Best soldering iron for Electronics Beginners 2021– Buyer’s Guide

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In order to get quality solder joints, selecting the best soldering iron is extremely important for both beginners and experts. The Soldering Iron is a very common, but important tool used to connect, modify, or repair the electronic connections on a PCB Assembly.

Heat is used during soldering to make sure that the solder flows and forms a solid joint. It could be reflow soldering, wave soldering, or selective soldering that is used for mass production. Nonetheless, if you are installing, repairing, or prototyping, handholding is preferred.

Soldering is mostly made from a metal tip with an insulated handle for holding the device, and it is connected to the device through the eclectic wire supply. It’s difficult to select the one best suited for the activity we wish to invest in and seek out the several options available in the market. By using the right selection, we will be able to do difficult work in an easy manner and with the results we need.

Let’s start with the reviews of the 7 best soldering iron for electronics beginners.

Quick Summary: Our Top 7 Picks

Best Soldering iron for Electronics Beginners 2021

1. X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS – Best Overall

Best digital temperature controlled soldering iron

Part of the X-Tronic family, Model #3020-XTS is one of the bestselling products in this category. This Best Soldering Irons is 75W so that heats up very quickly within 2 minutes with precisely adjustable temperature ranging from 200°C to 480°C.

It is the most well-designed and all-around, This best professional soldering iron tool has all that you need and then some. The X-Tronic Digital Soldering Station is delivered with a great design, an ergonomic grip, and other featured accessories like a sturdy stand, brass sponge tip cleaner, solder roll holder, and cleaning flex.

The best way I can describe this best soldering iron under $100, It is made for beginners as well as Experts. X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS soldering iron has impressive features like sleep function (10 Minute), Auto cool down, well-designed roll solder, C/F switch, etc.

Want to be even more impressed, This Best digital temperature-controlled soldering iron Includes 2 Helping Hands, a Side Mount Solder Roll Holder, and a Brass Sponge Tip Cleaner. Those are some great features, If the soldering iron remains idle 10 minutes in the holder it automatically switches into sleeping mode.

  • Digital 75 Watt Soldering Station
  • Best soldering iron under $100
  • Featured with10 Minute Sleep Timer
  • Fragile handle
  • The sponge is not of good quality and too thin

2. Weller WLC100 – Best Customer Choice

best soldering iron under $50

It is the best soldering iron under $50. That extremely durable Weller WLC100 is the best lightweight soldering iron with ambidextrous quality. The cushioned foam grip provides maximum comfort in long-duration projects.

Weller WLC100 is a 40W soldering Iron station with the on-off switch, a temperature controlling knob that can be set 1 to 5, a sponge, and an iron holding space. Along with it is also featured an iron-plated copper tip and safety guard iron holder. 

So is this best soldering iron for electronics work is for you? well, It is a reliable and simple soldering station that has the very thing that you needed to solder a dedicated project.

Unlike its predecessors, If we compare it to our best pick XTronic solder station only cons are that Weller WLC100 takes a little bit more heat up time, lacks a digital display and it comes in a larger chisel tip that is less useful to small fine pitch components.

So if you are a Weller fan, I recommend this tool to beginners, professional experts, and hobbyists. This is the best soldering iron for model trains, Arduino, automotive wiring, and other dedicated projects. Weller’s best soldering irons for electronics come in replaceable heating elements and they can be replaced for new to continue with the same Best Soldering Irons for a long time.

  • Easily controlled temperature
  • Quality, lightweight pencil iron
  • 7 year warranty
  • No LCD display
  • Temperature is not variable
  • A new user may face some problems at the initial start.

3. Hakko FX888D  – Best in Quality

soldering iron kit for electronic circuit board

The next soldering station on our pickup list is Hakko FX888D Digital Soldering Station. This is a well-designed digital innovation that you surely like. Hakko FX888D is available in attractive blue and yellow colors.

The design features, It’s lightweights, a versatile, ergonomic handpiece, we can say the best professional soldering iron in the market.

This station featured Comes with the fx-8801 electronics soldering iron, A1559 sponge, Fh800 iron holder, t18-d16 tip, and A1561 cleaning wire.

FX888D Digital electronics soldering iron comes in 70W and heats up very quickly (around 10 seconds) and maintains temperature precisely during the working period. with premium features, this product is Best Soldering Irons solid in this segment and truly worth investment.

Personally, I have been using this particular device in the rework and troubleshooting of telecommunication products. If we compare the cost is higher side but really it is worth every penny spent and the perfect selection to purchase the Best digital temperature-controlled soldering iron.

  • Digital readout of the temp
  • A wide selection of tips allows more freedom
  • Allows soldering at a lower set temperature
  • Little Bit Price higher side
  • A new user may face a little bit of confusion Due to two function buttons.

4. Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit –  Best Soldering Iron For Accessories

soldering iron kit electronics, 21-in-1, 60w

Tabiger Soldering Iron comes in 60W power having the heat up rate is lesser (2 minutes). Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is the best pick on a low comes in 60W power having a heat-up rate is lesser (2 minutes) with an adjustable thermoset range of 200~450℃ with a solid steel pipe design for better heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

soldering irons for electronics Kit includes disordering pump, tweezers, soldering iron stand, 5 different types of soldering bits solder, and sponge.

All small tolls are packed inside the plastic case easy to carry with all accessories anywhere for repair projects

Tiger Soldering Iron Kit is the Best Soldering Irons gifting idea for beginners and experts for all sorts of repair activities like chipboards PCBA, mobile, and computer hardware repairing, welding guitar, watches, jewelry, small electronic works, etc.

All in all, would I recommend this Soldering iron? Yes, Much more than that, This soldering iron kit electronics, 21-in-1, 60w delivered full of accessories, It means you do not require to purchase anything to start the soldering activity. In real means, it is the best soldering iron kit for electronics with flux and other helping tools.

Look at it this way, You Can use this soldering iron kit for automotive, guitar repair, Arduino, automotive wiring , model trains, and other electronics work.

  • Great for beginners and small projects
  • 6-in-1 complete kit
  • Easy and simple to use the device
  • Desoldering pump quality not up to Mark
  • The stand is very poorly constructed.

5. Vastar Soldering Iron Station – Budget pick

best soldering iron for arduino

Vastar variable temperature soldering iron is another good analog soldering station. It is a high-quality best soldering iron for electronics beginners that can produce up to 480° C and suitable best soldering tools for various advanced applications.

Vastar Soldering Iron Station includes 5 x Soldering Iron Tips, Anti-static Tweezers, and an operation manual.

The thermal ceramic heating element provides a high-performance heating experience and long life for the tool. This 60-watt solder iron has a small footprint that helps to fit on small surfaces.

Vastar 60 watts solder iron is considered the best soldering kit for computers, microelectronics soldering kit, the motherboard soldering iron is a reliable cheap soldering kit at an affordable price used in various advanced applications with multiple features.

The Best soldering iron kit 60w adjustable temperature welding tool is fully ESD Safe. What makes this mouse truly ambidextrous, It Adjusts temperature very quickly and frames integrated with a soldering holder and a cleaning sponge.

  • Temperature Range Upto 480°C)
  • 60 watt solder iron, Includes 5 replaceable tips and tweezers
  • Temperature control is simple
  • Doesn’t include a case
  • Good only for electric jobs

6. Weller SP40NKUS – Best Technology

soldering iron kit for electronics weller

If you’re looking for a reliable best professional soldering iron at an affordable price Weller SP40NKUS 40-Watts Soldering Iron Kit is the best selection with multiple features.

Weller is a company specialist for your workbench of a lot of amazing Pro­fes­sional prod­ucts into Per­for­mance and efficiency. Weller SP40NKUS is best selling soldering iron from the world-leading soldering iron manufacturing brand Weller that serving for decades

Weller SP40NKUS High-Performance consumer soldering iron with the latest LED technology help to aim properly during soldering activity to get the best experience.

Some of the key highlights include this best soldering iron for electronics beginners with Three LEDs for superior accuracy and proper visualization, an Easy tip change feature, precise controlling and handling Triangular handle, and delivered with a huge 7-year limited warranty period. The equipment was delivered with Weller SP40NKUS iron, 6mm tip, iron stand, soldering aid tool, lead-free solder, spare ST3 (3.2mm) and ST7 (0.8mm) tips, operating instructions.

  • Three LED lights for workspace illumination
  • Produces 40 watts (up to 900 degrees F)
  • 7-year limited warranty
  • Short cord.
  • Temperature is not variable
  • New users may face some problems at the initial start.

7. Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit

best soldering iron for electronics work

For a headphone enthusiast, the best soldering iron under $100. This 21 in 1 set of the best professional soldering iron is the most affordable price with its easy-to-use functions, a perfect selection for your soldering needs.

Plusivo Best soldering iron for electronics beginners as well experts. Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit has amazing safety features that include a heat-resistant cap, heat-resistant anti-skid handle, etc. best for hobbyists.

The cleaning sponge ensures and keeps the tips excess solder that is left during operation helps maintain the quality and life of the soldering tip. For every purchase of the Best professional soldering iron eBook included step by step guide and the best for Beginners. The model we are taking a look at today is an item that is a perfect selection full of features. Most important thing is that Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit comes up with a full set of soldering tools.

Last but not the least, something that is very useful for people is that this tool comes up in a durable PU carry bag. This handy carry bag keeps components organize in a very decent way so that it makes the tools easy to carry. This best soldering iron for electronics Experts is best suited for advanced applications like electronics repair, jewelry making, DIY soldering projects any other many others.

  • Great safety features
  • 14-in-1 Set
  • 30-day return policy
  • No such point

8. Handskit soldering iron

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Soldering-Iron-Kit.jpg

Handskit best soldering iron for electronics with full of features and the perfect device used in repairing various household appliances and jewelry accessories. The design is simple, 60W Adjustable Temperature it is the best soldering iron for electronics.

If you’re looking for a simple type reliable at an affordable price best soldering iron kit We recommend this tool. Compact and Safety designed with a temperature setting best jewelry soldering kit for beginners and hobbyists.

Some of the key highlights of this best soldering iron for electronics include that this jeweler’s soldering iron Heat up very Quickly (within 2 minutes) and Heat Dissipation, in the same manner, controlled by ON/OFF Switch.

Now, let’s look at the main features of this Handskit Soldering Iron Kit. The heat range of soldering iron is 200-450℃ with temperature adjustable. It is a perfect selection and the best soldering iron for electronics.

  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Quick heating
  • Tips burn easily

9. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

Anbes Soldering Iron Kit is a jewelry soldering supplies is a set of tools complete kit that delivers a 14-in-1 Set it means no need to invest in the other accessories. It’s easy to use, durable, flexible, and versatile professional best professional soldering iron.

If you’re looking for a reliable best soldering iron for electronics at an affordable price the Anbes jewelers soldering iron is the best selection ease to use the function, a lot of accessories, and multiple features. The Anbes Soldering Iron Kit has an ergonomic design with textured grips with huge accessories.

We recommend this best soldering iron kit for automotive full of features and can be used for a wide range of activities like jewelry making, circuit board, mobile, and computer hardware repairing. The biggest and most important feature of this soldering iron for gold jewelry, It comes with 5 multiple tips replacements to handle multiple projects.

Other than that, the Jewelry soldering station 60W power that works on Temp Ranging 200℃ – 450 ℃ is Widely Used & Portable equipment. The wireless performance was impeccable and one of the best soldering iron for electronics kits.

  • Safe to use with the stand
  • Accessories are useful
  • Doesn’t get hot enough for thick wiring

Best soldering iron for Electronics Beginners- At A Glance

Below is the Quick Summary best soldering iron for electronics beginners reviews based on the accuracy, performance, and easy to use. What’s the best soldering iron for stained glass and how to pick the best soldering station will discuss the latter section during buying guide in detail.

  • best soldering iron for electronics beginners– X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS
  • Best soldering iron for automotive wiring – Weller SP40NKUS
  • Best soldering iron kit for electronics– Tabiger
  • Best soldering iron kit for electronic circuit board – Vastar Soldering Iron Station
  • Best soldering iron kit for electronics with flux – Tabiger
  • Best soldering iron for electronics – Plusivo
  • Best soldering iron kit electronics, 21-in-1, 60w – Tabiger
  • Best electronics soldering iron kit, 60w LCD digital soldering gun –Plusivo
  • Best soldering iron kit guitar repair – Weller WLC100
  • Best soldering iron kit for beginners – Hakko FX888D Soldering Station

Best Soldering iron for Electronics Beginners & Experts -Buyers’ Guide

Well, now that you know all about the best soldering iron for electronics beginners available in the market, you must test each option against a few parameters. This is necessary because we want to help match the right buyer with the right product. And that’s why you’ll be needing this brief and straightforward guide.

Sometimes comparing features in a list can give some useful insights into the basic differences. What is the best soldering iron for electronics from the list of the top 10 soldering iron brands, if they are all great options? Choose the features you value most based on your needs.

There is a need to understand what these features mean. Fortunately, we have done most of the research so you do not have to! On this page, you can find a comprehensive list of the features offered. We have carefully listed the crucial factors you need to consider when buying the best soldering irons for electronics.

What is a Soldering Iron?

As its name suggests, a soldering iron is a tool most commonly used for soldering, a process in which a small quantity of a metal alloy, a solder is heated to a high temperature with the tip of the tool. The soldering iron is a hand tool for heating solder, normally from an electrical supply. The metal alloy is heated above its melting point to complete the soldering process. As a result, the solder is able to flow smoothly between the two workpieces.

As a rule of thumb, soldering irons are composed of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle. An electric current is often passed through a resistivity heating element (supplied through an electrical cord or battery cable) to heat the space. Gas stored in a small tank can be used to heat cordless irons, typically through a catalytic heater rather than a flame. The earliest irons were simply copper bits on handles, heated in a flame. They were less common today than they were in the past.

It is possible to pick from a wide variety of irons, depending on the requirement. Choosing the right iron for your soldering projects can be influenced by how often you use it and what type of projects you typically complete. We will help you choose the best soldering tool if you are wondering what to buy and dizzy with all the options.

Comfort and Safety Features

Undoubtedly, safety is of the utmost importance while handling electrical work. it is recommended that you must invest your money that ensures your safety to buy the best soldering irons for electronics. So cheap soldering kits can be a safety concern due to operation at high temperatures.

The holding handle soldering iron for electronics must be lightweight and comfortable to handle dedicated jobs that are taken care of by the best soldering irons for electronics.

Build Quality

You’d be wise to spend your money on the best soldering iron for electronics that having durable quality builds. The high-quality soldering iron is more reliable for troubleshooting and repairing with its easy-to-use functions properly on demanding dusty and rugged jobs.

best soldering iron for electronics beginners selection based on life and durability of the device.

Extra Features

You can always look for something extra while best soldering irons for circuit boards. professional soldering tools must be compact and lightweight. It will always be good if they are delivered with some sort of extra and spare accessories. It would be more beneficial to get combo offers with top soldering irons for electronics so that we can get all the required accessories like stand, sponge, or extra bits.

Few best pencil soldering iron available with led illuminations features to focus properly during the job. It will also good if the devices having the auto sleeping feature so same power and life as professional soldering tools.

Power Wattage

Select a soldering iron with a power of at least 30 watts when purchasing an electronic soldering iron. Low wattage soldering irons take longer to heat up and the temperature also drops rapidly during soldering. Soldering iron with a high wattage to make the soldering process more efficient. A low-wattage soldering iron, for instance, will lose heat very quickly and is not considered high-quality. The wattage of a soldering iron is, therefore, a crucial consideration when selecting one.

An important factor to consider when buying an iron is its wattage. Models range from 20 to 60 watts, and a 50 watt model is ideal for most applications. For commercial applications, higher wattages are recommended

Temperature Control and Settings

Soldering irons for electronics use different temperature settings for different electronic devices that are temperature sensitive. Temperature-controlling soldering irons are essential for circuit board soldering since they are used in very complex and precise activities such as motherboard, mobile, chips reaping, etc. The use of some cheap soldering kits and the inability to control the temperature may cause the electronic devices to be damaged or may cause a poor soldering job. Therefore, good quality soldering irons should be able to maintain a constant temperature.

It may or may not be necessary to control the temperature, depending on the application. A temperature control system isn’t really necessary if you are regularly involved in basic DIY projects at home. Temperature control is useful in many other applications as well.

Temperature Control and Settings

You will have to spend quite a bit of money on this. Purchasing it as a backup in the event of an emergency will not necessarily cause problems immediately. For this reason, you should find out what warranty coverage is available. A standard warranty of five years is included with most of these. There are some that cover an even longer period of time. Not all soldering irons are able to accommodate multiple tip shapes and sizes. The tip you normally prefer should influence which model you select. You should also look for a model that allows you to use the various sizes and shapes of tips for a variety of applications.


You will have to spend quite a bit of money on this. Purchasing it as a backup in the event of an emergency will not necessarily cause problems immediately. For this reason, you should find out what warranty coverage is available. A standard warranty of five years is included with most of these. There are some that cover an even longer period of time.

You should also research the company along with the warranty. An incompetent customer service department negates the value of any warranty. In addition, some companies require that you pay for the shipping costs associated with returning a faulty product for repair. The lower-end models can frequently be more expensive to redeem warranties on than purchasing a new one, and the process will be much longer if it’s a heavy item

What are the types of Electronics soldering iron?

Pencil soldering iron – A soldering pencil can prove to be an excellent DIY soldering iron if you’re looking for a cheap one. In addition to being very easy to use, their compact design makes storage much easier. It is recommended that these products not be used in commercial applications, since they do not include any kind of temperature control feature that is needed by businesses.

Gas-Powered Soldering Iron – As opposed to all the others, these soldering irons rely on chemical energy rather than electricity. This energy is produced as a result of the combustion of a flammable liquid or gas. A tip is generally heated directly with an open flame in most situations. The best butane soldering irons for electronics are also known for their portability and are especially recommended for jewelry artworks.

Cordless irons – Since they’re portable and comfortable, cordless soldering irons for electronics are useful, but they aren’t a great choice for beginners since their batteries consume a lot of power and their performance isn’t excellent. In situations where electricity is unavailable or cordless operation is desired, small, self-contained irons can be heated by batteries or by a gas source such as butane. In gas irons, the power may change by adjusting the gas flow; temperature is not controlled directly.

Soldering stations – -Soldering stations are quick heats with adjustable temperature control with a sponge for tip cleaning. In a soldering station, you have a soldering pencil, which is used for heating the soldering iron, and a power station, which controls its temperature. Electronic temperature control is also available on some models for improved accuracy. As well as helping the tip come up to temperature, the power station keeps that temperature throughout your use of it.


Today we are living in a very advanced technology era. New-age professional soldering tools have become far more superior in terms of performance and capability. Therefore, we made sure to pick the best soldering irons for circuit boards that perform amazingly in both factors.

Which is better soldering iron or gun?

Soldering gun vs. soldering iron the soldering iron is a very and popular soldering tool. But Similar to the soldering iron soldering Gun is a pistol-like fast heating tool that heats comparatively higher and is used mostly in non-electronic soldering.

Which is better soldering iron or gun is not easy to differentiate, consider your personal experience because both have their advantages and disadvantages. The soldering iron is a lightweight, compact and modern tool that are ideal for beginners working on small projects.

A soldering gun is typically higher wattage equipment that used in the soldering of large wire-to-wire and large clunky components in electrical jobs. Because of the high voltage and produced huge heat need more precaution as it can possibly to damage the surrounding areas where you are working.

What wattage soldering iron do I need?

The most important selection factor of and soldering iron is its wattage. Most soldering irons used in electronics are available in a range of powers 20 – 60 Watts. The most popular and widely recommended solder iron wattage is 50W but when you are working small electronics 15 and 25 watts are also considered.

So if we answer” What wattage soldering iron do I need” the selection is based only on your project that wants to solder and select any from between 15 to 25 watts.

What is the difference between welding and soldering

Soldering and welding methods are used for joining two or more pieces of metal. Almost they are similar in operation and also used to fill gaps in metal parts.

In welding, a fabrication process whereby two or more parts are fused together by means of heat treatment. Welding is usually metals or thermoplastics that must be similar and Welding uses high temperatures to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool.

While Soldering is a low-temperature that takes place with solder that melts at below 840°F (450°C). The main difference between the process is that soldering involves heating the metal to be bonded rather than melting. While in welding fabricators melt the base metal, causing fusion.

Why does my soldering iron tip turn black?

The higher temperature tends to oxidize the soldering iron tip rapidly. When oxidation occurs it laid black coatings on soldering iron tips and becomes covered with a black or brown scale. It will directly degrade the soldering joint quality. So Burned out tips are usually discarded and used only after careful cleaning the tip.

To avoid causing soldering problems, Recommended keeping the tip tinned with a thin coating of solder at all times that also optimizes tip life.

At what temperature does 60/40 solder melt

The temperature at which 60/40 solder melt is 188 °C (370 °F). The mixture of 63/37 Sn-Pb is known as a eutectic alloy. You observe that has the lowest melting point for each composition.

You want the tip hot enough to melt the soldering but excess temperature and damage the electronic components and also and it will reduce the life of the soldering tip.

How hot is a 25-watt soldering iron

A soldering iron is a hand tool used in soldering. A soldering iron always needs to be at a temperature above the melting point of solder materiel (Solder melting point between 180°C-190°C).

A 25 watt can normally reach a temperature between 380°C-430°C. So it Low-effect soldering irons range. The 25-watt soldering iron will do well with soldering electronic Projects.

Can I solder aluminum?

Soldering is a common way to bond metal together. Yes, aluminum soldering can be soldered just like other metals but needs more advanced techniques.

1.Before start the activity the surface of the aluminum must be cleaned from foreign materials like Grease, dirt, and other oxidized layers.
2.Aluminum needs heat to accept with higher melting point solders (melt between 700 and 800ºF ).
3.Use the correct flux to clean the source. Normally high acidic flux is recommended.

What is the ideal soldering temperature?

For fast and optimal heat transfer to the solder joint soldering iron temperature above the melting point and get the solder joint hot enough to melt the joint. Excess heat can damage components so needs to take care of.

At starting It should be low and after for lead-based solder 316°-343°C and for lead-free solder 343°-371°C is a good place to start.


And now that discuss what are the factors that need to consider in this informative guide, we hope you’ve picked a winner from our selection. However, If you have still had any doubts or query you can further try to investigate.

We consider X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS best soldering irons for electronics. while the Weller WLC100 is the most versatile. The Hakko FX888D best budget buy, and the Klein Tools best soldering iron is the most durable option.

At this point, we hope you can make up your mind and find the perfect selection of the best soldering irons for electronics for your needs. Also, don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

There are hundreds of best soldering irons for electronics available in the market, and as a buyer, it’s up to you how to choose solder for electronics repairing jobs. However, sometimes the wrong decision can spoil your product work quality especially when you’re going to buy something like the best solder for electronics as it is a very important Material that is used in crucial jobs.

So, Here in this article, we have discussed, We tested some of the best soldering irons for electronics for solder for electrical wires available in the marketplace at the moment. While do keep in mind that best soldering irons for electronics the critical selection factors are wattage, ease to use, durability, and price of the tool.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronyms and abbreviations used are the following:

Moisture from atmospheric humidity enters permeable packaging materials by diffusion. The baking will force out the absorbed moisture and shall be performed with a hot air oven adapted for baking components and PBAs.

Ball Grid Array is a package type with the bottom side covered (or partly covered) with solder bumps forming a grid pattern.

BGA-repair machine
The BGA repair machine is equipment for repair of e.g. BGA/CSP/QFN components with top and bottom heat and possibilities to have excellent control of alignment, temperature, air-flow, and time.

Ceramic Ball Grid Array is a BGA with a ceramic substrate and often high-temperature alloy bumps that not melt during normal reflow soldering.

Chip Scale Package; a component with about the same size of the chip area as the packaging area. This component has most often solder bumps as interconnection to the PCB.

Delta T (ΔT)
The difference between the highest and lowest temperature is referred to as Delta T (ΔT).

Intermetallic compounds consist of a homogenous phase of two or more materials that form during soldering, grow by time, and heat after soldering and during the repair.

Land Grid Array is most often referred to as a BGA without bumps, in other words, a package with an array of soldering pads on the substrate bottom-side providing electrical and mechanical connection to the PCB.

The temperature at which a solder starts to become molten (vs. solidus); normally for lead-free alloys the liquidus are 217°C -220°C

Micro Lead Frame is a near CSP size package with a lead frame substrate. This package uses perimeter soldering pads on the bottom of the package to provide electrical and mechanical contact to the PCB. The package also often is thermally enhanced by having the die-attach paddle exposed on the bottom of the package surface.

Printed Board Assembly (assembled board)

Printed Circuit Board (bare board)

Pin-Through-Hole assembly
Pin-Through-Hole is a method of assembling a component on a printed circuit board substrate, utilizing pin-through-hole connections.

Pin Grid Array is a package type with pins arranged in an array on the bottom side of the package.

Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier is a package type with “J-leads”. The pitch is always 1.27 mm.

Quad Flat No leads is a name of the family of square components with soldering pads on the underside as connections to the PCB.

Quad Flat Package is a package with gull wing-formed leads extending from each of the four sides.

The measure took when a fault has occurred in order to restore the original electrical function or mechanical performance of a printed board assembly.

Action is taken to reprocess non-complying articles through the use of original, or alternate equivalent processing, in a manner that assures compliance of the article with applicable drawings or specifications.

Reflow cycle
Reflow cycle is defined, in this document, as when hot air, either by hot air gun or BGA repair machine, is used and the temperature on the board on any area is exceeding the solder liquids temperature (normally 217-220°C).

Small Outline Integrated Circuit is a square or rectangular package type with gull-wing formed leads extending from two opposite sides.

Small Outline Transistor is a rectangular package with three gull-wing leads; two at one side and one at the opposite side (It also exists SOT packages with four leads and with five leads of which one lead is larger and used for heat-transfer).

Wafer Level Package is a package type where the wafer fabrication process has been extended to include device interconnection and device protection processes. A WLP is a protected chip with, most often, solder bumps as interconnects.

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