9 Best Solder Fume Extractors Reviewed (Top Picks for 2024)

Usually, people who are involved in soldering activities may experience serious health issues as the toxic fumes and dust particles get inside. This activity will lead to various problems in your health. In order to avoid this issue, the right solder fume extractor can make a world of difference in your health and the quality of your work.

Hello, this is Manoj from Smtinsight. I am a soldering expert and Here I asked to review the top solder fume extractors available on the marketplace. I’ve researched and tested more than 25 models, and based on performance. ease of use, and affordability I’ve shortlisted the top 9 options.

To choose the best options, I handpicked and weeded out a faulty product to choose the option to repair. After several hours of investigation and analysis, I chose the 9 Best solder fume extractors based on the below key factors.

How To Pick The Right Solder Smoke Absorber

The Best solder fume extractors out there on the market are the Hakko FA 400-04 and Kotto Solder Smoker Absorber. They are the best because they are ESD-Safe, are easy to use, and have decent airflow and efficiency.

  • Air Flow — The air flow capacity of any Solder Fume Extractor is another critical parameter to evaluate the efficiency. It is usually given in CFM, and the recommended value is 30-40 CFM or 100-150 CFM per product requirement.
  • Power Rating The power rating of any Solder Fume Extractor is an essential factor in buying. It is a measure of fan performance. The fan can throw solder smoke more efficiently if the power rating is higher.
  • Warranty While purchasing the Solder Fume Extractor, the warranty consideration is always beneficial to the user. I always prefer devices that have a warranty.

To select the solder fume extractor, we must consider several factors and conduct extensive research to choose the best model worth every penny. It is essential to consider the product’s features, design, and ease of use.

Here is the list of in-depth Research and Reviews of the 9 Best Solder Fume Extractors for soldering based on their features and performance to make a buying decision.

Comparing the Top Solder Smoke Absorber of 2024

1. Hakko FA400-04

Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber

No matter where you want to place it, The Hakko FA 400-04 always ranked on top of the list. Its low profile position makes it more efficient. Quick and easy filter replacement allows you to save processing timings.

I like the Hakko FA 400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber because It is a product of Hakko’s famous brand. I got a chance to work with Hakko when I was working as a repair Technician. I found that It has a decent airflow rating of 38.8 CFM. That is pretty good, considering its large size.

The Hakko FA 400-04 Bench Top Solder fume extractor is very efficient equipment that quickly removes soldering smoke and fumes from a safety point of view. This smoke absorber can use both standing and lying low profile. The smoke absorber Hakko FA, 400-04, is made of ESD-safe material and compact to essay transportation & mounting. Its weight is only 3 pounds.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a 90-day Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It offers a Rated airflow of 38.8 CFM despite of larger size.
  • It featured a power rating of 19 watts.

I know that the power rating of Smoke Absorber 19 watts is a bit higher, but considering the size, it is not a bad option. If you’re looking for a reliable ESD-Safe Solder fume extractor, Hakko is the perfect selection. Frankly speaking, I do not find any downside to this Product. But I feel this product is a bit expensive compared to others in this segment.

What I Like/Dislike About Hakko FA 400-04


  • ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber.
  • Quick replacement filter.
  • High-quality best soldering fume extractor.
  • Durable construction.


  • Bit noisy.
  • Although a little expensive, it was worth it.

2. Kotto’s Best soldering fume extractor

KOTTO Solder Smoke Absorber Remover Fume Extractor Smoke Prevention Absorber

Our first pick of the best fume extractor for stained glass is the US-based Kotto Solder Smoke Absorber. This Kotto Solder Smoker Absorber is a compact and robust Smoke Extractor that can absorb Solder Smoke very effectively while working with soldering activities.

The great thing about the Kotto Solder Smoker Absorber is that a 0.4-inch thick activated filter absorbs and captures solder fumes effectively and helps dissipation into the room. It is a portable and compact est Solder fume extractor with a noise-free Optimized 3000 RPM fan suction unit.

Some key highlights include that the product is very lighthearted, with an essay to replace carbon filters and a highly Optimized suction fan to remove fumes efficiently. The filters may be clogged up very frequently but can be replaced easily with a replacement.

What I Like/Dislike About Kotto:


  • Very compact and light-weighted.
  • Comes with a replacement filter.
  • Optimized 3000 RPM high suction fan.
  • Great build quality.


  • There is a bit of a warranty period.
  • Not more effective when the device is far from a fan.

3. KOTTO Strong Suction best fume extractor for soldering

KOTTO Strong Suction Hose Fume Smoke Absorber

This could be one of the best solder fume extractors available at an affordable cost in the market to purchase. Usually, it comes up with a strong suction that helps to purify the air instantly.

Based on your needs, you can adjust with the support of a fume hood as well as a 24-inch flexible tube. The best thing about this extractor is delivering low noise because of 6000 RPM and high suction. Well, this product will allow you to replace the filter in a quick way.

Key Features

  • The upgrade version mainly comes up with a pre-installed tube
  • Availability of fume hood will support adjusting as per needs
  • The structure of this extractor is completely stable

However, you can see that the product comes up with one replacement filter. Also, due to the availability of a pure copper motor, the product will offer the outcome with more stability and you can expect a lifetime of 50000 hours.

What I Like/Dislike About Kotto:


  • Good suction power
  • Deliver results for its price
  • Very effective for small soldering work


  • The product is not strong enough.
  • The house is not as perfect as expected.

4. aoyue fume extractor for soldering

Aoyue AO486 486 Benchtop Solder Smoke Absorber

Here is our fifth pickup list of the best solder fume extractors. When it comes to trusted names in smoke absorbers, the Aoyue Solder Smoke Absorber can be used in a wide range of electronics, arts & crafts, and stainless soldering works.

This solder fume extractor device comes with a stand to link up to increase effectiveness and ease of operation. Ideally, it can quickly absorb and remove soldering smoke and fumes when the device is placed near the soldering area and does not work at a distance. You should put it close to the flume if you want maximum effectiveness.

Aoyue Benchtop Solder Smoke Absorber is also a great option if you’re looking for the best Quiet smoke absorber. This solder fume extractor is an ESD-safe design with Approx 37 cubic feet per minute of airflow 5″x 5″ Activated, carbon filter area, operated with one 9V battery required (that is included with the product). This device also consists of one excess filter to use as a spare part and brings more to use continuously.

I found a few downsides to this product when I used it. The first Point I noted is that you have to place the device close to the soldering area. The second drawback is that the power cord is heavy and stiff.

What I Like/Dislike About Aoyue:


  • Deliver with an additional filter included in the package.
  • Comes with a stable stand-to-hold unit.
  • Compact and effective soldering fume extractor.
  • The exceptionally long warranty period


  • The power cord is heavy and stiff.
  • Need to keep close to the soldering area.

5. Kulannder Handy Carry Solder Smoker Absorber Remover

Kulannder Handy Carry Solder Smoker Absorber Remover Fume Extrator Smoke Prevention Absorber

The Kulannder Solder Smoker Absorber has been our budget pick to do a good job of removing any smoke. In every location we tried, this fume extractor soldering makes less noise. Compared to others it is relatively compact.

If you’re looking for a powerful, Long-lasting working time solder fume extractor, then the Kulannder Solder Smoker Absorber is the perfect selection with multiple features. One of the key highlights of this smoke absorber is that it does a great job, even if placed at a distance. Kulannder Solder Smoker Absorber is very powerful in removing fumes and is recommended Best Solder Fume Extractor for Large Rooms.

The only downside is that few users faced that the filters received with the device are too thin. It has a sturdy aluminum alloy material body same as our previous runner-up. When we used the solder fume extractor found the best working position was a 20cm distance between the Solder point and the Fans.

What I Like/Dislike About Kulannder:


  • Long-lasting, highly reliable solder smoke absorber.
  • When the fan is on during operation, it is silent.
  • Most users experience good performance.
  • Build quality and warranty are decent.


  • The filters received with the device are too thin.

6. Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor

Xytronic 426DLX Fume Extractor

In our 4th pickup list, We recommend the Xytronic 426DLX desktop fume extractor. Suppose you’re looking for a reliable fume extractor on a low budget and extracting performance & flexibility. In that case, Xytronic 426DLX is a perfect selection that easily replaces activated carbon filters.

Compact yet robust, you can use this smoke absorber. Quickly remove harmful flux and lead fume very efficiently. In case you don’t know, The Xytronic fume extractor featured a good extracting performance. It is an amazing option if you are okay with Wattage and filter size.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and handy enough. The low-noise brushless fans built into this device ensure it works without noise. With its small metal construction and size, this smoke absorber can easily be placed in soldering.

The only downside of this stained glass fume extractor is that while you working it needs need to be kept close to the soldering area. The best low-budget smoke absorber is recommended for beginners, homeowners, and hobbyists.

What I Like/Dislike About Xytronic 426DLX


  • A high level of performance.
  • For long-term use, it is quite reliable.
  • Compact and effective soldering fume extractor.


  • Bit noisy.
  • Need to keep close to the soldering area.

7. KNOKOO Solder Fume Extractor HEPA Filter FES150

KNOKOO Solder Fume Extractor HEPA Filter FES150

It is considered to be one of the best solder fume extractors to use. Basically, it comes up with a broader range of applications that make you stay away from various toxic fume issues. KNOKOO solder fume extractor comes up with three layers of filtration system which helps to purify the air before it gets into your body. Well, this thing will make you get fresh air while breathing.

The best thing about this product is when the machine has started to function; you can turn off the three-in-one switch in order to cut off the power. This could be the best option for power failure protection.

Well, the availability of a three-layer filter contains big dust capacitance when compared to a single layer. This thing will make you experience the cost saving at the end of the day.


  • Basically, it comes up with a small size body that will improve the utilization of the workspace.
  • Harmful gas and chemical smoke will be filtered with the support of a stage filter. The result you can expect is 99.97% filtration.
  • Experience the low noise which is less than 55DB.

What I Like/Dislike About KNOKOO:


  • Pre-filter is best for fume extractors.
  • Expect pure air with the support of this filtration.
  • Easy to set and start


  • You may feel low suction power.
  • Not better than particle suction

8. Weller ZeroSmog EL Portable Fume Extraction Kit

Weller ZeroSmog EL Portable Fume Extraction Kit

When you check out this soldering fume extractor, it comes up with a large HEPA H13 filter surface. Yes, it will deliver a lifetime filtering experience. With Weller Zerosmog EL, you can easily change the filter anytime.

If you would like to change the filter and struggling to find the right time, then filter alarm, as well as filter monitoring, will be supportive for sure. On the other hand, if you check out effective gas filtering, it can be done with the support of a granular activated carbon filter.

This product comes with power regulation as well as a 4-speed setting. The best thing you will get to know is one can expect a long service life with the support of a free brushless EC turbine.


  • It is a user-friendly installation that comes up with an easy-click process.
  • Here, it contains the four-stage speed setting and comes up with a visual filter alarm.
  • It also comes with an extraction hose.

What I Like/Dislike About Weller:


  • Offers clear filter
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Availability of support materials


  • Some may find issues with the suction stand.
  • It does not have an arm.

9. BAOSHISHAN Solder Fume Extractor

BAOSHISHAN Solder Fume Extractor

This amazing product delivers the best outcome lie purifying the air. Well, the delivery of high purification will make you breathe the fresh air that you are looking for. BAOSHOSHAN comes up with 3 3-stage filter which has a wider range of capacity to hold the dust.

The best thing about this extractor is quite small when compared to an A4 sheet. So, based on the size t have, it will be suitable for a small solder station. When you check out the main filter bulk, it is closed with metal latches. It is supportive to prevent leaking.

With the maximum suction, you can see that the noise will not go beyond 55db. When you check out the fume extractor, it comes up with 4 pieces of the cotton filter as well as two covers. The best thing about this product is the multiple filtrations offer purification in a quick time.


  • The suction power is better than expected
  • Best portable machine with a great purification rate
  • The available unit is good while functioning
  • The design is compact which makes you carry it easily.

What I Like/Dislike About BAOSHOSHAN:


  • It helps you to prevent allergic asthma.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The speed settings are simple to set.


  • The suction is 80W which does not absorb complete smoke.
  • You will slightly experience the smell.

Main Features To Consider Before Buying Best Solder Fume Extractor

Before buying, you need to consider the various factors to meet your project requirements and need some homework like the size of the room and workstation. Below are some factors that need to be considered before buying the Solder fume extractor.

Hundreds of options are available in the market, and a few are leading popular brands. As beginners choosing the Best Solder fume extractor is especially difficult as you are unaware of the features and layouts. In choosing we have to keep in mind some key factors like Airflow capacity, Filtration system, Noise level, Price, and Brand reputation.

This article will discuss the best cheap solder fume extractor installed in these wipers to avoid confusion. Let’s take a closer look without further delay.

Smoke absorber Size

The size of the Solder fume extractor is an essential factor that needs to be considered before making any buying decision. Device size considerations depend upon the scope of the workstation and room space.

It is not true that the bigger size always has more power than the smaller one. So many options are available that are small but extremely powerful and options for larger devices but less effective. So it is essential that you first analyze your project requirements and make a final buying decision.

Absorbing Power of smoke absorber

The best effective benchtop solder smoke absorber removal fume extractor sucks most of the fumes and removes them very quickly to clean the air of the workstation. So in terms of effectiveness, this feature has more wattage.

Activated carbon filters remove the flux fumes from the benchtop after being drawn through the can handle airflow up to 1.37 cubic meters per minute thanks to its incredibly quiet fan. Its fume-absorbent properties can be optimally enhanced by tilting the collector in multiple positions.

Easy To Clean and replace filters

The Best effective Best Solder fume extractor device must have easy-to-operate features. The changing and cleaning of filters are very frequent in such instruments. The time consumed in replacing the filter must be significantly less and more efficiently performed. It is easy to replace and absorbs up to 80 percent of airborne odors when the activated carbon filter (PN: A1001) is used.

These consumable filters must have stock in spares so that you can work for a long time without wasting time. Many factors impact air quality, and it is crucial to remember that a draft or current can spread solder pollution throughout the room – even to users far from the solder source. Considering the room’s work volume and size, an adequate filter system is worth investing in.

Noise of devices

The smoke absorber makes noise when Power is on the equipment, and the device’s loudness increases when the instrument’s ability increases.

Even when the fan power of low-quality fume extractors is lower, they still generate noise. To make a wise purchase decision, one must factor in the loudness of the smoke absorber since it disturbs the operator and makes irritating sounds.

Overall Build & Durability

For long-lasting usage, the device is made of good durable, high-quality material. This quality ensures a long life for the device. Stainless steel is an excellent material for the body of the solder fume extractor to be more solid and safe. If you want a durable gadget, you should spend your money on it.

Because portable fume extractors are often used on dusty and rugged job sites, build quality shouldn’t be compromised. A poorly crafted tool will not withstand minor misuse and crumble under even the slightest fall.

Additional Features

You might be looking at features that are not standard for all smoke absorbers. It is better to have a device withstand features placed easily during soldering. Additional features simplify operations, so buying the best smoke absorber fan can always look for something extra. Buy a model with a magnetic belt attachment for safe transport if you need the multimeter to stay close while working.

Additionally, you can search for options that include a kickstand for hands-free use and an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation.

FAQ– best solder smoke absorber

What Is The Best Fume Extractor For Soldering Applications?

The best fume extractor for soldering applications is one with a high airflow rate and a large exhaust port. This way, you can easily remove the fumes from the room. If you do not have a fume extraction system, you should wear a mask when working with solder.

Do You Need A Fume Extractor For Soldering?

Yes, it would help if you had a fume extractor for soldering. The fumes from soldering irons contain lead, which can harm your health. If you don’t use a fume extractor, you should wear a mask around soldering irons.

Q. #1) Why do You Need a Solder Fume Extraction System?

If you do the hand soldering work, some fumes are produced from burning soldering fluxes and solder materials. Inhaling solder fumes that contain toxic residues is highly dangerous to human beings.

If we Inhale such fumes directly, it can cause occupational asthma, Skin problems, and congestion problems. Due to the lead-free process implementation, the problem is more complicated as the produced fumes are higher.

So to avoid such hazards, medical issues need to make a system to remove such fumes produced by burning fluxes and other chemicals so that human beings will not get impacted. During hand soldering, Fume Extraction eliminates Solder Fume. Solder Fume Extraction sucks and immediately removes the fumes from the air around the workspace.

Q. #2) What is a Solder Fume Extractor, and How Does it Work?

The Solder Fume Extractor device, a smoke absorber or Smoke sucker, is an elementary device comprising a fan and a filter mounted in a frame operated by power sources.

The fumes are sucked up into the fume extractor and filtered by an Activated carbon filter, and the air is recirculated back to clean the working area and help keep away from the workforce. The sucking and removing of the Power of hazardous fumes depend on the ability.

Most Solder Fume Extractors are box-like devices operated by mainly an external power source and a built battery system. The Activated carbon filter that filters the fumes and dust becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned on a timely basis, and if it is too dirty, it needs to be changed with a new filter for better results.

Q. #3) What’s In Soldering Fumes?

Metal vapors are formed as solder fumes evaporate, producing gases as flux evaporates. Metal vapors are released into the air when low melting point alloys are soldered together. Due to rosin fluxes, including resin acid particles, soldering produces fumes that can cause long-term discomfort and health problems.

The human body can be exposed to solder fumes because the fumes rise vertically during hand soldering practices. Solder fumes can affect employee productivity, resulting in downtime.

Q. #4) How Effective Are Solder Fume Extractors?

The solder fume extractor removes solder fumes from the soldering work area. The fumes are harmful to health and may cause eye irritation. These fumes are generated during the soldering process, and they are toxic.

They contain lead, nickel, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, etc. So, these fumes should be removed from the workplace immediately.

Q. #5) How Do You Use A Solder Fume Extractor?

The solder fumes extractor is used to clean soldering equipment, such as irons and hot air guns. This machine has a fan that sucks up the fumes from the soldering iron and then blows them out through a filter.

There are two types of filters: HEPA and ULPA. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, and ULPA stands for Ultra Low Penetration Air. Both types of filters remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Q. #6) What Is A Fume Extraction System?

A fume extraction system removes toxic fumes from a room or area. The system consists of a fan that pulls air through a filter and then into the outside environment. This process removes any harmful chemicals from the air.

Q. #7) Why Should You Opt For A Smoke Absorber During Soldering?

It would help if you used a smoke absorber to protect yourself from inhaling toxic fumes during soldering. This tool absorbs the harmful gases produced when you solder metals together.

The best way to use these tools is to place them between the iron’s tip and the workpiece.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

To find the best options, I have itemized the 5 Solder fume extractors so that you can choose the best options for your DIY projects in your workshop. We will solve all the queries and doubts regarding purchasing the best suitable tool with the best deal.

Ultimately, Purchasing the It without proper research and assessing your device will be the biggest mistake. While buying the Best Solder fume extractor, you must compare crucial factors like equipment cost, Power, spare filters, durability, and product quality.

The market offers hundreds of solder fume extractors for consumers to choose from. But most people don’t have enough information about something like a fume extractor so that you can make mistakes easily.

Choosing the solder fume extractor is a complicated decision because there are hundreds of options, and many factors determine which smoke absorber- will fit most of your project requirements.

Both guides are prepared to assist you in choosing the best smoke absorber fan. If you encounter difficulties choosing the right smoke absorber fan, we are always ready to help. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Video Tutorial: How to test Soldering Fume Extractor

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