7 BEST Oscilloscope for Hobbyists in Any Lab Budget (2023)

After several hours of product testing, research and analysis, I shortlisted the 7 Best oscilloscopes for hobbyists & Beginners. Out of them, I’ve tested so far. The Siglent SDS1202X-E offers almost everything asked for in a Digital oscilloscope.

When choosing the best budget oscilloscope, you must consider price, sample rate, high quality, reliability, technical support, ease of use, and many more.

In this article, To make your decision more informative, I reviewed and shortlisted the 7 Best oscilloscopes for hobbyists based on features, accuracy, customer feedback, technology, Pricing, etc. Comparison Table of our top 3 Best Oscilloscopes for Hobbyists

Oscilloscopes are essential tools for electronics hobbyists. They allow us to analyze signals from circuits and devices, such as oscillators, transistors, and capacitors.

There are several types of oscilloscopes available today. Each type offers different features and capabilities. This article will discuss the pros and cons and features of individual products.

I spoke with 15 experts about the best oscilloscope under 500 dollars and found a list of Easy-to-use, reliable, and accurate tools to cater to repairing and test needs. I weed out faulty components through extensive research and handpicked the best-of-lot products. 

Reviews of the best oscilloscope for hobbyist on any Budget

When choosing the best oscilloscope for hobbyists, you must consider many things. For example, consider the Bandwidth, Onboard Memory for data transfer, Sampling Rate, and many more.

After using a ton of different oscilloscopes across numerous tech companies and testing for performance and ease of use, Here are my top picks for the best oscilloscope for beginners to use this year.

1. Siglent SDS1202X-E Best Oscilloscope

It is one of the first oscilloscope signature technologies I’ve used. We were surprised by the accuracy of this 200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope from Siglent Technologies. 

These great features usually cost twice as much in more expensive models. What I like best about this oscilloscope because it uses SPO technology.

I like it because it features with Wide range of measurement options, including sleep mode, step mode, pulse width modulation, frequency domain analysis, etc. It is one of the highest-accuracy oscilloscopes we’ve tested for this guide.

After reviewing many different brands and models, we found it the best oscilloscope for money. I love to work on amazing Super Phosphor Oscilloscope screens.

The Siglent SDS1202X E200Mhz digital oscilloscope has two channels for measuring signals from different sources.

I noticed that it could have a high-speed signal capture rate of 400,000 oscillograms per second. The compact yet robust best oscilloscope for home use weighed only 7.2 lbs. I also liked that Siglent Technologies is one of the best oscilloscope brands in the world.

This oscilloscope features a high-resolution display with an extensive range of measurement options, such as sampling rate, bandwidth, and trigger level. Additionally, the oscilloscope also includes a built-in spectrum analyzer and waveform generator.


  • High-resolution digital oscilloscope with two channels (A & B)
  • Built-in memory for up to 100 waveforms
  • Display up to 1 million points per second
  • Easy-to-use interface with auto-calibration
  • High-speed refresh rates.
  • The warranty period is extended.
  • Any oscillometer records the most extended record length.
  • Quite an expensive oscilloscope.
  • No Wi-Fi enabled oscilloscope.
  • It only has two channels.

2. Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes

The Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope is the best oscilloscope for beginners. This oscilloscope is at the top of my list of the best oscilloscopes for home use. The device is a smart choice for scientists and electronic product developers.

The best budget oscilloscope has various measurement options, including frequency sweep, phase shift, amplitude response, pulse width, rise time, fall time, step response, impulse response, etc.

An affordable four-channel oscilloscope, the Rigol is easy to use.  The large display is decent. Also, it’s easy to install and operate. It is very compact, and its weight is only 3 Kg.

With its large display screen and intuitive user interface, the DS1054Z provides easy access to all the measurement parameters and functions.

There were no problems with its reliability, and it ranked high among the Best Entry-Level Oscilloscopes for Beginners, Hobbists, and Professionals. The only downside to this oscilloscope is that it is not a good choice for first-time buyers.


  • Wide range of measurement options
  • Large display screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use
  • High-end performance
  • There is a high rate of waveform capture.
  • This is a great upgrade option
  • Absolute safe product to use on
  • Can be used for working on a wide range of products
  • It would not be a good choice for first-time buyers

3. Siglent SDS1052DL best hobby oscilloscope 2022

It is one of the first oscilloscopes for hobbyists I’ve used. Siglent SDS1052DL is a futuristic design and is a dual-channel universal digital oscilloscope. It is an excellent oscilloscope for hobbyists as well as beginners.

For product design, assembly lines, repair and maintenance, and electrical engineering education, a digital oscilloscope with 50MHz and two channels is ideal for beginners.

Furthermore, The maximum real-time sample rate per channel is 500MS/s. The entire record length is 32 kpts. Speaking of studs, It featured a 7″ LCD Display for viewing waveform. The most significant and crucial feature is the multi-language display with embedded help.

It’s compact, The best oscilloscope for hobbyists UK, with outstanding performance. I appreciate this measurement instrument widely used in advanced applications like research and development and electronic field service applications.


  • 2 Channels 50 MHz Bandwidth Digital Oscilloscope.
  • Shortcut storage function key
  • Multiple interfaces
  • 7-inch color LCD for accurate waveform viewing and measurements.
  • Digital filter and waveform recorder function.
  • Best oscilloscope for the money.
  • User-friendly setup and easy to operate.
  • The impressive sample rate.
  • Compact and lightweight hobby oscilloscope.
  • Low screen resolution

4. Hantek dsop digital storage oscilloscope

The Hantek best oscilloscope for professionals is excellent for beginners, hobbyists, and DIYers. It comes in 100MHz bandwidth. That is pretty good for beginners.

The Hantek DSO5103P digital storage oscilloscope is designed to measure signals up to 1 GHz. With its large screen display, easy operation, and intuitive menu structure, this oscilloscope provides fast acquisition and analysis of waveforms. Its compact size allows it to be used in various applications, including testing and measurement, communications, instrumentation, and industrial automation.

I like it because it is straightforwardly designed for multiple automatic measurements. It is undoubtedly the best oscilloscope in 2022. It offers excellent vertical and horizontal alignment, quick setup readiness, etc.

The Hantek best oscilloscope for professionals is excellent for beginners, hobbyists, and DIYers.

In addition to that, it offers two input channels suitable for beginners. It’s an easy and excellent choice in this price range. It’s a dual-channel best-budget oscilloscope.


  • Large screen display (10 inches) with 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Easy operation with intuitive menus
  • Fast acquisition and analysis of waveform data
  • The compact size allows it to be easily integrated into various applications.
  • The high-performance analog input circuitry

The only downside of this equipment is that the display is comparatively small and compact. Otherwise, I like this entry-level scope and a perfect selection for purchasing. It is the most famous name in this segment.

  • Best Budget oscilloscope.
  • Multi-function button design.
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Comparatively compact and small display

5. Sainsmart best cheap oscilloscope

I like the SainSmart oscilloscope because it is powerful but simple to use. It is a Built-in signal generator for vertical and horizontal precise measurement and triggering threshold. Its operation is simple and easy.

You will feel like using taps and swipes like any smartphone when working. It is the best oscilloscope for automotive use.

The SainSmart DSO212 is the Best Portable Handheld Pocket Size Digital Storage Oscilloscope. I would also like to put in a good word that Its display is bright and sharp. That helps to make easy work of taking readings from small.

Furthermore, I appreciate how it is for a Built-in 8MB storage space. I found that transferring waveform data and images is more accessible than ever.

I love this best oscilloscope for hobbyists UK because it is a simple design with a Max Sample Rate of 10 MSa/s. I also appreciate that It is the perfect Mini Digital Handheld Oscilloscope for academic experiments, electronics maintenance, electronic engineering tasks, etc.


  • It is a Dual Channel with a 1 MHz Bandwidth.
  • Pocket-size and lightweight oscilloscope.
  • Equipped with a unique color display.
  • Best Portable Professional Oscilloscope Kit
  • It is the best oscilloscope under $100
  • Small size makes it easy to carry around
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for many different things
  • Not as accurate as larger models
  • Only works with certain types of probes

6. Hantek DSO5202P Digital Storage oscilloscope

I Like this hobby oscilloscope because it is simple to use and set up. The Hantek DSO5072P is the combination of everything we are seeking. This product is the best well-accomplished company serving for many decades. It is an excellent 70 MHz Bandwidth option and the best oscilloscope for hobbyists.

When I used this dual-channel digital oscilloscope, I found it very impressive. It is used for electronics applications such as product design, assembly lines, repair and servicing, and electrical engineering education.

The best oscilloscope for hobbyists is perfect for all advanced application measurements. It can measure a record length of up to 40K for Multiple automatic measurements.

I also liked The build quality of this Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope. Other than that, Best Portable Professional Oscilloscope Kit Provides software for PC real-time analysis.

I appreciate that Hantek offers some Great features and customer support. It is also a pretty great best cheap digital oscilloscope. Now, there is another reason why I like this device a perfectly designed and simple Display for reading and viewing waveforms. That is the reason this is the best oscilloscope for hobbyists.


  • 2 Channels 70 MHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope.
  • Record length up to 40K
  • It has a large (7.0-inch) color display.
  • Best oscilloscope under $500
  • Sturdy probes
  • User-friendly operating experience
  • Lightweight and portable
  • One of the best value scopes on the market.
  • Signal noise might be high when zooming in too much

How to Select the Best Budget Oscilloscope?

There are hundreds of options available in the marketplace. So to choose the best oscilloscope for hobbyists, one needs to research and review critical parameters and factors.

Bandwidth — Oscilloscope bandwidth is a crucial determining factor and is defined as the range of frequencies where the amplitude of the input signal attenuates by 3 dB. For example, a 100 MHz oscilloscope is usually guaranteed to have less than 30% attenuation at 100 MHz.

The number of channels — Most oscilloscopes have ubiquitous 2 or 4 analog channels. The mixed signal is the input from the external world displayed simultaneously on the screen.

Sample rate — Sample rate (samples per second) is the maximum number of instances an oscilloscope can acquire per second. It is one of the banner specifications and must be 4-5 times the oscilloscope bandwidth.

We reviewed and tested all available options and assessed their accuracy and ease of use individually. As a result, we recommend the following digital oscilloscopes.

Buying Guide

There are hundreds of options available in the marketplace. So to choose the best oscilloscope for hobbyists, one needs to research and review different parameters and factors. Buying the Best Oscilloscope for hobbyists is challenging, even if you have read about them.

Beginners face challenges choosing the best oscilloscope since they don’t know all the technical specs and features. Since we could not research and review all these products, we developed a list of the five best oscilloscopes to meet your requirements. The market offers a wide range of Oscilloscopes. To find the best among them, shoppers must research and evaluate various factors.

Before discussing its features, it is essential to understand how the best oscilloscope for hobbyists works. It can be dangerous to work with electricity if you do not handle it correctly. Despite maintaining a minimum safety standard, we do not wish to sustain any injuries.

Below are the most critical factors that need to consider before making any buying decision on the Best oscilloscopes for beginners

Bandwidth of Oscilloscope

Beginners should focus on the bandwidth of oscilloscopes because it defines accuracy and allows the measurement to be done correctly through the display. Experts recommend selecting equipment with five times higher frequency than the one you’ll be measuring.

Bandwidth is measured in Hertz, and for Beginners or Hobbyists, better special equipment having 100MHz devices of daily use where the.

The front-end amplifier of the best oscilloscope for hobbyists determines the bandwidth, which is equivalent to a low-pass filter. Analog bandwidth refers to the bandwidth of the oscilloscope’s input amplifier.

An oscilloscope bandwidth can be defined as the frequency where the observed signal’s amplitude drops by -3 dB (or drops to 70.7% of its previous value) when the frequency increases in response to the frequency.

Oscilloscope Sample rate

To make the best budget oscilloscope, they must take samples at least once per second. Higher sampling rates improve the accuracy and resolution of waveforms.

Analog front ends condition signal inputs before passing them on to analog-to-digital converters. The Nyquist sampling theorem explains that ADC fs must have a sampling rate at least twice the maximum component frequency of interest.

Number of channels

Is there a limit to the number of analog signals you can measure simultaneously? Most oscilloscopes come with two, four, or eight analog channels. Some oscilloscopes can easily be synchronized with multiple devices. So some oscilloscopes have more than eight channels.

A certain number of channels will check and analyze several input signals. The number of channels from 2 to 4 is sufficient for beginners.

Memory depth

Any oscilloscope provides a lot of storage space for beginners to analyze input signals. A large amount of storage is required to calculate efficiently.

Memory Price

Price is always the main factor influencing buying decisions, especially when a beginner. The best effort is a low budget and valuable features to utilize your money.

Easy to use

If you seek the Best oscilloscopes for beginners, the selected equipment must be easy to use, and functions are not so complicated.


As I mentioned before, I am an electronics engineer and have worked for over 20 years as a printed circuit board test and repair expert. I have worked with almost all the best oscilloscopes for hobbyist brands available. I’ve done extensive research and spent several hours of testing and analyzing. I weed out the faulty product and handpicked the best digital oscilloscope.

During testing, I note down all small observations on a notepad. I focused mainly on hobby oscilloscopes because they are the most affordable and straightforward digital oscilloscopes. We also searched popular retailers on Amazon to find out the most suitable for this criteria. I have also checked our experts and conducted interviews to discover their interests.

We have tested the digital storage oscilloscope MHz. I borrowed some, rented some, and owned them to review individual devices.

I Tested these hobby oscilloscopes in a workshop where PCB repairing is done on a large scale. The room was small but adequately ventilated. I tested all models and collected data to find the best hobby oscilloscope.

The critical factors for making a final buying decision are accuracy, ease of use, Pricing, and customer feedback and reviews. We used other high-precision tools to cross-verify the measurements for accurate world testing. Finally, I looked at the display and valuable accessories. That way, I will help you find out the best budget oscilloscope.

How to use an oscilloscope?

The best hobbyist oscilloscope is a virtual device mainly used to look at fast voltage changes. Whatever oscilloscope you are working it needs to follow a few steps. If you are a beginner, it requires a basic level of training to operate.

Before starting the best oscilloscope for hobbyists, It requires some basic setup and configuration. I used dual channel scope, so I will focus on this only. After switching on the power button, when I press the channel one button, it displays on the screen in yellow color, and after some time, it disappears. For the channel two controls, the color changed to blue. In such a way, I checked both inputs.

In the next step, I Connected it to Oscillating constant frequency signals. For further step-by-step “How to use an oscilloscope,” Please check out the complete tutorial video here.

What is the Best Cheap Oscilloscope?

Siglent SDS1202X-E is the best cheap oscilloscope available in the marketplace. This is a great oscilloscope for the price with unbelievable value and excellent accuracy. Its good layout is capable of measuring the most critical devices.

What Is the Best Budget oscilloscope?

Hantek DSO5202P is the Best Budget oscilloscope. It is the perfect choice having great features in an affordable price range. Hantek is a very popular brand that is recommended by industry experts.

Are digital oscilloscopes any good?

Yes, digital oscilloscopes have been a popular, modern option in analog oscilloscopes. Digital oscilloscopes are fast and have an easy-to-read display.

For example, a digital oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 500 MHz and a rise time of 10 nanoseconds would be an excellent choice for measuring the rise time of a pulse with a bandwidth of 50 MHz.

A recent National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) study has verified that digital oscilloscopes are as accurate as analog ones.

Which oscilloscope brand is the best?

Choosing an oscilloscope for your needs is not easy, as there are a lot of different brands to choose from, and each one offers different features. If you need an oscilloscope with colossal bandwidth, consider the Tektronix brand.

They offer the most expansive bandwidth option of any oscilloscope on the market, an excellent feature for those who need high bandwidth to study pulses and other signals.

Which is better Siglent or Rigol?

Rigol and Siglent are two different companies that produce oscilloscopes. Siglent has been around longer and is more established in the oscilloscope industry.

Rigol is a newer company trying to establish itself as an equal competitor to Siglent. They have similar features, but Rigol is cheaper.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Due to technological advances, the new-age oscilloscopes for hobbyists have become far superior in performance and accuracy. As a result, we chose the Best Portable Professional Oscilloscope Kit that performs exceptionally well in both aspects.

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying the best oscilloscope. And now that we have concluded this informative buying guide, we hope to have selected the best product from our recommendations. However, if you still need any support and suggestions, please comment. I will address the same.

A surprisingly important factor for choosing the best hobbyist oscilloscope is easy to use and affordable Pricing. The Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS1054Z is the Best Oscilloscope for Beginners and hobbyists. I love the genuinely ambidextrous design of these Professional Oscilloscope Kit. They feel comfortable operating and handling. It is lightweight enough to carry anywhere.

At this point, we hope you decide to find the Best Cheap oscilloscope for beginners for your needs. Also, don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments below.


Video Tutorial: What’s an oscilloscope & How does it work?

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