’t be adjusted.


As I mentioned before, I am an electronic engineer. I had hands-on experience as a transistor tester when I was 18. While in troubleshooting and reaping shops, you can quickly check the presence of this tester. So it is a widespread tool.

To find out the best suitable transistor tester, I have focused on a few key parameters that you can get in our buyer’s Guide. Their parameters are accuracy, Pricing, ease to use, and customer feedback and reviews.

While testing, I wrote all the little things on my notepad that I had reviewed. In the end, I compiled a list of the best transistor tester reviews. I’m a curious guy, So I read all the excellent material on the internet to do my best possible research before publishing my list.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Transistor Testers

Now that you know all the 5 Best transistor testers for Electronics available. Learning which is the best reliable transistor tester at an affordable price is all well and good. Remember that when we say testers, This is necessary because we require accuracy and performance. Both are crucial when measuring and analyzing the component and can not compromise.

When choosing the right transistor tester for electronic component checking consider price, accuracy reliability, screen display type, technical support, features, ease of use, body construction, and more.

You can find the Best Transistor Tester shortlisted after several hours of testing and analysis. As mentioned below, three key factors must be considered while purchasing the best Transistor Tester.

  • Accuracy: Ideally, you should get a Transistor Tester with a high accuracy to measure required parameters more specifically. After considering the comparison tolerance values, it is essential to buy a tool.
  • Screen Display: You’d be wise to spend your hard-earned money to buy a tool with a large screen display that is easy to read for error-free measurements. Also, It is essential to consider the backlight on the display feature.
  • Other Testing Ability: You can always look for something extra to identify additional components. Measuring different parts like resistance, capacitance, inductance, and ESR value is good.

Buying the best transistor Testers is challenging, even if you have read about many transistor Testers. Based on their accuracy and ease of use features, I’ve researched the top-of-line five best transistor testers.

And as beginners, it becomes more difficult as you are unfamiliar with many features and functions. So here, we will help you buy the best transistor testers to suit your project test needs. We’ll cover in this article how to select the best transistor tester in the league here.

This Guide will prove an excellent value-for-money option for you to make a solid, more informed decision for buying a transistor tester. We have well explored the marketplace to get top-rated transistor testers.

Features that matter

I have listed the 5 Best Buy transistor Testers below based on individual testing, accuracy, and ease of use. There are thousands of options in the marketplace. Therefore it needs extensive research to determine if we pick faulty products and test the equipment to find the best lot.

To avoid confusion, We have carefully listed the crucial factors you need to consider when buying the best transistor tester kit. Here we will name the most commonly used transmitter testers and buy transistors.


Ideally, you should get the best transistor tester with a backlight on display. The show is clear and quiet enough to view and note down all measurements reading without much effort. The display’s resolution must be good enough if you are down to get more technical.

Well, as mentioned, it allows you to read measurements easily, and the display is large enough with a backlit screen to ensure even in the dark, you can use it ideally.

Safety Features

Undoubtedly, safety is important for every electric current or circuit product. Looking for the best transistor tester kit that follows the safety norms and standards would be best. In the transmitter testers, a few advanced versions are the latest in advanced innovation.

So, to make sure that your buying experience must be focused and consider the future situation as well., You must consider the things you should know before buying the best transistor tester DIY kit.

Build Quality

In the future, you will be wise to spend that hard-earned money on a durable gadget that will last a long time. After all, it is the design that counts. When choosing your transistor tester SMD for buying, make sure you choose one made from quality and durable materials, but be careful when choosing yours.

Extra Features

You can always look for something extra while buying the best transistor tester kit. A lot of companies offer various promotional offers and activities to attract customers. These additional features may be in the form of materials or services. It is a good thing to have them.

So far, there have been no quad bands, but we can look out for that. If you need to keep the transistor tester, it will be good to provide the carry bag. The carry bag will safeguard the device and help it move from one place to another.


With technological advancements, new-age transistor testers have far superior accuracy and ease of use. Therefore, we picked the best transistor testers that perform amazingly in both departments.

I’m generally not suitable to pick the most expensive option, electronic cleaner spray. I was always wise to research and choose products with the best features at affordable Pricing. Research and experimentation will always be beneficial and not give to chance to regret it in the future.

Ultimately, I hope you’ve picked a winner from our selection. It’s got it all – excellent compatibility but go over the buying guide’s best suggestions if you’re in doubt. But that’s just my choice, and You can check and consider others based on your project requirements.

In this case, We consider the Longruner Multi-function Tester best overall, while DROK Mosfet Transistor Tester won me over. The BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester is the best heavy-duty buy, and the KOOKYE Transistor Tester MEGA328 is the most affordable option.

At this point, I hope you can make up your mind and find the best transistor tester DIY kit for your need. Also, don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.

How to Test Good and Bad Transistors?

I’m happy with my multifunctional tool. I can quickly determine the good and bad transistors in handling these Best transistor testers. One more thing, I do not require you to remove the component from the circuit. You may have noticed that this product works wonders for NPN and PNP test circuit testing.

The transmitter has two diodes. We can check the transmitter with the help of a multimeter and a specifically designed transistor tester. You can check out the video tutorial and the step-by-step.

I’m concerned about the cost of a separate transistor tester, but it is worth investing in. The main advantage of a transistor tester is that You do not have to remove the component in the circuit. I have been using a Laboratory-standard tester for a long time for multiple projects. I would prove that the best transistor tester is a more cost-effective and must-have device. For example, place the component and get tested automatically to measure the diode.

How to Use an LCR Transister Tester

Transistor Tester is a simple device I don’t think can not require any specific training. I recommend this for those using it for the first time and can help from the operating manual. It is an excellent choice to educate yourself to explore new things.

I find myself testing a lot of transistor testers during these reviews. Below are a few tips I wish to share to avoid any issues. 
First, I have to insert a battery to be powered to start the testing activity.
I have selected the transistor to test this component in the next step.
Check dock numbers and Place the transistor legs of 123 connections on the socket of the tester.

I am using an automatic tester, so the testing starts immediately. If you are using manuals, you need to press the start button.
The test results displayed on the monitor are so simple that you can note them down. I found nothing complicated. 

What is a transistor tester or component tester?

A transistor tester is an electronic device used to test any transistor. The purpose of this tool is to test NPN and PNP transistors and also identify their pin layouts. In simple terms, you can quickly identify whether the fault is performing correctly.

With the help of this fantastic device, you can determine the polarity of test NPN and PNP transistors. In standard terms, people also call this device a general component tester. I don’t know, but checking other components like capacitors, resistors, and diodes is practical.

I’m concerned about the cost of a separate Best transistor tester smd, but it is worth investing in. The main advantage of a transistor tester is that You do not have to remove the component in the circuit.

I have been using a Laboratory-standard tester for a long time for multiple projects. I would prove that the best transistor tester is a more cost-effective and must-have device. For example, place the component and get tested automatically to measure the diode.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

So transistor tester is also vital to get accurate results in less time. We have learned a lot regarding “How to use a transistor tester” and “Where can I buy transistors” with various transistor tester functions.

Multi-function Tester, Longruner 1.8 inch Display is our top pick advice. It is somewhat costly but worth the money due to its wide range of features and easy use.

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